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The Credit Repair Fairies

255 Corporate Center Dr
Stockbridge Ga , 30281

Thank you Credit Repair Fairies!

Taneka is an absolute pleasure to work with and held my hand throughout this arduous process. Starting out my credit scores were sub 580, now they are all well above 740 and are considered "excellent" credit scores. With her help I have in my possession a MasterCard Black Card, MasterCard Aviator Red Card, Gold American Express, Two Citi Credit Cards and not to mention I was also able to lease a brand new 2018 Audi S5 (65K) and even opened a Cartier Red Card and bought myself a beautiful watch (10K). Best part is i'm well on my way to be being a new home owner, everything is in place to purchase a home, this time next year I know this will come to fruition. If it wasn't for Taneka none of this would be possible. Next up is my girlfriend and i'm excited to see how well she does with her credit. Thank you again!!

Thanks so much to the credit Fairies for getting my credit score up 100 points in less than 4 months and helping me purchase my first luxury car...

The best of the best

Always a pleasure to work with she has done mine my dads my moms and my wife's credit along with a couple of my friends she is with out a doubt the credit repair Fairy..