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Tri-Coaching Partnership

Train the Trainer

Would recommend TCIT, to anyone wanting to expand their school had a great 2 days and learnt a loads. Score10/10


I very much enjoyed working on the Btec 4 with Susan and Graham. Their delivery was interesting, the assignments absolutely on point with developing myself and my learners. No death by power point moments, and no numb bum at all. There was always plenty of support, laughter, new friends, and plenty of delicious food on hand too! You can see by the photo how much Graham and Susan enjoy their job!(I hope they will forgive me for posting it!).
I was nervous about the in car training, but Fiona and Kevin made it relaxed and enjoyable. By far the best training I've been on as a driving instructor. Time for other training bodies in this industry to wake up to how it should be done! The monthly payments absolutely worked for me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have taken the course. Many thanks to you all.

Train the Trainer

A fantastic Train the trainer Course. Brilliant teaching techniques brought to life. Fabulous passionate and knowledgeable trainers giving us the knowledge to progress our training and business.

fantastic training, professional and friendly service and always on hand for help and advice.

Train the Trainer & BTEC 4

I completed the Tri-Coaching, Train the Trainer back in Sept 2018. A fantastic course, with invaluable knowledge from 2 lovely ladies, Susan and Di! It really gave me new found enthusiasm, not only for training with PDIs but working with fellow ADIs in my team and my learners alike. It inspired me so much I signed up for the BTEC4 too and I'm enjoying that just as much! The support you get after the course is second to none! Fab Team! well worth the investment....if you can't invest in yourself...who can you invest in?

Train the Trainer

I did a TtT course just over a year ago. Although I have been Ordit registered for over ten years and training ADIs for nearer 20, the course gave me a new enthusiasm and much improved level of knowledge than before. Give the Tr-Coaching Partnership courses a try - you won’t be disappointed!

I tried to remember how it all began..... a hazy memory of a vague conversation with Graham Hooper, where I made every excuse why not to sign up for the course. My main concern was that I was not clever enough, it seemed like a marathon, a massive task. Did I really want to invest that much in myself? Well all the answers came back as No.... How then did I find myself signing up for the BTec4? In 2011, I signed on the dotted line and never looked back. For me, it was not an easy ride, blood, sweat and tears went into many an assignment. One of The Team were always there with words of encouragement and continue to support up to this day. I have gone on to do other courses, including Train the Trainer, which is very enlightening in its own right. Running my own Standards Check workshops for other adis, I never, ever thought I would be doing that. Going from a Grade4 instructor to a Grade A coach was such a massive achievement for me, it gave me so much confidence and a voice, putting me in a great position to share my knowledge to help others. Two adis who asked ME for Standards Check support went on to achieve 51/51! How amazing is that? Tri-Coaching is a great company, with people that care and are doing their best to change our industry for the better. Their dream is coming true... long may it continue. Thanks you Linda

My Certificate for my BTEC 4 in Coaching and Driver Development course arrived today. As I finished the final part of the course I was offered an excellent management level fleet training role. The course has helped me with my ability to build rapport, listen and talk to those both below and above me. Being able to build rapport and find the best way to discus faults with full licence holders by using effective feedback. The course course itself has not only helped me as a driver trainer but also being in a management position. I cannot thank Susan McCormack and Graham Hooper for sharing their invaluable experience and knowledge. I highly recommend the course.

Completed the train the trainer course in Warrington over the last 2 days. I have to say I was a little apprehensive and confused as to how the TCIT worked. But believe me when I say it's a fantastic, informative and all together refreshing course. Meeting like minded trainers and sharing experiences was invaluable. Our trainers for the course we're Susan McCormack and Diane Diamond. What these two ladies and infact Tri coaching don't know about the driving industry and the most up to date training techniques is absolutely not worth knowing. Worth every single penny. If you're considering going into instructor training or just want to get up to speed and improve your skills. Then these guys are second to none. Thank you Tri coaching......for waking me up!

The Tri Coaching Partnership offer extraordinary products that I have had the pleasure of trying for myself, most notably the BTEC 4 where I attended for 2 days. Their courses are not about a boxing ticking exercise but put you in a position where you can self assess and for me this is the beauty of what they have achieve. Indeed I have additionally witnessed the progress made by my clients attending the TCP courses and have seen the overall benefits.

Graham and Sue are the best in the business! I’ve done all there courses and it’s got me to where I am today, confident on my standard check and now going to promote my tcit course and do instructor training , can’t thank them enough .

Best training ever I had. Level 4 in coaching was a magical self journey for me to know myself better. Realising my abilities to know how to help others specially learners while think and be positive. I was the hardest student Sue and Graham had to convince and deal with, because I asked them every single negative questions to convince them that they were wrong, not me, but logical explanation made sense and I converted to coach instead�. Thank you for not giving up on me while I was swimming against the water.���

I’ve done 3 courses with Tri Coaching and can’t recommennd them highly enough. The courses are inspiring, research based,good fun and motivate you to be the best that you can be. My Driving Instructing business is thriving and I don’t think I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for their courses and the support you get from all the trainers.

If looking for an excellent training package with value for money look no further.... I personally have never looked back.

I initially sat the Btec 4 in coaching for driver development in 2013 but as a result of setting up my own company I didn't manage to finish module 3&4 assignments. I finally managed to return to the modules and assignments this year and have resat the classroom days and plan to complete the assignments and gain a qualification I'll be very proud of. As for the course itself, I'd previously done two other very good coaching courses prior to starting the Btec with Tri Coaching and have been coaching learners since 2011. The Btec 4 is the most in depth course on coaching by far. Coming back and re sitting the modules I found even more content in there than I realised first time around. I learned new things and improved all aspects. In addition the course is fun throughout and very interesting and relevant to the requirements of the industry. Do it !!