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The China Source

The China Source has given me a wealth of information by way of a consultation. My business is destined for growth because of what I was taught through our consult. Thanks so much!

I had an opportunity to complete the Zoom consultation with The China Source/JCW Enterprise, LLC this morning. What an incredible hour spent, loads of information received and a wealth of direction to help me get my business pointed in a direction for growth!!! Thank you for the time well spent!!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend!! I bought some vendors from her and they are the best! She helped me rebrand my entire website and has helped me to be able to relaunch my business with full motivation she will give you the support you need to get started!

A divine connection sent by God to help and assist.

China Source , You are a Super Woman Thank You for your advice and guidance . Blessed to meet you now I
Have Full confidence in me and in the business , to move smarter ahead
look forward for the future with my Business, Can’t wait to come back to Hong Kong 🇭🇰

As a result of this amazing woman, I am thankful for her inclusive attitude and desire to make a difference.

Chernise has been a great resource and consultant. A ton of knowledge and experience that is much needed to be successful in this industry.

Customer service is amazing!!!

Great Business and Customer Service!