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Tucumcari Tarot

6411 Quay Rd AP
Tucumcari NM , 88401
United States

Very Helpful

Thank you. I had some doubts about my love life. I needed guidance and that's exactly what was provided. I am hopeful everything will turn out fine. Thanks for the help.

Confused by This Reading

Had 2 readings with Eva, about a month apart and they were totally opposite of one another. Perhaps we just weren’t connecting this last time. The first reading I had was in line with all of the other readings I’ve had with advisors.


Good reading! Tunes in quickly and know her stuff!!! Thank you!

Testimonial #51

Fast accurate and very positive.

Testimonial #49

Thank you Eva! I really feel I’ve benefited from our session with the new perspective you’ve helped me to see. I hope to have another session with you soon!

Testimonial #48

Eva, you were right!! You said her behavior would affect her job and she got called into the office today!!! I can’t wait for the other predictions to come true.

Testimonial #47

Back in January I asked if my ex would return as we had just broken up. She said no. She was correct. Will update if I get contact and an invitation this week. Thank you Eva


Reading was OK, not horrible, not great I guess compared to some other readers I have worked with.


Eva is amazing! She helped me first time last year with work issues. And now she with sentimental problems. Great mind, sensitive and caring. Thank you Isabella for everything!

Short and Sweet

I only had a short chat with Eva, but I was lucky in that a few of my most pressing questions were answered by her reading! Her short interpretations gave me great solace and I do hope they turn out to be true! I would definitely love to talk to her on the phone some time soon to continue with the reading:)

Thank you so much!

Hello dearheart, thank you thank you for being available so many times to help me through the relationship with 'H'. your insight and your honesty are exactly what us wayfare travelers come to you for. you are awesome in layers. thank you sweet woman. Peace AnnaMarie

First Timer

My first chat was great. She is friendly and nice. She listened to my situation patiently and gave me her readings to each of my questions. She is fast to pick up and deliver, and gave me good information. I would return to her again !

Incredibly insightful

Eva is amazing. Her reading was so accurate, I could not believe it. She helped me gain a whole new perspective on a matter that was tormenting me. That was exactly what I needed to turn it around. I could not have done it without her and I 100% trust her vision.

So Appreciative

I appreciate Eva and am grateful to have chatted with her. Her guidance and advice has helped me greatly. She has helped me be able to move forward with confidence. I feel she listens, answers your questions but also provides valuable psychic guidance and direction. Thank you, Eva.

Will Phone In Next Time

Reviewing is difficult through chat sessions because it is slower. I can tell you that she was consistent with others and seemed to pick up the person I asked about. On a phone reading I probably would have given her. 5 stars, my fault I selected chat. Will try her again because nothing she said was wrong.

Thank You

I have had three readings with Eva and so far what she has revealed to has come to fruition. Thank you. I look forward to future readings.

Thanks for the Heads Up

Eva was great. She gave me helpful advice and one thing, in particular, we talked about literally reared it's ugly head the following day. I would have been ill-prepared if I hadn't decided to get a reading from her. I will definitely get future readings from her.

On Point

Eva is truly on point. She read an unknown situation I came to her for immediately. She was able to cite a few circumstances I did not share with her but that exist in the matter. Efficient, direct, no sugar coat, truly put me at Peace for the evening. Thank you Eva, I will return in couple days as I see how the issue rolls out. Peace ~