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Steve Day Therapy

118 Mount Pleasant Avenue
St. Helens Merseyside , WA9 2PT
United Kingdom


Happy wit hthe counselling I received here.

I was expecting to feel judged when I told the counsellor about what I was doing to my partner. He was understanding and always made me feel he was on my side and wanted to help me, with his help I could see I was harming myself more than anyone else and this helped me decide what I wanted to do, I would be happy to recommend counselling here, Thanks again Steve.


I found Ste very helpful, he helped me rebuild my life after I lost my job

I was really nervous as I had never had counselling before, but steve put me at ease from the very first contact, he gave me good advice and made me look at things in a different light that I would not have otherwise thought of. Have recommended to my friends.

Saved Marriage

We saw Steve to help us deal with issues in our relationship. He was very understanding of both our needs and helped us both to start looking at the real issues that were affecting our relationship. I'm sure we would have broken up without his help. Highly recommended


Steve you're so funny, thank you for being real and honest it helped me relax and see the funny side of my problem. I am more comfortable with who I am now. All the best Steve


Helpful. Thanks.


I found working with Steve rather enlightening he has a great way of cutting through the crap and getting to the point, i feel he wanted to help rather than keep me coming back longer.

Always grateful. Thanks

I thought I was talking to the counsellor about my anger issues, I expected him to tell me how to stop feeling angry, It turns out I was angry for a good reason and he helped me see my anger was there to tell me something. He welcomed me even when I was angry, Steve really is free of negative judgments.

We both found Steve invaluably

After finding out I had been cheated on he helped me work on my anger and helped my partner work on his shame. We saw him separately for a few sessions and I found this very helpful. After working on our own issues it made it easier to then work together again and find a way to rebuild the trust. Steve gave us so many sign-posts to help us understand the place we were in and ways we could change it. I thank you for treating us both as individuals with different needs. You saved us and we are both so grateful.

5-stars, Thanks Steve

I found this service helpful

To honest

Steve Is great but he can be direct and a little too honest. Be gentle Steve we are not all strong

Angry As

I saw the counsellor only once, I was not happy that he told me what my problem was. I did not go to counselling to be told what my issues are. I don't feel he should offer advice.

Much love....

I found steve helpful and would recommend him :)

Would recommend

I found it very challenging, he had a way of seeing past what I saying to the meaning behind the words, I found it very insightful if a little fearful. Thank 

Feeling Better..

I saw Steve after my work offered to pay for some help after I had a breakdown. What he helped me see changed my life and I feel stronger than ever.

I found the counsellor to be proficient in his work however I don't feel he helped me on this occasion.

Best counsellor of 3

After having 3 counsellors in my life I can say Steve is a little unorthodox. He doesn't hold back his feelings and ideas and has a way of “telling it like it is”. I got so much from him, I wish I had seen Steve first all those years ago as I have wasted so much time and money. A session could be full of tears and/or laughter and I found his approach refreshing and human. I appreciate how passionate you are Steve thanks again pal.