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Toronto Lifeguarding

Amazing Instructors

Awesome instructors, great content. Had a lot of fun. Great experience- Thank you!

Good stuff

Y'all were amazing. Fast & easy to find good instructor. No complaints.

great instructors

Honestly, I've done all my certifications with Toronto Lifeguarding and they have never let me down. I love all the instructors and everyone that I have had has been wonderful and made the experience so great! They are all very passionate about what they do and about teaching which is what makes it so enjoyable :)

loved it

I absolutely loved the program, every instructor was awesome and very supportive. I learned so much during the course and I actually feel like I could save a person's life. It definitely boosted my confidence in my swimming ability.

Good experience

It was a good experience. I have no complaints :)

Great course

It was a great course! The people were so friendly and everything was done really well!

Enjoyable class

I really enjoyed the classes, like it was super chill but we were able to get through the class pretty quickly. It was also really enjoyable I never felt bored, and the overall environment was super welcoming and friendly.

Best Prices, Best Quality

I've taken courses with many different organizations and by far this one is the best. First of all, they have the lowest prices. A lot of times when you get something as cheap, the service isn't as great -- not true here. The quality of service was the highest I've ever experienced. My Instructor was very knowledgeable & even shared with me a whole bunch of online resources for future reference. Also, the other classes from what I could see were well organized and everyone was having tons of fun. I definitely recommend this place to anyone.

A Real Gem

I was very new to aquatics & didn't know where to start to become a lifeguard. The office team were really helpful in giving me information & very timely. Within minutes of sending an email, I got a response!

Then when I went to take the Bronze courses, I had an amazing time. My instructors were really knowledgeable & gave me the feedback I needed to pass. There was a really good vibe in the class & I will definitely be coming back to take NLS.

Instructors Amazing!

Quality Courses :)

I really like this place

Great Service!

These guys are great, they have such frequent classes and high quality instructors.