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Tarot with Dove

18604 Bothell Way NE Apt 3
Bothell Wa , 98011

I've had several readings with Dove and she has always given me interesting insight. I appreciate how she keeps it honest and simple. Plus, she is very flexible with scheduling and method of communication. She's my go-to anytime I need a reading!


On Tumblr, I asked if I should stop talking to this guy and you said it would be for the best. You're so right!!!!!!


We will see in a week or so, but I trust her. :)

your readings always help me a lot and help me keep positive, I can honestly say I’ve made some decisions because of your readings that have improved my life a lot and brought happiness so thank you! ❤️

Dove was very insightful when she read my cards today. Her interpretations of the cards were very accurate to my life. She frequently checked in with me...

She's very helpful and understanding! She provides very clear readings and is very honest yet compassionate about it. She also is very patient about...

Dove is super friendly and helpful! She’s very compassionate and her advice is very accurate. She is also very patient about answering a lot of followup questions and clarifying her readings. I am very comfortable with having Dove as my spiritual reader, and definitely plan to get more readings from her as necessary.

Thank you so much for the reading! Gave me the reassurance I needed. Have a great day! :)

I have got timely answers and got clarity from her readings here. I am grateful that she does free readings occasionally. She is very honest and gives concise on point answers. She isn't here to impress or tell what people wanna hear so be prepared for truth. Love and light

I’ve gotten several readings from Dove and she is always so kind. I love that I can ask her anything without feeling silly or embarrassed. I truly feel that she picks up on my energy very well. I love that I can ask her for more insight. I’ve gotten several love readings but I even had just a general reading that was also spot on. I trust her and I highly recommend her. I also love not feeling restrained to a time limit. I’m currently saving some cash to get another reading. Highly recommend dove because she’s amazing!!

Diety Reading

It was very good. Dove gave responses very quickly and did not waist your time. I definitely reccomend and I will be using her again!!

Absolutely amazing and quite accurate! Dove predicted my moving situation spot on, it was actually quite scary. The new year readings are amazing and what was said would happen in February is already occurring.I've had a few private readings and I would 100% recommend you get one too.

Finished up my second reading with dove. She is so accurate its scary. Always a pleasure getting reading with her. Shes polite and answers any questions before the reading even starts. Amazing as always you wont be disappointed with her.

Dove is amazing. I feel that when I talk to her she’s very open to listening to my questions and elaborating if needed. She responds very quickly whenever I would like a paid reading. I trust her, she’s kind and always willing to dive deeper.

Dove is a very skilled priestess, intuitive and oracle. If you are looking for guidance she must certainly can help you!

She was very helpful and very kind! She gave me so much insight. I'll definitely use her services again!