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Taylor M. Cross

775 Forest Crossing Dr.
Atlanta GA , 30331
United States

A Common Bond and An Incredible Person

We met recently at our university's alumni gathering. Taylor was proactive and expressed an interest in helping in some way. Taylor has now become active in leadership and an amazing asset who is educating us on different ways to connect with over 900 alumni in the Atlanta area for St. John's University. On top of it all, Taylor is humble, gracious and hardworking, which will translate into a successful career and a productive worker for a firm fortunate enough to invite her into their midst.

Winning attitude, punctual and delivers!

I have had the pleasure of working with Taylor across different departmental functions at Combs Enterprises. Her attitude has always stayed positive, she keeps an open mind and is an excellent problem solver. Working in a fast pace environment with constant changes on the fly, Taylor has always adapted and in this business, time is money. I can always count on her to be punctual and deliver on time! Looking forward to working with her on future projects!