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Miramar Transmission

8015 Silverton Ave.
San Diego CA , 92126
United States

Professional, timely service

I just visited Miramar Transmission through a recommendation. I'm glad I did, the ladies at the front desk are professional and they did the service in a timely manner. I will return.

Excellent customer care and quality service

I have a 2008 Nissan Altima and I recently got my transmission repaired at Miramar Transmission. I received excellent customer care and quality service. It was a stressful situation, as all car problems are, but they were there every step of the way. Since getting my transmission fixed I had a problem pop up with my engine coils. I was able to take my car in and get it back the SAME DAY! My car is running great and I'm glad that I can always count on Miramar for my car troubles. The prices are reasonable and there are usually multiple options for you to choose from based on your circumstances. Overall, I'm happy with the services I received and I will definitely be back!

they finished it on time as promised

took my 2004 silverado diesel hd2400 which has an Allison 5 speed They wanted $850 (appliable to final repair) to remove transmissin for anayisis. It ended up costing $4600 for the entire repair. Approved the price and they finished it on time as promised, also giving me 100K miles or 10 year warrantee

I Used them for following reasons:

1. shop near my house in Scripps Ranch
2. they have good reputation with the business communitity
3. family owned business

Great communication, work, and, upfront with prices.

Highly recommend Miramar transmission.

Great communication, work, and, upfront with prices.

It's been a pleasure working with Miramar.
My intergalactic drives like a dream after bit of transmission work, thanks again for keeping my older car in shape.

In all I'm very pleased and half a year later my vehicle still performs amazing

This review is long overdue. Back in November or December my 94 Bronco had a total transmission failure while driving. Fluid everywhere, not shifting properly, etc... Any how, I ended up bringing it to these guys. From the first phone call to being able to drive away in my bronco was a very pleasant experience. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. Typically I try to do most of the maintenance myself on my vehicles but transmission work is out of my realm. Every time I would call they would answer all my questions. One day I had asked to see what specifically had failed in my transmission and they brought me back to show me the bad parts. They had even explained to me how a tranny works over the duration of a half hour which I really appreciated mainly because I like understanding how stuff works. It showed they cared. These guys are great and gave me a few different options for what I could do, from least expensive to most expensive. I ended up opting for the most expensive solution and having my transmission beefed up since it's a daily and my toy as well. It's a whole new vehicle and I love driving it again. I'm somebody who would be willing to pay more money knowing quality work is being performed which is exactly what they do here, quality work. They guarantee their work and send you on your way with a warranty. In all I'm very pleased and half a year later my vehicle still performs amazing and wouldn't hesitate to drive across the country.

Would not hesitate to recommend this place

My daughter brought in an older Volkswagen to be have clutch fixed. Parts were sent there in advance and the service, attitude, and knowledge were superb. Would not hesitate to recommend this place. Mark will take the time to answer your questions and do his best for you. And it's right near Miramar naval air station.

Highly recommend this shop!

Highly recommend this shop! They're an amazing family owned business and trust them with my vehicles. Great honest service and great work!

Top notch business

Top notch business. Can I use that word? Anyways there was no hassle and the fact that I got my car back when they said that it would be ready is a miracle.

Testimonial #9

I took my Jeep here as referral from Uncle. I can't tell you how good these guys are. Sure you can find a mechanic to do a job cheaper, but to find some one who stands behind their work and gets it right the first time is hard to find these days.

