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Tarot with Dove

18604 Bothell Way NE Apt 3
Bothell Wa , 98011

She was very helpful and very kind! She gave me so much insight. I'll definitely use her services again!

I’m not the best with words so I’ll try my best! The 30 minute reading I got was very intuitive and gave me clarity on a lot of things, even things I didn’t really want to hear but needed to. “Just let it happen naturally don’t force it” normally the type of questions (friendship related) I ask get shut down but Dove was very welcoming to answer all of them even if it was a lot. She even let me ask a clarity question on something she said even after my time was up. Thanks Dove.

- introvertem

I received yet another amazing reading from dove! I’ve gone to her several times for a personal reading and I’ve always felt welcome. Even if my questions were random or silly to me, she answered all of them with empathy and kindness. I believe that she’s truly a gifted reader as well as just a kind person in general. If you’re considering getting a personal reading, just go for it!


Based on the reading I’ve gotten from Dove, I think she’s a very talented reader. Her method of interpreting cards is not shallow and rather deep yet to the point. I usually get vague messages from tarot readers but dove’s answer seemed very accurate and concise, and it will help you. I definitely recommend her!!

- dretune

Trusted Her Within 5 Minutes!

I only had a few dollars left, but i was curious on having a reading from Dove. So i requested for at least five minutes and i have never trusted a person as quickly as i did with Dove.

She was to the point and very clear with my questions so it didn’t feel like answering a riddle as tarot cards tend to feel like. I felt very relaxed and her aura just radiated calm nurturing energy.

I think i found my new go-to tarot reader! Don’t hesitate to have a reading, just give her a few minutes and i can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

-beardmonkey 👑