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Lion's Home Kennel

Wonderful Pup & Fanstastic Service

I purchased a my pup (Boris) from Lion's Home Kennel and I am so pleased. Boris is now 5 months old andMarius was there for the entire process. He answered all my questions and never pressured me like a salesmen. He was very knowledgeable about the breed and made me feel at ease. My pup is so smart, he got house training in two days and we quickly developed a routine. I was worried that it would take him some time to pick up English (coming from Romania) and I must say it was not even a concern when he arrived. He already has sit, down, stay, come, heal, no and potty. I am so happy with Boris, I could not have asked for a better dog or breeder. You will not be disappointed! I have heard horror stories about working with an overseas breeder but if you work with Lions kennel you will not be disappointed.

Amazing pup !!

Thank you for such a great pup! I have had my Caucasian for almost a month now and everything has been great. Marius had excellent communication throughout the whole process and provided answers to all of my questions and concerns. Dog arrived safe and pick up from airport was fast and easy. Marius is great to work with and not pushy or sales focused. I originally contacted her over 2.5 years ago and stayed in touch until I was ready to purchase a dog in August of 2018. Overall genuine Breeder and I would highly recommend if looking for a Caucasian.

Thank you Lion’s Home Kennel

Marius, I’d like to thank you for not one but 2 beautiful pups, (peppa & tramp).id also like to thank you for being patient with me and making me feel comfortable throughout the Caucasion ovcharka dog buying process, as some other breeders make the dog buying process very stressful. This is why I thank you, the pups are now 10 months, and 5 months and they get along well with my other pets, my kids love them, they are apart of the family. Thanks for my 2 gentle, affectionate giants.

Can't Thank You Enough

I've wanted a Caucasian Shepherd for several years now and after getting rejected from several other breeders, Marius accepted my application and the adoption process was easy as could be. My little girl, Meadow, arrived at four months old happier than I could have imagined. Even after having around a 15 hour flight she was so excited when we picked her up. I was amazed from the start. In the car, she sat quietly and didn't use the restroom until we stopped on the way home. No barking, whining, or other bad behavior. We took her out in public the next day and Meadow was welcoming to every animal and stranger we passed by. Marius here at Lion's Home Kennel certainly breeds top of the line puppies! I've had my baby girl for a little over a week now and I couldn't be pleased more. If you want to adopt a happy, healthy Caucasian Shepherd I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lion's Home Kennel. Thank you so much!

Testimonial #20

In two days, we will have had our Leo for 1 month! Our experience with this puppy has been outstanding! We lost our beloved Irish Wolfhound awhile back and had wanted to get a Caucasian even before this great loss; my husband has been researching this breed for at least 5 years. When he found Marius and his kennel, he knew we had finally found the right breeder. Marius is a genuine no "BS" involved breeder happy to place his puppies in the right home. Many of the other breeders claim to be looking for this also by placing scare tactics and lengthy contracts on clients. If you are wanting a Caucasian you should have done your due diligence already and have an understanding of this incredible breed - perhaps not for a NEW dog owner as we all know how they can grow up without raising them right from a pup! BUT MORE than anything - we are GRATEFUL to have found Marius and gotten one of his puppies. Leo is absolutely beautiful - I mean beautiful! He is a healthy, happy, playful puppy and SMART SMART. We could tell many stories in just this month how he amazes us with how smart he is...and has an amazing disposition. Within his first day, he just naturally fit right into our home and with our family, friends and other dog (our female Italian Mastiff, Bebe). Training with him because he is so smart has been almost easy. I can not say enough in this short space - really! If you are looking for an amazing Caucasian with a love for the breed as we have, Marius is the only breeder I would consider. The only one!!! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU MARIUS - we LOVE our LEO and are very blessed. You have made our family more than happy to such a wonderful new edition

Awesome People with Beautiful Puppys.

I'm so happy and thankful to Marius for the puppy, he was really patient with me and my thousands questions. I would recommend him to everyone and would definitely get another one. We were  so excited for our perfect puppy he arrived healthy, clean,fluffy and so adorable cute. I cant put it in words how beautiful the dog is. Everything went smoothly from day one till we got the dog. Thank you very much to Lion`s Home.


I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Marius. Process is very easy and puppy arrived very nice looking, healthy, and clean. Marius was very patient with us. We are hoping to expand our dog family next year with another puppy from Lions Kennel! Thank you to Marius and his family for raising outstanding dogs! Irina.

Couldnt be happier

The whole process of getting our puppy home was very uneventful a very easy process. Marius answered all my questions completely and pictures and updates on our puppy came regularly.Marius is a wonderful person to deal with very patient. Our puppy is Outstanding big beautiful and active. He will be a great addition to our farm and family Thank you Marius for your patience and help in picking a puppy. I highly recommend Lions Home Kennel awesome people and awesome puppies.

