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Super Easy!

I tried another review app, it was difficult to get it going. VocalReferences was EASY. You will not be disappointed - get the subscription, it's worth every penny. Founder & Owner, Heelho Shoes

This app is really cool !!!

This app is really cool and it's easy to use.


Muy buena aplicaion

Estoy encantada con la aplicacion, pienso que es muy util y esta muy bien echa. Ademas muy facil de utilizar asi como de añadir.

Muy contenta

OMG...Wonderful Service!

My VocalReferences customer support rep was perfect! The response time was excellent, the followup was above and beyond and they saw me through my challenge until it was resolved. I was thoroughly impressed. Service like this is truly rare.


Amazing customer service

Thank you customer support for being so professional!


Founder, Winchargeback

Muy buena aplicación y buen servicio técnico

La app me parece esencial para dar confianza a los nuevos clientes. El servicio técnico es muy eficiente. Con el sistema de chat me han solucionado un problema de forma instanánea, interesándose más tarde por mail sobre el correcto funcionamiento de la app en mi web.

Owner, Saloria Bike

Great Customer Service

The guys at VocalReferences took a few seconds to resolve an issue I had with my app. The response time was very fast, and I am impressed with the great features.  Well worth it!

Founder, Delilah Rose Fashion

Increase in Business and More Client Testimonials!

I have been using VocalReferences for a few months now and I am very pleased with the app. I have seen an increase in the number of consultations and many of my clients have shared how easy it is for them to leave a testimonial. It is easy to manage on my end and doesn't take up a lot of time. I especially like the ability to approve the testimonials and releasing them to my website for viewing.

Fantastic Customer Service

The customer service given by VocalReferences is fantastic! I had noticed that in the single widget layout, the text overlaps the scroll bar to the right of the widget on my website, so I contacted the VR team, and they were very very prompt with their reply and solution. They performed the solution remotely, then they emailed me to notify me that the problem was fixed -- and it was! Highly recommend them, and if you have any issues they are more than happy to tackle them straightaway.


Owner, Mango Tree Cottage

Thank you for the great support!!

The new 'Raves' (testimonials) page on my website is wonderful, I love it!! So now when someone adds a referral, all I need to do is approve and it appears on the page, perfect!! This is what I wanted to have it do. So glad it is now set up and we are being indexed in Google with this. Thank you VocalReferences.

Great App!

This App is genius! It's perfect! You've thought of everything to help to promote a business with sincere testimonials. Video testimonials are perfect and the "Add Testimonial" button on our website let's our patients create a review in the comfort of their own home. 

We love it!

Thank you!

Great way to help my business:)

Outstanding Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

The VocalReferences folks reached out to me when they noticed I had a problem getting started. They emailed me, and helped me right away. What great customer service!

Amazing product!!!

Best solution around.

VocalReferences gives us the the exact solution we were looking for.

Highly recommended. 

Such An Amazing APP!!!

This app is so excellent! In case anyone doesn't already know, reviews are everything right now (well, that and your social media). This app allows us to capture a review and quickly have it added to our site, our social media and to Google, no problem!!! Completely in LOVE with this APP!! Thanks VocalReferences!! I

Would Highly Recommend!!

Good Support !

VocalReferences has provided us with good support. Thanks.



President, DHC Texas