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Tiffany Paul, Holistic Parenting Coach

She was so insightful...

We attended Tiffany's class at our school, as a precursor to our daughter's first day of Kindergarten. She was so insightful and we really appreciated all of her practical tips and the inspiration she gave. We feel so much better equipped to take on this big transition as a family after hearing her speak, and are now really confident about how to handle the who thing. THANK YOU so much, Tiffany!

She's a gem, truly gifted in working with families

Tiff brings compassion, understanding, experience & an "I get it" attitude to conversations with parents. We found her guidance to be hugely encouraging, gentle, & supportive, & our family has felt more centered & grounded & connected since putting her ideas into practice. She's a gem, truly gifted in working with families & we've recommended her to several friends already.

She has helped us find solid ground

When Tiffany first entered our home, there was an instant connection. We were at a very low point as we were going on three months of sleep deprivation and I was struggling with postpartum depression. Tiffany made us both feel at ease and she delivered her ideas and thoughts sans judgement. She just has a calming aura and makes you feel like you've known her for years. She also has extensive knowledge on children and the different ways to build a solid family foundation. We are so happy we called Tiffany. She has helped us find solid ground again.

Tiffany is a life saving parenting guide.

Tiffany Paul is a life saving parenting guide. We are inspired every time we speak with her about our strong willed child, and so very grateful to have her on our team.

She saved my relationship with my son

Tiffany helped me understand how to support my three year old son during my divorce from his mom. Since we separated, he was having these epic tantrums that left me exhausted, angry, and confused. I knew he was hurting but I didn't know how to handle it myself or help him through it. Talking with Tiff and putting her advice in to practice literally changed my relationship with my son, and now he's the happy, sweet, funny kid I love again. I don't know how I could have gotten through it with out her.

I was shocked at how quickly things changed

My two year old has been having so many troubles expressing his anger and disappointment lately, and that resulted in him hitting me so hard that it would leave tiny handprints, toys thrown at anyone or anything in his sight, and horrible tantrums when he didn't get his way. He also has a terrible addiction to technology. It got to the point where I just had to hide somewhere to take a break from all of it to avoid losing it myself. Enter Tiffany. She gave me some very practical and reasonable tips and tricks to use, and reassured me that I wasn't a terrible failure at parenting. I was shocked at how quickly things changed. I had been beating my head against the wall and having the same fights over and over doing it 'my' way and it is so nice to have the tools to use to actually enjoy my child and feel better about myself as a mom. We are BOTH so much happier these days!

You made us better parents in two hours

We can't thank you enough for all that you did for us during our session. We didn't know what to expect going in to it, but we never would have guessed how much better we'd feel when it was over. Your nonjudgemental, loving, funny approach made us feel so deeply understood and, more than that helped us understand ourselves and our daughter. You truly helped our family get back to the most important things in a way that we didn't think was possible. THANK YOU!

Her advice totally changed our dynamic

The bedtime routine I had established with my two-year-old daughter was getting out of hand. I loved reading her bedtime books and singing her bedtime songs, but she knew it, and was really milking it. Bedtime was taking over an hour each night! I knew we needed a change, but I didn't know how to make it happen-until I got help from Tiffany. She talked me through our bedtime routine and offered great tips that allowed me to give my daughter the attention she both needed and deserved, while still allowing me the time I needed to take care of my other, post-bedtime responsibilities. It felt great having a game plan and her advice totally changed our dynamic.

You helped me find my confidence

I just wanted to make sure you know how much of a difference you made for our family! Not only did you help turn things around when it felt like we were in a constant state of chaos, but you also helped me to find my confidence as a parent...and that means the world to me! We so appreciated your kindness, sense of humor, and friendship during those really rough days-you have really changed my life. Thank you for helping me to be the mom my kids deserve and for never judging me. I will carry you with me!

My number one supporter and mentor

No doubt that raising children is exceptionally difficult and can be very frustrating, but the way that Tiff handles situations is remarkable. I have been so personally effected by her endless patience, guidance, and love. Tiffany has shown me how to have the calm and sweet relationship with my child that most parents dream of. She has definitely been my number one supporter and mentor. The advice and suggestions that she gives really do work and she has different tactics and amazing ideas for every situation. I am so grateful for her and honestly feel that she can make a huge difference in any family's life, the way that she has impacted mine.

To know her is to love her

I have known Tiffany Paul for the last 7 years and have relied on her more times than I can count for her brilliant counsel around raising beautifully balanced children and keeping sane while trying to do it all.  She has an innate gift for really understanding the underlying issues that keep families from being their best selves and can create actionable and effective plans to make those changes seem effortless.  She has amazed me by her ability assess family oriented problems like no other. I really think she is a genius!  If every family had Tiffany at their side, the world would be a happier, more gentle and overall more peaceful know her is to love her. 

she will leave you feeling supported, enlightened and empowered as a parent.

Tiffany Paul changed our lives. David and I were really struggling with bedtime - we both dreaded putting Lulu down. It was a lengthy and arduous process that usually involved tears. We had a couple of private parenting coaching sessions with Tiffany, and she gave us tools and encouragement that has transformed bedtime into a short, loving experience we all look forward to. She has also helped to get David and I on the same page with effective discipline and our family is thriving as a direct result of her valuable input. I can't recommend working with Tiffany highly enough. Whether attending one of her classes, or a private session, she will leave you feeling supported, enlightened and empowered as a parent.