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The Cognitive Merchant

Testimonial #13

Such a wonderious sight!!! This was a gift for our DM and he loved every bit from the stressed dark leather to the haunting buckshot holes to hint at the H.P. Lovecraft/Victorian theme. Thank y'all so much! The details and work that was put in is amazing.

Testimonial #12

I cannot recommend Cognitive Merchant enough! They delivered exactly what I requested. A Skyrim themed DM Kit. Check out my photos - I love this Kit! The craftsmanship that went into it is on another level. If your on the fence about a purchase - Don't Hesitate ! They are the real deal and will deliver!

Testimonial #11

Absolutely stunning and unexpected gift given to me by my partner for our tenth anniversary, my 'water and ice' themed DM kit has b;pwn me away! My kit is beyond perfect for me; every detail has clearly been tailored to fit what I needed from a DM screen, from lists of effects, towns, names and items to portable minimaps and a map of the sword coast and effect rings. The leatherwork is beyond professional, it has clearly been made with patience, time, testing and love. I truly cannot thank you enough guys, this product has been love at first sight, thank you

Testimonial #10

The bespoke DM kit that I commissioned from The Cognitive Merchant has been a real game-changer for me! Aesthetically, the kit really fits the bill - both I and all of my players have been really impressed with the whole 'beaten leather' look, and it really adds atmosphere to the gameplay sessions. On top of that, the function of it is really useful - at my request, the kit contains plenty of useful information, and other handy features. Also, as a DM I am quite gesticulate when I speak: it became a running joke among my players that I would knock over my own DM screen once per session. With this kit, I couldn't knock it over if I tried! All in all, this kit is fantastic, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to augment their DM experience!

Testimonial #9

I purchased a DM's kit from the Cognitive Merchant in advance. They were awesome in that they let me pay in instalments whilst starting the work, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. The workmanship is incredible, my players are in awe every time I set up. People ask to touch the leather a lot and are always surprised at its quality and texture. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Black Dragon DM Kit

5th ed players handbook

I cannot fully get across what a great job the guys at cognitive merchant did for my 5e players handbook. My exact specifications were carried out and then some with the personalised touches coming as an unexpected but very welcome. I can't recommend this enough.

Sorcerer mini

First rate model with exquisite detail, I heartily recommend this to anyone. What a talent.

Leather Players handbook

Proud to call this sexy, treated leather bound D&D rulebook my own. Thia did an amazing job on this book and I always love whipping it out at the table whilst playing :)

Dragon guantlet

I saw these an age ago (thea) and never had the bottle to wear them! I took the risk and I am so glad I did!! The quality is awesome and I genuinley LOVE them, I would hesitate to order anything from the guys at Cognitive merchant!

The dicebag to end all dicebags

I bought a handmade leather dicebag from Cognitive Merchant, made to my design. It really exceeded my expectations and is currently providing a comfortable home to by ever-growing collection of dice. Now if only it could make them roll higher than 1, that would be nice.

Leather bound drawing pad

I ordered a notebook and received what can only be described as a piece of art. Its amazing the service is second to none I will definitely be coming back and can not recomend these guys enough they are amazing and so creative and imaginative the work is flawless. I can not thank you enough my daughter loved it and was impressed with how it captured her love of both music and writing xx

Altus “child crusher” Shortsword

So impressed with the work done by The Cognitive Merchant. Absolutely stunned with the work that went into bringing Altus Shortsword to life besides being a handsome boy he also feels incredibly durable for when the games get too intense and he takes a pounding, this mini will definitely stand the test of time. Altus has gone from being a vague idea on paper to something larger than life. Now there's nothing that can stop Altus from making Dreams come true. 
To anyone considering getting a mini done by the cognitive merchant let me just say it's more than worth it for what I paid I'd be happy with half the work done on this mini but they went above and beyond. You're in good hands and should definitely go to these guys for all your adventuring needs. 
update* After more than 5 months and a couple of dings and dangs Altus is still going strong with not a single scratch or chip, top quality work meant to last the ages.  
Craftsmanship: 5/5
Attention to detail: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
Customer service: 5/5
Customer satisfaction: 5/5  (what a guy!!)
Price: 5/5