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Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies

Sayulita Nayarit

True Professional Approach

I have always approached improvements or issues in my life via hypnotherapy or psychotherapy and I got to know many specialists in the field. I must say that with Angela I was really impressed about her professional approach and knowledge. She is also very fast on understanding what you need and she takes her time to prepare each session thoroughly. I would definitely recommend her.

Smile Coordinator

"Connection & Guidance"I had fun receiving information about my life and some areas that could use my attention. The insight Angela shared was right on and I felt really cared for by her focused presence. Highly recommended!!

Let Your Toes Guide You...

Angela was very professional and sensitive to my comfort level. This toe reading serves as a means for her to coach you about where you are in your life, how you think you got there (triggers/events) and how to get where you want to go. If you’re already self-aware, this is a great way to reaffirm your path. For those who are just opening to this, be ready to receive guidance and trust this amazing woman. She honestly wants the best for each of her clients.

Life changing!

There I was, beginning my travels in Mexico, when I heard about an amazing toe reader Angela. I had no idea what it was, but was definitely intrigued. When I met with Angela her simple explanation made complete sense to me. You spend your entire life on your feet so your toes hold a lot of information to your past and present experiences. Immediately I felt comfortable in her presence. She was very focused in studying my toes and started explaining the meaning each toe holds. I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive Angela was. It was like she was reading me like a book just by looking at my toes. I don't want to give too much information but what she brought to my attention was life changing. One of the biggest things I realized through this reading was that I have always told people what they want to hear rather than speaking my truth in order to spare their feelings. This was more self destructive than I realized. Since meeting with Angela I have been speaking my truth in a kind manner instead of internalizing it as I used to. This has changed my relationships for the better. I feel like I'm now letting go of that which doesn't serve me. I continued on with my travels to Cambodia and Thailand although this was definitely a highlight in my journey of self growth. Thank you Angela! Your words will always carry with me. 

Testimonial #25

I visited Sayulita recently and Angela gave me a toe reading. She has an incredible vibe and we connected right away. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and enjoys her work. I found the reading to be quite accurate and insightful. I can't wait to see her again and experience one of the other modalities she works with. If you only see one alternative health practitioner in Sayulita, make it Angela. You won't be disappointed!

Happy Toes!!!

Today I had another wonderful experience. I got my very first toe reading in my life. I have had all kinds of alternative therapies, but that was something completely different. Just the name itself was so inviting. Angela Wieland started to read my toes on the beach. My toes love to be on and in the sand. Angela was very focused throughout the whole session. She told me what each foot and toe means and what the different shapes, lines and spaces mean. I think my toes must have felt quite special as my toes felt so full of pleasure after this. 
Angela asked me many questions related to the info what was delivered. Some of it was going back into my past and miraculously also made me understand something via new insights which just popped up. This was like it connected many dots which had been loose. Sometimes us - healers, we need to receive and get someone elses perspective as we are just so into our own stuff. Angela worked very professionally and made me feel safe so I could share some very personal details about myself as well my past. She works from the space of high integrity and presence. After our reading was done, my toes felt happy. I think I should give them more attention. If you are in the area, pls try out this amazing way of coaching! 1 hour goes by like 5 minutes. You may get not only inspired but also activated by the insights which you find. Warmly recommended!

Every toe has a story!

When I first met Angela and heard about her toe readings, my curiosity was intense - I'd never thought my toes had stories to tell:)  The reading turned out super fun and very insightful!  Angela was so focused and attentive, pointing out the minute details and differences between the left and the right foot, and how that relates to my journey through life. She put her observations in the form of questions, which felt very respectful and empowering. Now I find myself checking out my friends' toes on the beach, wondering what stories they contain:) Thanxx for such an interesting & insightful experience!!

Testimonial #22

Angela's toe reading was a a very interesting and insightful experience for me. She read my toes and at the same time engaged in a coaching conversation with me. So really everything she said somehow resonated with me and brought more awareness to certain areas in my life or issues i had been working on but hadn't really thought about anymore, and it was great to bring these to my consciousness again. When Angela does the toe reading I really felt she was totally into it. She ended the session by letting my summarize the biggest insights I got in the session. That was a great thing in order to get the most out of it!

Toe Reading

Who knew there was such a thing as a "Toe Reading"? We found Angela in Sayulita and realized that it was meant to be. Our entire travel group all enjoyed readings from Angela during our vacation, and it was absolutely amazing. Her caring & thoughtful demeanor provided many different insights. She is a gifted soul who found her calling. I would highly, highly recommend Angela.

A M A Z I N G !!!

Who knew you could get a toe reading?!  Don't think twice about having Angela do a reading for you....she is fantastic!  My life did an entire shift in a very positive way after meeting with Angela for an hour.  Can't sing her enough praises!  Book your appointment today!

I will never look at my toes the same again!

My toes are SO much more than the foundation to my body.

Angela helped me see the messages and meaning that my toes have to say about my overall life path, obstacles, and opportunities.

Give yourself the gift of time and space with the part of your body - your toes - that are ready & waiting to tell you more about who you are.

Book a toe reading with Angela - whether you are local to Sayulita OR just passing through on vacation - her service is a MUST DO for anyone searching for more meaning in their life. Also, for those folks wanting to know more about their friends or partners, toe readings would be a great service to book as a group.


Beautiful and informative

This was such a great experience. I did my session over Skype and still felt the energy and connection no problem. I had never heard about toe reading before and wanted to find out what it was all about. I had no idea so much of myself and past could be seen thru my toes. Truly fascinating. I have been reminded about where I want to head in my life again after being lost. I feel lifted and energized. It was truly amazing. Thanks so much.


I am so happy & astonished to have lived the experience of one of the most difficult goals in my life... " quitting smoking " I thought many times, it's just impossible...but today, 21 days after knowing an angel called Angela ... I can tell it is true and amazing, because she told me I was needing 5-7 sesiones...and she did it in 2, believe it or not it is the truth...hoping many persons can read this...look for this angel, I'm sure she can help you...thank you very much dear ANGEL-A...

This is a must have service!

My experience with Angela's toe reading was incredible. Her method is thorough, professional, thoughtful, and stimulating. I came away from the session clear, empowered and really connected with myself and my answers and path. This is an absolute must for anyone!

Excellent Job!

I was very amazed at how Angela could tell me so much about myself just by taking a few moments to look at my toes! She gave me great advice, and made me extra comfortable. I very much connected with her and what she does, and hoping that she can be my therapist soon. I highly recommend this fascinating experience! Thank you so much Angela!

Insightful toe reading!

More out of interest than anything else, I decided to have a toe reading.

I was pleasantly surprised by what Angela could tell from my toes. Things that no-one could possible have known but me.

Her professionalism and guidance through the entire reading, turned my initial "interest" into many moments of clarity. 

Thank you Angela for a unique experience.

I would definitely highly recommend a toe reading to everyone!

Great service!

I'm so glad to meet you Angela, you were really kind and helpful, I'm really satisfied.

Great toe reading session!

I was quite skeptical when a friend told me about Angelas toe reading so I decided to check it out for myself. And I was really surprised about how quickly Angela came up with specific themes about my life by looking at my toes and asking a few questions! What unfolded was a conversation about aspects of my life which I wasn't specifically aware of and other themes were looked at from a new point of view. I loved it and left the session with quite a few things to further ponder upon. Thank you for your great work!