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Therapy in a Bottle

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Helps my sore muscles and joints

I love Therapy in a Bottle. I have the stick salve and I have the massage oil. I've been using them to treat my pain from a connective tissue disorder. I feel especially sore in my SI joint and low back area. Every morning, I rub the massage oil into my back and use the salve on my hands and wrists. I feel a lot of pain relief in those areas after using it. It also eases pain in my neck, knees, and hips. I will definitely order this product again, and I recommend it to all of my friends. 

Amazes me every time I use it!

I have a huge goose egg on my leg , right under my knee cap my Dr. tried to drain it but it had clotted , it is blood blister basically , pretty damn painful , my dr. gave me Oxycodone for it ... took that for 3 days no pain relief but spun my head , I stopped takin the meds and applied some of your cream to the whole area ............ put the pills away and I seem to get more pain diminished with your topical Healer , and it is softer now , the clot seems to be going back to liquid some how ...... Amazes me every time I use it ... !! I figured it would help , but man o man ....I hiked in the redwoods today a couple miles ,applied before and after .. feels good ! 

Renah gets help with Fibromyalgia pain...

Renah talks about how Therapy in a Bottle helps her Fibromyalgia pain. 

Can't praise the products enough!

I didn't think I would ever find relief for my fibromyalgia. The worst place for me is my neck, back, and shoulders. Amazingly, these products work!! My pain doesn't completely go away but it is manageable and nothing else has done this for me. Every time I have used it, it works. When I don't, the pain is there and it is relentless. I also used it on my restless legs last night and it helped me especially to be able to get to sleep. Can't praise the products enough. The only relief I have ever had. Thank you. X

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Numbness

I do not know where to begin, with the great results, which I receive, from Therapy in Bottle products.  I suffer with inflammation from arthritis and fibromyalgia. I also, at times have no feeling and become numb in my hands, stomach, back, and legs. I use the Hemp-tastic Massage oil and it restores the feeling in these areas.  I also, use it on my joints and wherever I have pain; it immediately removes the pain, so that I can move freely, and continue my normal daily activity. My other favorite product that I use, is the the Hemp-tasticSalvation roll up salve, when I am away from home and on the move, it helps with my lips, skin, and everything that I mentioned before, on the go.  I do not like using pills, over the counter products, for fear of later complications, or other health issues.  I have used this product for four years and I do not take any medications.  I encourage you to try Therapy in a Bottle products, it is a great alternative, to assist with, pain management (the best pain reliever resource that I have used).

Thank you so much!

Hey! I just wanted to take a minute to say I have sworn by your salve for my arthritis for quite some time now, and I love it. For years I have been dealing with a skin infection that not one dr or specialist has been able to diagnose. I have had every vein in my arm blown out from endless amounts of vancomyicin being pumped into my body. I have been given every antibiotic and steroid known to man, and it has come and gone for 7 years now. When I had my last c-section Lily wouldn't come out from under my ribs, so a nurse jumped on the table straddling me to push while the dr pulled, i ended up with my entire abdomen covered with cellulitis. Ever since that cleared up, I have had this damn itchy welt that covers my whole bottom half of my abdomen. I used the salve twice and it is now only 3 inches in diameter and doesn't itch anymore!! I can't wait to see if it makes it all go away!! It has been embarrassing and uncomfortable for a long time now and I finally have hope that this shit is going to leave me alone, finally! Thank you so much! When I looked at it this morning, I was in tears...I can't wait to show my hubby when he gets home. The itchy welt that has covered my i wish I had...there is some skin discoloration still, but the welt and itchiness are completely gone!

Highly Recommend this product!!

Was on the computer at work for a few hours and my wrist acted up and went completely numb. I was in so much pain and could barely move it... I rubbed Therapy in a Bottle around my wrist and within a couple minutes the pain went away and my wrist was better for the rest of the day and I got to finish all my work on the computer for the next couple hours. Highly Recommend this product!!

I can't say enough...

I cannot say enough about Therapy in a Bottle. Both the hemp and cannabis based salves and oils are truly effective in providing topical pain relief that lasts. I've tried other products, and although they do provide pain relief, they don't have the "staying" power that I need. The scent is light and appealing, and the salves don't leave a sticky residue. My family has experimented with nearly all the uses on the label, and yes, the label is accurate. Best lip balm I've ever used.

I keep the push up stick in my purse, the salve next to my bed, and in the kitchen.

What I enjoy the most is that this product replaces oral medication. My stomach cannot handle anti-inflammatory pills, and acetaminophen is useless to me, as well as unhealthy.

