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d: matcha Tea tours in Wazuka - Kyoto

Kyomachi-17, Kamatsuka
Wazuka Sorakugun - Kyoto , 619-1212

Our experience with Daiki and the rest of our group at his cafe and tea farm is surely one to remember! We had so much fun learning about tea and seeing the beautiful countryside. I would highly recommend this Airbnb experience to anyone visiting the Kyoto area.

This experience was fantastic 😊💞 The area is one of the most beautiful ever seen in japan, very inaka and the momoji and tea fields were fantastic. The host is really an expert, super kind and a great storyteller. If you have any questions about the process he gladly answers. The other guests were also super easy to get along with. The tea in itself was super tasty, and knowing that it was picked just a car ride away is a cool experience. Thank you so much 💞

My visit to this tea farm was without a doubt the high point of my visit to Japan. I had been looking foward to this adventure for the past 6 months and I was not disappointed. In brief, Daiki provided insightful information about growing and harvesting the crop as he is a hands-on grower and is formally educated in agricilture. Each of us picked tea leaves that that were used as ingredients for the tempura cooked foe us at the cafe. We learned about the different types of tea and tasted the differences. As if this was not enough, the scenery and the views from the mountain were astoundingly beautiful!

This was such an amazing experience. The Wazuka area is just gorgeous. Gentle rolling hills of tea farms overlooking rice paddies and the Wazuka river, all tucked into the mountains of southern Kyoto. Daiki was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to learn from. The experience was worth it for the beauty of the region alone, but then you get the fascinating tea tasting/Macha making lesson as well! Such a magical experience that we definitley recommend!

What a great experience. I’m not a tea drinker but I wanted to learn more about it and this was very interesting. The host Daiki is personally invested in the tea industry and has an obvious depth of knowledge. There is a brief introduction at the cafe, then short drive to hike in the fields and pick some leaves, then return for tastings of different types of Sancha and Matcha tea. I was surprised how different they could each be. I would recommend booking the afternoon 3-5pm, but come early in the morning and rent an electric bike from Wazuka-cha Cafe (10 minute walk from this tour meeting location, 1000yen), grab a paper map from them, and explore the area by bicycle before returning it and meeting Daiki. A great day!

Absolutely incredible experience. We travelled from Osaka, and it was a smooth, simple journey using our JR pass. Daiki and his family made us feel so welcome. We felt truly immersed in the culture, from the tour of the tea farm to the tea and matcha tasting. Even though it poured rain for the tour, it really didn’t matter and didn’t take away from the magic of it all. After the tea tasting, we bought the most amazing lunch at Daiki’s cafe. We got the Tencha Tan Tan Noodles and Sencha Pasta. Both were incredible. Before we left, I purchased a special variety of green tea, a teapot and a ceremonial grade matcha starter kit. Both are grown pesticide free and reasonably priced. The bus stop is right outside the cafe and takes 15 minutes from Kamo station.

“This is a unique experience. Daiki was a great host who knew a lot about how tea is cultivated. I learned a lot about different types of tea and how they are made. The hike isn’t really extraneous nor very long. The view going to the farm is gorgeous with streams and terraces of tea. After visiting the tea farm, you come back to the cafe and taste different types of teas and learn the proper way to make matcha tea. This is a great getaway from the city hustle and bustle.”

“This was a beautiful experience for my partner and me. Daiki picked us up from the train station, then drove us to his cafe/farm where we went into one of the tea fields. Seeing the tea growing, picking it, then eating/drinking it was really special. It’s a farm to table we’ve never had. Plus, Daiki is the cofounder of the cafe/farm so he really is an expert on tea. So we’d recommend this for sure! We did another one that paired really well with this, Akari’s ‘Green Tea Town Uji and Sake Town Fushimi’. The combination of the two experience really let us learn a lot about two different sides of tea and see some wonderful things.”