Testimonial #16

We couldn't be happier with our new puppy. He is gorgeous, strong, healthy and his personality is amazing. Marius was very helpful and communicative. I highly recommend this breeder. This was our first experience importing a puppy and it ran very smoothly. Our puppy is such a blessing.

Amazing Puppy!

Marius is an outstanding breeder, highly professional and great with communication throughout the importing process, which went much easier than we had thought it would be. We got our "Rasputin" male Caucasian Ovcharka in July at 4 months old. We could not have been more pleased from the moment we met him at the airport until today. He is a beautiful dog and has fit in nicely with our Fila Brasileiro "Molly", our Pomeranian "Puff" and our four kitties. He loves hugs and kisses from his mom and dad and playtime with all of his new furry friends. He does have a very strong will, which is expected and what we were looking for, and a trait we are used to that from raising a couple of Fila's. He is easy to train as long as we are consistent and let him know that daddy is "Alpha". We are so happy to have Rasputin as a part of our family and highly recommend Lion's Home Kennel. We would not purchase a Caucasian Ovcharka from any one else. Rasputin or "Putin" as we call him for short, is an amazing example of his breed. He loves to roam the yard and will surely protect our home. He also loves to sleep in our yes, we have spoiled him already! So thrilled we made Lion's Home Kennel and Marius our choice of breeder and we look forward to working with him sometime in the future to add a female Ovcharka to our family. Thank You!

Great Puppies

Bought 2 non-related puppies, a male and a female, both are amazing pups!! Their intelligence, their natural disposition and their courageousness at such a young age (4 mos) is second to none. I have an acreage in Southern Alberta an d they have chased out 2 foxes that came into my yard area, they did have a older big dog to back them up but the way they flew off the deck to chase the foxes was amazing! Marius was absolutely amazing to talk with and purchase from and I love and adore the puppies I got from him.

female Caucasian

We got a female Caucasian from him and he was very patient with all of our questions and concerns. We had her shipped to the US and he kept us updated through the whole process. The pup we got was gorgeous! The pictures did not prepare us for how big and beautiful she was in person. We couldn't be happier. We hope to return one day for a male pup. Thank you!

Testimonial #13

We got our gorgeous male Caucasian from Marius and we cannot even express our satisfaction! We waited 6 months for the perfect puppy and Marius stayed in contact the entire time. He is incredibly patient and willing to answer any questions that come up and kept us updated through the entire process with pictures! The pictures were stunning but we are still taken away by how beautiful he is in person! Great dogs, great puppies, great people!

Great Person to do Business With

Marius is an amazing person to work with. He was with us every step of the way. Very patient and understanding with all of our questions and concerns.  We got our puppy home and we love him! The only person I will import a dog with. Highly recommend Lion's Home!


I am so thrilled that I found Marius and the puppy is strong and healthy that I received from him. I want to personally thank you for your time and tremendous professionalism Your knowledge of this breed and understanding, your ability to make a correct match/fit with the puppy that I was looking for down to the color temperament demeanor not to mention the dogs intellect Marius you matched it all. This little female beast is Amazing and perfect in every way. She is a really fast learner and ever to please at such a young age. I am also pleased with the gene pool that you have with these gorgeous animals which are 100 percent pure which means a terrific dog in all ways. Thank you so much. You are my existened family now

Amazing Breeder

I would like to personally say that Marius is an amazing breeder. I bought my very first imported puppy and i absolutely love him so much. He is such a fine puppy. I strongly recommend purchasing a dog from Marius. They made everything super easy and graceful. 

Testimonial #8

This is our first import of dogs and purchasing sight unseen. We were quite nervous but so thankful to know that Marius is a real kennel and took care of all the details we needed for shipping. Our dogs shipped and arrived exactly as he stated, he handled all the booking and we had no troubles with customs upon recite. Our dogs are beautiful and happy. They arrived clean and with a surprisingly good attitude after such a long journey. They are respectful to us and our other dogs, already loyal enough to follow by our sides daily when walking the property, so easy going for a puppy and absolutely beautiful. We are already hugely impressed at these dogs dispositions compared to our Anatolians. We have always loved the Anatolian breed with our working ranch but can confidently say these malaki Kangal's are superior in temperament, activity level and loyalty.

Wonderful Breeder

I purchased two Cacasian Shepherds from Marius. They were sent to me from Romania and he made the process effortless . They were heathy and BIG you would not believe the size . Both are growing into young adults and wonderful guardians ! I will definitely be purchasing another one in the future ! I highly recommend Marius , he is a great person and always answers questions quickly ! If you are looking for a great example of the breed and a healthy puppy , look no more !