I believe topical salves and oils like Therapy in a Bottle's line are the future of pain relief. The unique combination of oils, essential oils, plus arnica combine to ease far more than joint pain. Spine surgery left me with pain that kept me up at night. The Cann-Tastic salve, when applied before bed, helps me to sleep better, too.

Sore joints

This stuff does wonders for my sore joints!


I have had knee pain for years and have really had it impact my quality of life. I bought the Hemp-tastic salve and put it on my knee. In two days I went on a long hike on the coast and scrambled the ricks tide pooling. My knee handled all of it. Got a neck cramp and my husband said to try the salve on that....within minutes the pain and stiffness were gone. I will be telling everyone to get this. Never had such a great product. Thanks!!!!

Hemp-tastic Salvation

Those of you who know me, know I seldom get excited or endorse a product. I'm totally sold on this product!! It relieved--then removed--a chronic neck pain that I suffered with for over six months--in just two weeks! I now use the Hemp-tastic Salvation for every boo-boo I get. Try it, you won't be sorry!

Thank you

I was at Denio's a couple of weeks ago and bought a jar of your salve. I love it! I've treated rashes from allergic reactions, my rough hands from washing too much and hard work are almost healed and I don't have as much pain in my knuckles any more. My husband is using it on his hands too! It's helped so much! Thank you!


I have known about TIAB for many years, but being in (thankfully) pretty decent health, I haven't had much cause to use any of its wonderful products. That is, until the last week. I still don't know how I did it, but I really, really hurt my shoulder moving some things around over the weekend and, as a result, could barely move my arm or neck. My husband had some of the amazing hemp salve and rubbed it into my neck, back and shoulders and I had the first night of pain-free sleep in more than a week and a half. These products are amazing! Anyone with any kind of pain really should give them a try. Last night, TIAB saved me!!

My Testimonial

I suffer from fibromyalgia, migraines & neuropathy and have to say this product offers such relief to me. It soothes the deep pains that I endure daily! It is also super easy to use which is a great plus! I like how natural it is as well :) thank you!!!

Devoted Customer

After suffering several fractures to my pelvis and spine over 28 years ago, I suffer from chronic and sometimes delibilitating back pain. While there is no 'cure' for broken bones and the pain caused from these types of injuries all we can do is to manage that pain effectively. Over the years I have tried many lotions, potions and pain relieving medication which I have found just generally mask the pain for a period of time but have no other benefits and having trust in those products as being organic and healthy is also a concern. A pinched nerve can lock my back up for up to 2 weeks and then another few weeks of recovery time and there is not much that can be done other than rest and endure the pain and being able to relax is one of my biggest hurdles, even in severe pain, I am stubborn enough to force myself to at least tend to some household duties, my mind is more active than my body and it can be very frustrating and painful. Since using Therapy in a Bottle I have found my 'lock up' time and recovery time has been reduced to just over a week. I have never slept so well and as comfortably as I have since starting this therapy. Applying the massage oil morning and night when the pain is at its' worst has relaxed my mind and body and has allowed to me to finally get some well needed rest – I feel like I can just 'chill' more and not only do I rest, but I am not freaking out about me not getting work done. I cannot emphasize how grateful and relieved I am to have found TIAB TOPICALS as I can now manage my pain more effectively knowing that I am not filling my body with any unknown, unhealthy products and that along with a healthy diet and the limited amount of exercise that I can physically stand, I have found my 'Therapy in a Bottle'. I feel safe and confident knowing that the topicals are made with the best products and with love and care. I am so lucky to have found this product when I needed it the most and will be spending this week gardening and catching up on housework instead of lying in bed in pain. Thank You TIAB TOPICALS!! Wishing you love, peace and success.

My review

I have had chronic lower back pain for years. By using just a little bit of your oil at night, I can sleep better and wake up with a pain-free back. I highly recommend your oil to anyone with chronic pain -- it really works!

Customer for life

I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy) in 2007. RSD is a nerve disorder causing chronic pain. My RSD occurred after major foot surgery. I was prescribed pain medication including norco. The pain medications help, but I hate the feeling of being on narcotics, especially while working. Finding this oil has been a life saver. With this oil I am able to sleep better at night, work full time and do my zumba classes. I went from 6 norcos a day down to less than 6 a week. I love this oil!

Thank You!

Thank you, Thank you!! For making such an amazing little miracle in bottle. I have medical issues that have caused me much pain, including sharp deep pains in different parts of my body. At night especially it's always been hard to get to sleep. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and they are still trying to rule out MS. The very first time I used your product I was amazed!! The sharpness of the pain had gone away almost instantly. The pain was still there but the intense sharp pain was gone. It's also nice that a little bit goes a long way. I use your product every day and I am still on the first bottle. I can't possibly thank you enough.