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Three Brews Tea

Middlebury Connecticut
United States

I got this as a gift for my mother for mother’s day, but made a mistake in the shipping address. They got back to me within a day and got it all sorted out extremely quickly. 10/10, excellent customer service.

I sent Three Brews Tea to a friend that I have not seen in many years. She was so delighted when she got her package, she said it made her feel very special, and she loves the tea!! very high quality

I didn't know what I was missing in terms of quality and authenticity by steeping store-bought tea bags for so long. These teas and tisanes are thoughtfully and artfully created to optimize the benefits of each ingredient and taste superior! Taking a sip of freshly brewed, steaming Three Brews Tea is like a bear hug from your favorite person! Thank you Three Brews Tea, for your commitment to quality and health :)

After receiving my first order of "Three Brews Tea", I was impressed immediately... The reusable infuser is wonderful !!!.The instructions on each of the teas are an easy read for a perfectly steeped cup of tea. The lemongrass/Green Tea, is the highest quality of green tea, I've ever had. This tea "Sets the Bar" for all other green teas... The Cinnamon/Orange Peel, provides an unexpected "Pick Me Up" in the afternoon.. MORE PLEASE !!! The Lovely Night's Tea. How awesome! to finally wake-up to feeling relaxed and refreshed from the past endless/sleep less nights of tossing and turning. The value, l have received from these teas, far exceed the cost.