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Lachine Quebec , H8T 3N2
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A fantastic experience

I had the most amazing experience with Sandra from the moment she picked me (yes she picked me up at my hotel) I knew it was going to awesome. She definitely knows her stuff and let’s you step out of your comfort zone - which I did! Our five hours of shopping time was very informative, relaxing, fun and professional. If you need some advice and motivation to change how you look and feel call Sandra.

"...more comprehensive approach..."

Sandra, thanks to you for coming over to help me yesterday. It was awesome!!! I found it really helpful and I wore one of our outfits at work today 😁. And I’m bringing it with me to the Netherlands so that says it all. As for a benefit, there’s way more than one. It's the first time I get such quality help with my way of dressing. I’ve had friends advise me on one outfit or another but i never got the global approach of comparing many outfits and figuring out what look works for my body type. A more comprehensive approach rather than just trying on a bunch of pairs of jeans or dresses and choosing the best. This was about putting the whole look together and I had never really stopped to think about everything we talked about. Favorite tidbits- obviously the half tuck, I never realized I didn’t have to be able to close a suit jacket (lol) creating movement, softness, your advice for my hair which has been bugging me for years, and the list goes on!  Thank you!

Great Presentation at HQ

Thank you very much for coming to see us. I love your attitude. Your presentation was amazing and thank you for the gift! ....Thank you ! 

Husband loving my look

I’m absolutely thrilled with my wardrobe thank you.I’ve been working my way through everything and still not got through it all yet I’ve got so many options.I’ve also ventured shopping again with a renewed focus as I needed some extra pieces. Literally everyone is commenting on my outfits and especially my husband he said it’s like a new me and he’s never seen me so buzzed about picking what to wear and he’s loving my looks. Thank you! 

Detoxed my wardrobe

Really enjoyed wardrobe consultation with Sandra and she put together outfits I would not of thought of. Also had a good detox of my wardrobe and got rid of things I knew did nothing for me but just hung onto for no particular reason. Didn’t realise I had so many nice things and now all colour co-ordinated in my wardrobe, looks very impressive when you open it up. Cannot thank you enough. Will give you a shout before Summer !  

Love my look

Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed the morning and so appreciated your knowledge and experience.  It’s given me confidence and real focus. I’m now looking forward to the shop tomorrow armed with your advice and suggestions!  Thank you again so much!  I thought this was a fantastic service and really worth the consultation for the confidence and focus.  Thank you!  It was lovely to meet you and be inspired! 

So many outfits

It was really good to meet you and I can’t believe how many outfits I tried!  I am very happy with what we found in the end. Thank you for your time and energy today.  It was really informative and made the whole experience so much better than it would otherwise have been.  I will certainly recommend your services to others in the future!

Rethink my look

I had the chance to have Sandra's help during a key period of my business. With her approach and really positive attitude, she helped me rethink what I wanted to project. Thanks and all the best!

Étant une jeune entrepreneure, il y a quelque temps que je recherchais des vĂȘtements d'allure professionnelle, Ă  la fois simples et classiques. Par contre, Ă©tant donnĂ© ma petite grandeur et ma fine taille, j'avais de la difficultĂ© Ă  trouver des vĂȘtements valorisant ma silhouette. Lors de notre rencontre, Sandra m'a Ă©tĂ© d'une prĂ©cieuse aide en me guidant quant aux vĂȘtements Ă  privilĂ©gier et Ă  proscrire de ma garde-robe. Notre sĂ©ance de magasinage m'a Ă©galement permis de mieux y voir et je sais dorĂ©navant vers quels types de vĂȘtements me tourner dĂšs que j'entre dans un magasin, ce qui est vraiment gĂ©nial, car je sens que j'ai enfin trouvĂ© mon identitĂ©, avec des piĂšces de linge Ă  mon image. Non seulement, les atouts mode/beautĂ© de Sandra m'ont permis d'actualiser mon style pour le meilleur, mais les choix vers lesquels elle m'a amenĂ©s me remplissent de gratitude: Je me sens belle et confiante dans ce que je porte Ă  prĂ©sent, et c'est un immense cadeau. Depuis que j'ai fait appel Ă  ses services, il n'y a pas une fois oĂč je ne mets pas en pratique les trucs et astuces qu'elle m'a partagĂ©s quand je fais du shopping. RĂ©sultat: Je suis de plus en plus fiĂšre de ce qui compose ma garde-robe et je n'ai plus le rĂ©flexe de toujours porter la mĂȘme chose. J'aime pouvoir agencer diffĂ©rents vĂȘtements et me sentir bien avec l'image que je dĂ©gage. Encore merci Sandra pour tes recommandations judicieuses! Elles me rendent bien heureuse au quotidien. :)

After hearing a friend raving about StyleSandra, I sought out Sandra's style expertise and I wasn't disappointed! We spent a very valuable time together. Rather than me wandering aimlessly from store to store with next to no idea of what I need... together - we listened to one another, she guided me; she encouraged me, she stuck to the plan and got the job done! Thank you so much!

StyleSandra is knowledgeable, intuitive, creative - SHE JUST KNOWS IT!  When it comes to how to dress I am all black, Sandra understood this and slowly make my new look easy to feel like the new me.  Always a thrill to be with her, Sandra has so much positive energy and passion in what she does, what a great experience. Looking forward to the next one.

How do you spell Transformation? (And beyond Happiness?!) I spent less than 2 hours shopping with Sandra Lefebvre. She immediately nailed everything, telling me to brush my hair off my face, I’ve had bangs Forever! And to wear pink lipstick, I’ve worn red Forever
When I went for a professional photo shoot the next day, I said nothing to the makeup artist, who pushed my bangs back off my face and put pink lipstick on me! I learned that I am a triangle shape so I don’t need necklaces, etc, Sandra works with you. With her expertise, you don’t really have to think about anything, she takes care of everything.
She found the perfect, professional, casual chic pieces that enhance my frame, body type, height, color, and personality. Having an expert show me exactly what to wear and how to wear it, (tucked in, etc) transforms into Way more confidence and rocking my new professional look and feel...I am even walking differently now, freaking priceless!! Thank-you so much Sandra!

Sandra has been very resourceful when I was looking for a specific item. She listened and understood my needs and was able to offer exactely what I was looking for. I was pleased with the full service. Thank you to StyleSandra!

I wish someone would have told me what the things that StyleSandra taught me! I have been working so hard that I didn't take the time to dress myself so I could feel beautiful. 
I only focused what I didn't like about my body. I wanted some new clothes. I wanted to find a way to dress 'smartly'. What I got was the best fashion stylist in Montréal. StyleSandra showed me how beautiful I am. All of me! Gave me the tools to be able to shop for myself and to jump out of my comfort zone. StyleSandra is a woman with knowledge. Heart and intelligence. What StyleSandra gave me was so much more than what I thought I could have imagined. Thank you thank you!

"Sandra recently presented at our downtown office of Sun Life. She filled the room with her energy and gave her audience some valuable tips on personal styling...what to wear, how to wear it etc. " only get one chance to make a first impression...". 
 With StyleSandra's guidance, you will make the most impactful impression possible. You will feel newly empowered and as a result of that inner confidence, you can face any situation or any individual with a winning attitude."