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d: matcha Tea tours in Wazuka - Kyoto

Kyomachi-17, Kamatsuka
Wazuka Sorakugun - Kyoto , 619-1212

Wow. This experience was amazing and I’m so glad I could take part. I honestly don’t really like giving reviews but I couldn’t wait to give this 5 stars. The tea hike/picking/tasting/tour is one of my favorite experiences in all of Japan. Daiki is extremely knowledgable, helpful and thorough. The location is beautiful, the food and tea is amazing and I learned so much about tea and Japanese culture. If you are in the area, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

Very informative and pleasant visit. We were happy to do something away from the city and learn about Japanese green tea. Daiki’s tea shop and farm are beautiful and we feel very lucky that he shared this aspect of Japanese culture with us.

The experience at Daiki's teafarm was unique and very special. Got a good insight on tea production and very yummy samples!

Highly recommend this tour from a master of matcha in Uji, the heartland of green tea outside of Kyoto. Daiki took us on a tour to one farm with various stages of matcha in production. It is a short hike - a walk up to a shrine surrounded by beautiful mossy trees and down to the matcha fields. We got to pick our own matcha which was cooked in tempura batter and offered to us alongside a tea tasting that explained the various styles of matcha, and how it is (and was) made. The cafe itself has a variety of matcha-flavored products and meals on hand. This tour is a great outing for a matcha lover. Daiki speaks English very well, and was clear about every step of the process and answered every question we had. Bring extra yen to take home some souvenir matcha.

We had a wonderful time in Uji with Daiki. The hike was short but even more beautiful than I had imagined, and Daiki made us feel very comfortable right away. His little cafe was a great place to start and finish the experience - we stayed for a delicious lunch and to shop for some tea to take home with us. I would recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys tea and has an extra day to venture out from Osaka/Kyoto.

Tres belle expérience et tres belle découverte. Daiki a d'abord fait une présentation du processus concernant la cueillette du thé pour ensuite nous amené sur son champs de thé. Le tout etait suivi d'une dégustation. Superbe expérience.

I would definitely recommend this tour if you're interested in getting outside of the tourist areas of Kyoto. It was such a special insight into the process of growing and processing tea, and it takes place in the beautiful Japanese countryside that otherwise you might not get to experience. Daiki was a great guide and the tour was very relaxing and informative.

Nous avons été vraiment impressionnés par l'activité proposée par Daiki. Il s'agit de nos plus beaux souvenirs de voyage. La distance à parcourir en transport en commun vaut amplement la peine! Journée mémorable et enrichissante! Nous sommes comblés!

This was a great experience! It was an easy train ride from Kyoto, and Daiki met us at the station. The countryside was stunning and Daiki's cafe with its view of tea fields was the perfect backdrop for our tea tasting. The drive up to the tea fields was beautiful. We then walked among the tea plants and up the hillside to a mountain shrine surrounded by ancient cedar trees. Daiki was very welcoming and knowledgable about all facets of tea! I would highly recommend this experience.

Now where to start! I participated to this activity with my girlfriend and we both agree that this experience was better than anything we could have dreamed of. As someone who has wanted for a long time to visit a tea plantation, and as an avid Sencha green tea drinker, I really enjoyed spending the day with Daiki visiting the tea plantation and learning about tea, which started with us hiking on the mountain where the tea bushes are grown. We even got to pluck some tea leaves ourselves and taste them later as a tempura dish. After that, we had the chance to spend some relaxing time at Daiki's Café/Tea room where we tasted tasty sencha and matcha teas after a good lunch. As our group was comprised of only 5 people, the ambiance was very intimate and it was easy to get to know the other participants. Also, Daiki and the rest of the staff were not only very knowledgeable about the subject, they were also very fun and pleasant to talk to. Finally, the whole experience was a great way to explore the japanese countryside and get some quiet time in nature. I definitely recommend the experience. P.s. Since the activity starts with some hiking on a mountain that is somewhat steep, I recommend wearing appropriate footwear, espacially during rainy days. Also, people who are not used to hiking could find the hiking part a bit challenging, although it shouldn't be an issue for most people.

This was the first experience I booked for my partner & son with no expectations. We booked the afternoon session and arrived early for lunch at D:Matcha - a delicious lunch set with green tea - don't miss this! Our son enjoyed a large layered green tea parfait before setting off into the fields. Daiki is super knowledgable and answered all our questions about the community of growing green tea. A perfect season to visit with all new spring shoots sprouting - lots of photos taken. We climbed slowly through the fragrant cedar forest to Daiki's top fields and were greeted with warm sencha - worth every step. Back to the cafe for a delicious taste testing of tea with many gifts purchased. Highly recommend this experience if you love green tea - Daiki you have a customer for life!

The tea tour with Daiki was a great experience we would definitely recommend when being around Nara! He has so much knowledge about tea and gave us not only a deep insight into his family‘s tea plantation, but also made us feel being part of it (we made our own matcha tea and tasted different kind of teas) We loved it!

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had traveling! I’ve been an avid tea drinker for decades but never understood the processing or methods by which the tea got to be tea until this trip. In addition, their shop was beautiful, setting was stunning and food for lunch was delicious. i learned so much. An all around great experience and highly worth the trek out of Kyoto.

Daiki was great! He really knows a lot about being a tea farmer. Ask him about his prior job! ;) He even offered to pick us up from the train station because we were having trouble determining the bus times to get to the restaurant. The hiking wasn’t bad at all. It was short, we took many breaks, and the uphill part was brief. The restaurant is really good. Make sure to stay and buy lunch! The restaurant staff were so patient, attentive, and spoke great English. Ten thumbs up!!

Daiki was a wonderful host. We felt welcomed from the minute he met us at the station. Daiki is very knowledgeable about tea but was willing to answer every question we asked him. And we certainly asked him a variety of questions. He was willing to share his life story with us and explained his journey as to how he became a tea farmer. We enjoyed all the tea and food tasting and were made to feel very welcome at the cafe. All the staff have good English and we were able to communicate easily. It was a pleasurable morning and we would highly recommend this tour to all. Our group consisted of 6 people ranging in age from 10 to 70. Suitable for all.

This was a lovely experience we got to try matcha tempura which is rare. Daiki and his wife were warm and friendly and made us feel welcome. The tea tasting was great and we left feeling like our matcha knowledge was vastly improved. The hike was well paced and great for beginners. Would definitely recommend this if you want to do something new and non touristy.

What a wonderful experience. I came with my two daughters ages 11 and eight and they were perfectly fine and able to handle the hike even during the hot summer months. “It was really fun and informative” were their exact words when I asked them what they thought. We saw wild boar, and lots of other wild life and were lucky enough to get to see some of the harvest as well. Loved this experience!!

Definitely recommend this tour and tasting experience. Daiki is well informed and all of our questions received expert answers. The tour is well paced with a mix of tasting and touring. The tea fields are picturesque. Also Daiki provided very good instructions for how to get to the tour start. 10/10