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TempleCare Beauty

2724 Anzio Court
Palm Beach Gardens Florida , 33410
United States

Not only are Adreene's products safe and beneficial, she is lovely as well. She has her heart in her products.

So the radiance mask with the toner and the scrub are hits. I REALLY like the scrub though. I've used the scrub only twice and I swear it's helped with texture so much.

Hello Adreené, 
I'll admit, I was hopeful and a little skeptical, but I figured no way it could hurt and I gave it a try!
First few days my face got a redder than it already was, but I was patient and figured all good things come to those who wait!   And I do have to say my face was starting to feel softer despite the extra redness.
Today, I'm not blemish free (yet), but the redness has significantly gone done...less than before I started your products!!!   My husband has been saying he can see a difference, but I guess we are hardest on ourselves.
I am truly grateful to you and the sets you gave me!  I have been using it everyday since and switching between the 2 masks while skipping a day in between each one and am finally (today) starting to be "OK" with my face!  It has been a long time since I've felt "OK" with my face!  Will be continuing to use them, especially around that time of the month where my face tends to really flare up!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  I will send you another update after Christmas, as we'll be traveling that week.
Warm Regards,Lupe Dickens

Amazing!! I absolutely love all your stuff!! My face feels so amazing and my mind loves that it's all natural ingredients! Is so great to know that you care about your customers so much

Love these products!! My face feels so silky smooth and I’ve only used the moisturizing cleanser and toner for 4 days. My skin has improved tremendously!!!