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Rough Diamond

I believe you guys have a diamond in your hands, make it shine!


Wow its awesome


Really good idea for the children of today, nothing like anything I have seen before. So proud of you!

Wonder app

This is a wonderful app. I live in Colorado myself. I will be sharing this with my teens. Thank you.

Thank you for the app and your hard work. God bless you


I really love ❤️ this idea, I can see this changing many school systems, especially as it relates to college preparation. Very brilliant concept.

Never too late to learn

Amazing idea! I am still learning some of these things now at 24.. super helpful app


Genius concept. I'm ready to see the app! Best of luck during development.. I know it will be fabulous!


I think this super helpful to our youth of today.. Sometimes you may not want to depend on your parents and this gives you some great steps towards your own independence! 

Good Resource

I love this idea! I can see that it has potential to benefit so many people, especially young adults and teens. It covers the basics, with links and lots of useful information. It's great if someone doesn't know who to talk to or what to ask, it allows them to find the answers through exploring the app and links its provides. The app gives young people a chance to be independent and find their way through situations. This is such a good resource!!


Be Aware is such a helpful and handy app to have. There is so much useful information for al ages to take on board and use to help themselves grow. Great that it's all in one place on an easy to use eye-catching layout, rather than having to look all over the internet. I think this app is great and is going to go really far.

Saved me some money!

Why didn't you tell me about this app sooner? I have been having issues with my landlord not fixing things man. Was going to stop paying rent but thanks to Be Aware I now know this isn't a good option. Keep it up.

You have outdone yourself!!!


This is truly something special, I am so proud of you guys and why you have achieved. I really love the app and have already downloaded it on my kids phones! Wish you all the best..