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Luck spell, blockage remover and road opener. Well about a month ago I had a luck spell cast on me and i noticed throughout the month positive changes were beginning to happen to me. People around me especially my close friends got more empathetic and closer than ever. I received money I was unexpected to receive. Even got a few freee things here and there, again totally unasked for and uncalled for, and more importantly unexpected such as the random free yoga lessons I got(outta nowhere!) I feel the people around me that are close to me are picking up on this newfound energy and are very receptive to it. Getting invited out of nowhere(almost too many!) and receiving so much positivity and love from others. My worries have eased and things just keep getting better. I’ve been through a lot of dark things and places in my life but with this help and the help of others, things are finally turning around looking up and only going to go up from here. There are more situations to deal with and I have no doubt that these will manifest in even more positive results and things will continue to look up. Of course, I will update here and I feel this is going to be an amazing summer, my schedule is already beyond full for this season and I couldn’t be more excited! Things are seriously turning around. They do NOT happen over night but over time, starting within and then on the outside. Seriously. So thank you thank you thank youu for all your hard work and effort I sincerely appreciate it all from the bottom of my heart and honestly, I feel things will truly be amazing, the way that it’s supposed to be. Sometimes we have issues and things in this world we cannot simply deal entirely with ourselves as it is at times too much to handle, but with the extraordinary help of others we are able to work together to overcome these things, to ultimately in the end, become and be the best version of ourselves. The person you are meant to be, should be and always will be. You deserve the best and absolutely nothing less. Please remember this. It’s hard for me too sometimes. But if it’s not okay it’s not the end, and the best in life is still to come. Remember this. Thank you Alphus! 🙏😊

Another update: Yay! :) so This is going to be a little bit long but wow The last couple months have just been great for the most part! At the beginning of the year I was trying to manifest a vacation that I really wanted to go on but was having some struggles due to some personal reasons but boy did that ever get settled, and fast too! I’m now going on my vacation in less than a month to Las Vegas for edc and I couldn’t be more excited! Everything ended up working out even better than I planned, better than I imagined. Luck came to me unexpectedly and things ended up working out in place there was honestly so much synchronicity about it all. A far as the spell the happiness is still very much there and very much growing, I almost feel like I have this natural high going on haha :) really nice! I find myself not worrying so much anymore about situations and smiling a lot more these days. My Intuition has gotten SO much stronger I believe my third eye had opened too even when he did the first spell on me but it just keeps getting stronger. Everything that I’ve had that gut feeling about has literally been bang on. Again, sorryyy this is so long haha (me and my rambling, I’m sure you know this by now :p) but yes people people absolutely yes!! I will never ever trust anyone to do spells on me other again other than Alphus :) he’s tradings are extremely accurate as well!! Seriously this stuff really works. Just believe and it will be :)

I went for Alphus reading and some help with money spells. Ya'll the reading was so pointed and filled with exact details even to where and what I need to focus and about events that wouldn't happen that I paid for. It's a trip to watch things quickly come to reality after a reading and spell. I'm going again for my birthday. Alphus 🙏 you know your stuff and are real real. I'm blessed to have met you, you are worth every penny

He's the best spellcaster . Signs of results happen in weeks or days .Love that he answers all your questions.

(update continued) Also you guys remember patience is everything!! Things don’t aleays happen right away but they do eventually and it’s key to have faith n stay positive! If it doesn’t happen overnight that doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. :)

UPDATE wow where do I start I had a prosperity/peace/happiness spell done and honestly it happened when I least expected it things just like got better for me out of the blue for the last two weeks I’ve been feeling better than ever? Happy, peaceful, calm, relationships with my friends have been getting better even and our if nowhere I had a financial blessing which is continuing to grow. Everything has been just slowly but surely getting better for me sooo thank you sooo much and seriously guys he can help change your life for the better!!! Again thank youuuu! 😊🙏

I usually don’t entertain these types of services but Alphus did a reading for me, he blew me out of the water. Getting a love spell next 😁

Alphus described my scorpio partner to a T. Hes always been so hard to read but it makes so much sense now! I also saw the results of his love spell so fast. I will definitely be back!

Alphus did a prosperity service for me and I literally saw results within a week. I will return for another service. Def should try him out!

I've been getting readings and workings from Alphus for over a month now and every single one has felt accurate and powerful. His work has helped a long time friend, who had become closed off, open up to me. He has done clarity work and calming work for me and I feel both of them every time. His tarot readings are on point. Communication is consistent and open with him. I highly recommend his work!

I have been working with Alphus only a short while now, but he has helped me to find some peace and clarity in the relationship situation I am currently facing. I am still really positive about the future even in these hard times thanks to his readings and spells. I recommend him to anyone seeking the truth about everything and help to improve your life situations.

Extremely professional, communicative, and knowledgeable. Keep working with Alphus and you will see results. I am now a believer in the craft.

I felt at a cross roads in my life, to my love life, career, financial and social life I felt like I was in a rut and didn’t know what to do until Alphus helped me out brought clarity and helped me through the process I can genuinely say he’s been a big help in my life

I was beginning to loose hope before I met Alphus. I didn’t know what was bothering me , I was depressed and aimless I had lost my drive. After a series of unfortunate experiences with fakers who claimed I was cursed I found Alphus. Figured out what was wrong and prescribed a series of treatments that seem to actually be working. I’ve been so relaxed and pleasant since doing what he perscribed after just a week or so I’ve started to feel so much happier, even caught my self singing in the shower for the first time in ages. He’s the real thing. Look no further. Check him out

Before I met Alphus I had bad experience after bad experience with scammers, but Alphus is the real thing. He managed to diagnose that i wasn't cursed as the scammers had claimed but that in reality a number of my chakras were blocked. he quickly gave me helpful treatments that are actually working wonders for my mood and energy .For the first time in a long time i am starting to feel pleased and relaxed and even caught myself singing in the shower, something i haven't done in ages. To the point, friendly, and always quite polite, This guy is the real thing believe me!

I was skeptical at first, and decided to give it a whirl for the heck of it. I found what he said to be extremely relatable and profound. He was very friendly too and easy to talk to. Highly recommend!

I guess I got the luck of the draw, because this was my first time seeking this type of guidance, and was shockingly surprised on how accurate Alphus was in his description of the person I was inquiring about, and the reading in general. He made it simple and easy, and I highly recommend those seeking answers to use his services, because you won’t be disappointed. I also deeply appreciate how fast he gets back to you. Looking forward to working with him again in the near future!

I recently have done one of the love spells - the obsession spell with Alphus. The service is fast, efficient and as soon as it’s done you get a full report back including photos and a description of how the spell went, and what will soon be happening. Just days after the spell was cast I started noticing signs that it is currently working. I saw the person in question a few days later with a sparkle in his eyes. I’m noticing more and more signs, effects and feelings of the spell. It is still currently working and I will continue to work with Alphus and post my updates here as they happen. Highly recommended and trustworthy. :)