Everything about this experience was special, if you truly care about tea; I would recommend this activity. It’s early in the morning and on the far side of Kyoto, but it was worth the trip. It’s a short light experience, jam packed with tea information of that region. It was interesting to see the differences between Alishan tea making and Kyoto matcha/gyokurocha/sencha. Tasting the tea right after each other, really contrasted the flavor profiles of each tea. Expect a short hike up stairs, but it was a easy, fun, and short experience. Thank you Daiki! Ps. Daiki speaks very good and articulate English.

Highly recommend finding your way to Wazuka to do this experience. Also pro tip: get there an hour early and have a meal/parfait at the tea shop! Great food service and tea selection. The tour itself was intimate and lead by the owner to their own tea fields to learn about the area, pick tea leaves and try many teas. I left with a whole different appreciation and understanding of tea (sencha, matcha, houji-cha etc). They answered many questions and we definitely bought tea to take with us!

Fantastic experience. Daiki is such a nice guy and so knowledgeable when it comes to tea agriculture. The Wazuka region is absolutely beautiful and a must see if you are on the Kyoto/Osaka area. Highly recommend that you eat at his cafe if you can as well. Not only is the food great but the view of the rice paddies and tea plantations is amazing. Definitely a highlight of our trip to Japan.

“An amazing experience that we will never forget! The host was very welcoming and the food and tea were delicious. We arrived early and had the chance to eat lunch from the cafe and we’re so glad we did! You can really taste the quality and care they put into everything they make. So far this has been one of the highlights of our trip and we would highly recommend it.”

I am a bit of a tea “nerd,” and am the person that my friends and family usually turn to for anything tea related. So of course, I had to seek out a tea experience during my trip to Japan, and Daiki far exceeded my expectations! Daiki is wonderful at explaining the tea cultivation process and the details of how the different variables affect the flavor of the tea. Even if you already know a lot about tea you will learn something new, but Daiki explains everything clearly enough that tea novices will have no trouble following. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, the tea is delicious, and the experience is one that you won't forget. One thing that particularly stuck out about Daiki's skill as a tour guide and host was how he effortlessly switched between Japanese and English after learning that I was studying the language. As a student traveling in Japan I usually found myself in one of two situations: either the person I was speaking with would speak entirely in English, which I appreciated but meant that I didn't get to practice Japanese, or they would assume that my language skills were much higher than they are, which was a good challenge but often meant that I missed out on a lot of interesting information. Daiki immediately understood my position and spoke in clear and patient Japanese for much of the conversation, but knew exactly the right time to switch to English to explain more complex topics in detail. This might seem like a small thing to do, but I really appreciate the extra effort put forth to make sure that I got as much out of the experience as possible.

This was a very special experience. Daiki and staff are excellent hosts!! The variety of first hand interactivity - tasting, making matcha, and tea picking in the fields - was so much fun. We also deeply appreciate the comprehensive knowledge sharing of tea growing, processing and qualities made available on the market.

Wow. This experience was amazing and I’m so glad I could take part. I honestly don’t really like giving reviews but I couldn’t wait to give this 5 stars. The tea hike/picking/tasting/tour is one of my favorite experiences in all of Japan. Daiki is extremely knowledgable, helpful and thorough. The location is beautiful, the food and tea is amazing and I learned so much about tea and Japanese culture. If you are in the area, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

Very informative and pleasant visit. We were happy to do something away from the city and learn about Japanese green tea. Daiki’s tea shop and farm are beautiful and we feel very lucky that he shared this aspect of Japanese culture with us.

The experience at Daiki's teafarm was unique and very special. Got a good insight on tea production and very yummy samples!

Highly recommend this tour from a master of matcha in Uji, the heartland of green tea outside of Kyoto. Daiki took us on a tour to one farm with various stages of matcha in production. It is a short hike - a walk up to a shrine surrounded by beautiful mossy trees and down to the matcha fields. We got to pick our own matcha which was cooked in tempura batter and offered to us alongside a tea tasting that explained the various styles of matcha, and how it is (and was) made. The cafe itself has a variety of matcha-flavored products and meals on hand. This tour is a great outing for a matcha lover. Daiki speaks English very well, and was clear about every step of the process and answered every question we had. Bring extra yen to take home some souvenir matcha.