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Tri-Coaching Partnership

I did the Btec 4 with Tri then sat one of the very first Standards checks. I did a normal lesson and got 49/51. Excellent training!

I did my training for my standards check with Neil Wightman...helped me get an A grade. Recommended!!!

Thanks to Kev for the in car training session today, I was quite apprehensive beforehand as I'm really not comfortable with role-play at all, but Kev was really good and I enjoyed the day.

I really cannot speak highly enough of the Tri-Coaching Partnership courses. From the very first day of my BTEC4 course it was a whole new world opening for me. I now feel that the work I do has far more purpose and is so much more than just teaching people to drive. I'm sure coaching or Client Centered Learning is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me coaching skills are now the most powerful weapons in my armoury. The courses that Tri-Coaching Partnership deliver are among the best and most influential courses I have ever been on.

Tri Coaching are a credit to the industry because they have actually done something to benefit it. How many can say that? They have transformed my passion for driver training especially after 25 years in the industry. Since completing the BTEC Level 4 my outlook has totally changed. Client Centred Learning is the best thing to happen to this industry, it can be used effectively in a class room environment, fleet training, police training, instructor training and learner driving. After the BTEC I decided to continue my development and completed a degree in Coaching and Driver Education. I couldn't thank them enough...........................

I would give this partnership 6 stars and an A+ and follow them ANYWHERE !!!!!!!! 1 problem I am terribly shy !! Liz xx

I started my journey with Tri Coaching in January this year and have had the best working year ever. I'm in the process of completing my BTEC level 4, investing in one of these courses is the best investment you will ever make in your business. I t has changed my outlook on how to get the very best from me and my students and this being almost the end of the year I can say that I have successfully helped 63 to pass a driving test and there is not one of them I would not like to meet on the road as I know they can all think for themselves!! Thank you very much Susan McCormick and Graham Hooper it is a great journey I am travelling.

For me the course helped me raise my game in driver training and helped me develope my coaching skills my students like the way I train them and I will always try to continue to develope the skills I learnt and thanks to the Tri-coaching team I feel more confident for the future.

Tri coaching is an amazing life changing experience which will enhance your personal life and your professional life 100%. You cannot afford not to get involved it really is that good Go on give it a go - I did so I'm speaking to you from experience