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He strives to awaken student's innate potential.....

Having experienced Mr.Taylor's professionalism and gravitas firsthand at Year Up, he strives to awaken student's innate potential by challenging their psyche to see the big picture, and to "begin with the end in mind". He has been a catalyst for growth and success, and often stressed the importance of networking and building our own unique professional brand. Mr. Taylor has inspired me to continue striving for excellence, and to share my talents with the world to make a positive indelible impact.

I believe in Troy..

"Troy has an exceptional ability to combine professional skills training and coaching with empathy and patience, both which are required to be an effective leader. He is passionate and committed to his work, always ready with a creative approach to the most challenging situations. Professionalism, respect and consistency are three qualities I admire about Troy. I hope we are able to work directly together again soon!"


Mr. Taylor helped me go from hopeless to hopeful. I spent 12 months under the wings of Troy, as a student and mentee. His ability to connect with me and keep my attention focused on what my end goal was made it easy for me to come to him with anything that distracted me from that. Mr. Taylor always listened first, which in-turn helped him actually give the proper feedback for the situation. His style of coaching and mentoring is admirable, and this will always keep him at the top of my list of most important people that helped me get to where I am today. So, on a personal note, thank you Mr. Taylor, for everything.

Kajuan Bivens HRIS Analyst at Glanbia Nutritionals

Dedicated & Focused..


Troy was a pleasure to work with...

"Troy was a pleasure to work with, he is highly skilled and a effective communicator who has a strategic approach to gaining positive outcomes. He is a solid leader and dependable team asset"