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A life changing read

John Perna is the man! His system, life long learning environment, knowledge about life and golf are amazing. I’ve coached basketball over 20 years and have over 10 players making a living playing basketball. I can honestly say my time around John and Kyle has made me a much better coach and person. John’s genuine care for his TPS family is authentic. I highly recommend this book for anyone not just golfers who want to become better in all areas of their life. It is not surprising how well each of these young men are doing after their time spent at TPS. Keep it up men!

Essential Book For Aspiring Golfers!

This book is an absolute game changer for anyone looking to understand what it takes to be an elite athlete in any sport, but especially golf. I love that the book talks about the highs and lows different players go through and how they each battle adversity in different ways. Shows the unique skill set it takes to coach players of all ages, abilities, and personalities, which is something not seen in other golf books. GREAT READ!

Incredible read!

Learned so much from reading “Developing Golfers Into Players”. John Perna’s teaching approach is not at “normal” standards, but this is the reason he is able to accelerate learning as fast has he does. TPS is clearly is a class of its own when it comes to teaching high level athletes. I would recommend anyone, athlete or not, to read this book!!

Great read for player, coaches and parents

Developing Golfers Into Players is an excellent read! I loved how each chapter introduced a different TPS student who went on to tell their own story. Each player’s journey with John has yielded varying degrees of success, but one thing is very clear each one of these young men and women highly respect John Perna, have made lifelong friends through TPS and have all had great success on and off the course.

I have known John for many years, through my golf pro and friend, Dan Kochevar. I have seen him work with his players and have respected his ability to be very encouraging and direct with his players, parents and coaches. His love and knowledge of the game is evident and infectious. His players work hard, but are also having fun. John is not only developing players and helping them achieve success on the golf course and helping them realize their dreams, he is mentoring and coaching these young adults for success in life.

John has build an incredible training facility that has helped change my golf game. This book has given me many takeaways on how I will approach my rounds and shots going forward. I highly recommend Developing Golfers Into Players and I highly recommend the TPS approach to training, the TPS facility and John Perna as well everyone involved in this unique training program.

Truly a game changer

My son has been working with The Players Service for some time and the organization is extremely impressive and has helped improve his game exponentially. The progress he’s made has been significant and only keeps getting better. The Players Service is blessed with the best golf coach, John Perna. His book is a perfect summary of the TPS training system/ algorithm. It also explains the iconic stories of the first TPS students and how the system has played a role in their games. I had the opportunity to meet Brian Bullington, and he was a true professional on and off the golf course. The way he incorporated the system was a prime example of the TPS’s algorithm. I highly recommend this book for both the casual golfer and the professional alike. It covers all aspects of golf and how to turn from a golfer into a player.

A MUST have for golfers of all levels

Johns “Developing Golfers into Players” is a great guide for golfers of all levels who are trying to improve their golf games. Each chapter offers a new topic that had the most impact on each of his original junior students. I use mine as a constant reference and tool whenever I’m playing, and still pull out new things to use each and every time I read! This is a MUST buy for anyone who loves the game of golf and wants to improve