Great experience, Would highly recommend

Great experience with Frank and the crew at Miramar Transmission. I wasnt quite ready to give up on my 2008 Jetta and its transmission problems. The team at Miramar Transmission was $1K under the price of the dealer and was very transparent in what they were doing. Would highly recommend them

The professionalism is what kept me going back

The professionalism is what kept me going back, but I wish my car was in better shape. Sadly I no longer have the car I took to this place due to problem after problem. They did their best to try and fix my transmission, and they did "fix" it. I came back for my check-in with them and in my opinion it got worse, but they said it was the same. Moments later, the check engine light came back on and I noticed that the car would stall every time I braked and came to a full stop. I clearly remember rolling back on a hill with a stop sign at the top and almost hit the car behind me. Pretty sure that is not normal for any car to do. So I explained that to them and just said, well that's the car, not the transmission (even though it had never done this before the transmission broke). So I kept on with the car and prayed every time I go on a hill that I hit the gas before it starts to roll back/stall out. Only about a year and a half later I got rid of it and got a new car. I put way more money into it than I should have and it was a learning experience (a costly one, but worth it). Just know that if your car is crap, and try to fix up crap, you'll end up just getting crap with a bow on it and hope it holds together. Choose your battles wisely and cut your losses.

Thank you for fast, and honest work.

I took my work van in on a Saturday morning, I had it back By Tuesday morning without a single issue. The price they quoted me was the exact amount I payed. The van drives perfect. I asked them to check the brakes and if they could get the front end alignment done- no problem. Thank you for fast, and honest work.


After Synfast oil change in Point Loma (on Gaines St) put the wrong fluid in my car and burned up the transmission, Frank and his guys did a fantastic job of repairing/rebuilding it. They were very professional and the work is perfect. I will go to them for ALL my mechanic needs from now on.

Now I always refer Miramar Transmission to my friends!

This review is long overdue, but I feel compelled to give 5-stars for Frank and his team's great service. I had an engine issue that none of the big name auto shops could diagnose or fix, despite several visits and money thrown down the tube. My sister referred me to Frank whom she knew through Pop Warner, and although I was worried at first since it was a transmission shop, I figured it couldn't hurt. They were so great! They hooked me up to the diagnostic machine at no cost (unlike other stores), and got the problem fixed super fast! It ended up being much cheaper than I had imagined, and their service was so wonderful! They even did a couple routine maintenance things for me for free, and they've done the same for my sister on several occasions. They've even given her a ride home while her car was in the shop! Now I always refer Miramar Transmission to my friends who are looking for a good, honest, reasonable, and reputable mechanic, for tranny and non-tranny issues. Thanks, fellas!

My truck drives so much better than when i bought it.

My old boss referred me to this place, he's one of those guys that knows everybody so when he personally recommended miramar transmission i knew they must be good. After speaking with Frank and getting a best and worse case quote from him. I gave him the green light to do the work a few days go by and the transmission is in my truck but they're getting a code that the temperature sensors are having issues. They spent the next 5 days trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I admit i was very frustrated but Frank's determination to fix the issue assured me that i was getting quality work performed on my truck..sure enough they found the problem fixed it and i picked it up today. My truck drives so much better than when i bought it. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for an honest mechanic. I will be a return customer.

They were so helpful and honest and I couldn't have asked for better service

I'm SO glad I was referred to Miramar Transmission. They were so helpful and honest and I couldn't have asked for better service. Their pricing is more than fair and the service turnaround was very quick. Thank you guys!

Not only was the service great, but Frank had the best pricing as well

I went to Miramar Transmission back in June for a simple Transmission Service. They found a small leak and repaired it with a transmission kit, I just to pay for the part, free install. Not only was the service great, but Frank had the best pricing as well. Dropped my car off around 8am and it was ready by noon! Now that's dope!

So the other day I noticed some transmission oil in my driveway and feared the worst. I called Frank thus morning and he said bring it by so they can check it out. Called a few hours later and Frank told me they had to re-torque the transmission pan. He also informed me about a oil leak I had as well. Not only did he fix the problem, but he did it FREE OF CHARGE.... Talk about great customer service.

I will continue to come to Miramar Transmission for all of my transmission needs

Their customer service is outstanding and they go above and beyond for their customers

Frank is first class. His customer service is outstanding and he goes above and beyond for his customers. Miramar Transmission has helped my company for years keep our trucks functional and on the road. I would highly recommend that you bring your vehicle in for any type of maintenance and repair. If you need an honest reliable shop I would look no further than Frank and his team. Thank you fellas.