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Therapy in a Bottle

2701 Del Paso Road #130
Sacramento CA , 95835

Thank you!!!

I have suffered from chronic neck pain for about two years. This caused me so much pain & discomfort I wasn't able to sleep some nights. I've tried every pain relief cream out there and I had no luck. I also had to apply a pain patch daily twice a day. I started using the balm and was shocked how fast it started to work. Now I only have to put the balm on once a week and I no longer use the pain patches. I absolutely love this stuff! Thank you for making an awesome product that allows me to sleep without neck pain and go about my day pain free!!

Love it!

I get regular migraines and have struggled for years to find something that will help me with the pain. Until I found your product, I was having no luck. Never have I found something I could use while at work that helped the pain so significantly. I rub just a little bit on my temples...or wherever my headache is stemming from, and within minutes I experience amazing relief. The smell is lovely too! I want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. It really does save me from excruciating pain. Thanks a bunch Therapy in a Bottle!