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Bellville Western Cape , 7530
South Africa

Nia Maritz is a highly skilled human resource practitioner, who has designed and successfully implemented innovative and strategic talent management programs which enable businesses to realise the true value of their human resource potential.

Nia is an accomplished professional who understands how to use peoples strengths to build a balanced team. She focuses on identifying and developing long term goals which benefit both individuals and companies, retaining sought after staff. 

Her ability to assist people to realise what is possible and acknowledge their potential is unmatched in the industry. She is an asset to anyone or company privileged to work with her.

There has been a lot of talk in the business world about mentoring staff and how this in an integral part of business development, even our office has joint the mentoring bandwagon.

I have been supervising, training and mentoring a team of 3 client services members and 2 of my team member have received promotions. I have also just been made an “Assistant Manager” at and have been given the team to manager.

I have taken all the tools you have provided me with and have successful implemented it in “my team” (it sounds so strange). Some if the tools Managing people on an individual bases - it is important to praise people for their strengths / Assist with development areas before they become issues.

Managing process as one job – Making sure that my teams knows what is expected of them from a work perspective Team work – Everyone has a role to play in the team and we only function if we have good communications I don’t think you are aware of the impact you have had in my development and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, those word do not seem like they are sufficient enough express the gratitude I have your guidance.

Nia you are the world’s best mentor, I am where I am in business today because you showed me how to manage people. Thank You!