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Israel with Love

Great Outing with Onnie

Onnie was fabulous.  She made the trip to the Ayalon park (Canada Park) interesting for all the participants who ranged in ages from 5 to over 65.  Onnie has a vast knowledge of the area and its history.  I would highly recommend Onnie for your next trip to Israel

ISRAEL WITH LOVE TOUR guided by Onnie Schiffmiller

We have just returned from a two week trip to Israel where we were guided by Onnie Schiffmiller. We were 4 people including my husband and some friends. I have to say that although I personally have been in Israel many times, this was a truly incredible trip. Onnie was amazing//she took us to places that I had never been before and never even knew existed such as Wall of Peace near Gaza. Her historical and biblical knowledge was fantastic which made our trip even more meaningful. She went out of her way to fulfill every request and was willing to do almost anything that we were interested in . .Her kindness, patience and accommodation went beyond the call of duty. She literally was able to make everything happen that we wanted .We covered an incredbile amount of territory and she guided us with her deep knowlegdge of both Israeli and Jewish history. We could not have asked for anything more. The icing on the cake was our last day when we were on our way to Ben Gurion Airport. She surprised us by stopping at the beach at Ceasearia where we experienced a magnificent Israeli sunset while drinking Israeli beer and witnessing a beautiful bridal party taking pictures. What an ending to such a memorable trip and it could only be attrributed to our phenomenal guide Onnie Schiffmiller. If anyone is planning a trip to Israel and you are lucky enough to book Onnie as your guide, you will be giving yourselves a wonderful gift.

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