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Southwest Gemini Drive,9450
Beaverton Oregon , 97008
United States

Very Happy with VocalReferences

I had to repatriate all the testimonials of my clients following the closure of my former supplier. It was possible with VocalReferences, phew, I did not lose anything! As for design, we have several choices. I could integrate it with the colors of my site without problem. Service ++, very responsive to any question. No detail too small! Everything was settled in the day! (translated from original French)

Professional Photographer

Great product, great value!

The product itself is outstanding in every way. The support is even better. Great Value.


Psychic Oracle

Exellent Support and Great Looking Testimonials

The support team are first class, very quick response and always help. The testimonials system is easy to use and looks professional, as a result we have lots of great customer feedback.

Marketing Manager, Lionscontainers UK

Guests Love Using It

This is a very easy app to use, for the client and for the website builder !!! The guests love using it because it is so simple. They do not have to join anything. All they do is press one button, write and submit. As a website builder you can add it to any page or make its own page. I am thoroughly impressed.

Co-Founder, Silent Stay Retreat Center

First class app with first class support

Searched about through many review apps, this one is spot on! Simple to use and if you ever need support (I did although it was not a serious issue) the support team are fantastic at sorting anything out. 5 stars from me.

Professional Artist

Added Value

I didn't know what to expect of this app. It was very easy to set up, with just enough options that I could make it "mine" without getting me all tangled up in details. I'm not a techie type--I just want things to work and to look good. VocalReferences does both. So here's the "added value" that caught me totally off guard: I got an unsolicited email from them indicating that they had visited my site on their own initiative and saw a way that I could easily fix a problem I was having. Their "tip" was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know it. That, my dear readers, is a first for me. Kudos.


Impressive app and service

App has been a great addition to my site. Easy to install and use. Great service from the team when I had a query, even offering me advice on how to maximise SEO.Director, DISCGB


Awesome All Around

Our website views have gone way up since beginning the use of VocalReferences, and any questions I have are quickly answered. Great for a business page.
VP, FlexPlus PT

Great customer service

I was emailing the VocalReferences Support Team back and forth with a problem I was encountering. I received clear guidance and they helped me in a timely manner. The problem was solved very quickly. Thank you for caring for your customers!!! I love the App already and I have yet to explore all the features that come with an upgraded account.

Artist, Entrepreneur

I definitely recommend your site!

This app gives you lots of flexibility for design and layout in a very easy to use format. The support is fantastic and when transferring sites they couldn't help enough. It will make your testimonials stand out and I definitely recommend for your site!

Owner and Trainer, Fearsome Fitness

Outstanding service & application

I LOVE VocalReferences. It`s super easy. Robust. And their customer support is outstanding! I highly recommend adding their service to your website! Cheers!
Professional Photographer

Reviews show in beautiful ways

The app shows the testimonials in several beautiful ways of your choice. A couple of times we have had to contact their support which is awesome - quick and friendly replies. When our reviews didn`t show up in a Google search for our company, they fixed the issue very quickly.

Happy Customer

Lots of features and customization.
Owner, Painted OEM Parts

I love using VocalReferences

I love using VocalReferences. It's a good way to gather testimonials for your site and to improve your SEO. When I Google my business name I see my VocalReferences reviews in the list of results. I would recommend this product and their timely customer service. Keep up the good work guys. What's coming next?

Web Designer

Superb support, so timely

I had three separate queries, and each query was dealt with super quick and the responses were on the button, absolutely perfect. It's like a shock these days to get good online support and in this case, support is at the super excellent end of the scale.

Wow, what a great app!

Wow, what a great app! The first thing I did was ask my clients that have been working with us for years if they could stop and give us a review on our new site. They did, and it looks great! I never buy anything from eBay w/o first reading the seller's feedback. I think seeing these positive reviews will give our new buyers confidence, which is worth the subscription to us!


President, Mayan Mountain

Great Customer Service

Very prompt response times in relation to assistance. Happy customer.

Business Mgr, Orkney Cowl Company

Very Responsive

I had some initial questions, and my email questions were answered almost immediately. Some problems were also found and were corrected immediately. Great customer support.


Founder, Failsafe Network, Inc.