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Savvy Tech Training

4115 Columbia Rd
Martinez GA , 30907
United States

Finally, tech problem relief just a phone call away

As a couple in our 70's, we had multiple phone & computer issues. It was such a pleasure to find Melonie Holmes of Savvy Tech Training. She was reliable, professional, time efficient & easy to communicate with. Wish we had called earlier.

Just not your ordinary computer guru

Melonie's insight into the office world is amazing. She "gets" the real world challenges and knows how to find shortcuts to make your organization more efficient. My team really enjoyed their time with her and each learned lots!

Excel help

Thank you for your help with excel. Patience is a virtue not many people have anymore. Appreciate the help with Excel spreadsheets.

Addressing my tech shortcomings

Melonie came to my home for a couple of hours last week and helped me learn how to get my Iphone photos organized and uploaded onto my PC.  A different method was needed for my Iphone and my husband's pictures, so that was a bit of a work-around.  I also had a couple of questions about using Excell, and why my IPad wasn't in sync with my Iphone, and Melonie helped me with all of that.  She is wonderfully patient and helpful - I highly recommend her services to others who have questions or  want to become more tech-friendly.

Excellent trainer!!

I have had Melonie’s training several times. She is my “go to trainer”! I always leave confident & excited!  I appreciate the lesson notes that I can refer to & the followup email instructions are  a great refresher. 


Private Training

Melonie was on time, efficient, helpful, patient with me.  She answered all my questions, and I am very grateful for her help.  I have recommended her to my friends and would use her again.


Martha E.

Best possible tech help

I can't recommend Melonie Holmes, the Savvy Tech lady, highly enough for help with all your computer (and other) tech needs.  She offers a special service for those of us who didn't grow up with computer technology and in addition to being extremely knowledgeable she is a delight to know!  All my computer frustration has vanished now that I know she is available when I am out of my depth.  When my aging Mac quit recently Melonie came immediately, diagnosed the problem, went to the Mall on the Friday before Chrismas and bought me a new one,  installed it and transferred data all in the same day!  Do let Melonie help you with all your tech needs - the resulting peace of mind is invaluable!

Photos and more photos

I recently took Melonie's IPhone and IPad photos. It could not have come at a better time. Having just returned from vacation and right before the holidays, I definitely needed help organizing my photos. In addition, I learned how to send lots of photos to friends and family using Airdrop. Melonie has the patience of a saint and the accent of an angel. Melonie can help solve all of your tech needs. I highly, highly recommend her!!!


Melonie was so very helpful in our one on one training class. I have never used Quickbooks before, but in just one training class she gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get things set up for our small business. Melonie was very professional and provided a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend Melonie to anyone who is in need of her services. I have already scheduled my next one on one training! 

-Tiffani Landers

Melonie is Incredible..

Melonie is incredible with her teaching knowledge of all our technical gadgets.  Many of us older folks didn't grow up with instant knowledge like our grandchildren.  She can "fix" problems as well as teach us the basics for beginners or advanced students on how to use iPhones/iPads, Facebook, Microsoft products, as well as email.  I have had her iny home as well as gone to her classes.  Her services are very affordable and she won't quit until "you get it".  

Melonie is the best!!

Melonie trains in a way that is easy to understand. She uses visuals with step by step instruction. I leave with excitement, ready to apply what I learned. 

Super class

I enjoyed the class and found it helpful. Melanie has a lot of of patience and never treats any question as too “dumb.” I definitely look forward to attending another class. 

Help for both of us!

Melonie came to our home recently . She is a real computer expert and was able to get both myself and my husband up and running on our iPad, iMac and lap top. My husband is technically challenged and his lap top had been collecting dust for months. Melonie got him up and running and he is excited. We were very impressed with her technical abilities, professionalism, and timeliness. If you need help with any of you gadgets, phone, computer, etc I encourage you to call Melonie. You will not be sorry. She rates 5 stars

Class Thank you

Melonie, thank you so much for going above and beyond to take this group to the next level with computer skills! It is a joy to work alongside you in empowering the success we are able to see unfolding in this program. Thank you for sharing of yourself - it makes ALL the difference.


Amanda Crooks

Salvation Army, Women's Job Skills Training

Phone data saved

Dear Melonie, Thanks so much for your help setting up my computer and IPhone. I recently got my phone wet and ended up having to buy a new one. I was so thankful you had set my phone to back up to the cloud every night. I only lost one day and all my info was there. Thank you so much.

Excellent help!

Melonie  Holmes has helped me and my wife twice with our computers, readers and telephones. The first time I had just bought a new computer with Windows 10 and needed her assistance to start up the new system.  I also had a problem with my printer.  Melonie got my new computer up and running and ordered a new printer.  Melonie also instructed my wife in resolving her computer issues.  The second visit was to instsall my new printer.  We had readers for some time but been unable to use them. Melomie got our readers up and running.  I have been mine daily since .  We had I phones for seversal years but did not have Apple IDs so we could download apps.  Melonie obtained Apple IDs for us on both phones.  Melomie's work was excellent.  We can now do things which we were unable to do for years.  I highly recommend Melonie.  

Great work

Melonie did an excellent job taking us through things we needed to know about computers and phones. I would highly recommend her. Joe and Deborah Hosey

Exceeded my expectations!

Melonie has come to my home before to teach me a few things, clean up my computer and install some software.  I was impressed with her efficiency in addressing my top to do list and her expertise.  She also offered up tips and tricks she thought I could use.  However, my most recent experience with her awesomeness was last night when I logged on to find that some kind of software took over my Firefox browser and reached out to her by email (thought of her first because of my  first experience with her).  I received an answer almost immediately. I truly wasn't expecting an answer until the morning. Not only did she respond quickly but she had the answer that allowed me to fix my problem right there and then giving me peace of mind.  Thanks so much Melonie!