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Tri-Coaching Partnership


I've just completed all 4 modules for the BTEC4. A thoroughly enjoyable course, that really delves into some thought provoking techniques. I signed up for the course to become better at the job I already do, but I've gained so much more. This course has opened up other avenues for me, not just within the industry but in other places too. Kev and Fiona could not have been better trainers, we've not only been delivered a brilliant course through their experiences but we've gained friends who we can turn too in an industry that can sometimes be lonely! Excellent job guys 👍😊

Presentation Skills

When I registered for this course I really didn't know what to expect, I'm not sure anybody did. I was probably expecting to be told about how to set a room up, how to stand, how to deliver and how to prepare. I was not disappointed, it was all those things. HOWEVER, there was so much more. In typical Tri-Coaching style, we were ambushed and pushed out of our comfort zones (but in an absolutely non-judgemental way). For me, Susan and Graham, supported by Sarah (Di was in the fire-pit with us this time) encouraged and supported me to try things I wanted to do but did not feel at all confident doing. Also, encouragement from the other trainers present, many of whom have a lot more experience presenting than I do, helped to ease the nerves. As always with TCP courses, I came away feeling enlightened, excited and more prepared to face the different challenge of presentation. On reflection, I know there is still a long way for me to go on a personal basis, but I also know that the help, support and advice is there from my peers and from the Tri-Coaching team. I think if I had to describe my experience and what I got from this course in presentation skills (and all other TCP courses) I would say 'always moving forward'.


Excellent couple of days definitely come away with new skills and a clearer understanding of what i wanted from the course, this was achieved thanks to Lee.


If you have a ORDIT assessment coming up or in the future, you will find the ORDIT Workshop offered by Tri Coaching a invaluable insight into how the changes are different to what you were assessed on before. It's relaxed but extremely informative and gives you the confidence to deliver a great assessment but also how you can adapt your current training. I left feeling that I had all the information I needed to prepare for my assessment and also the confidence to deliver even better training to my PDIs. Thank you, Susan McCormack and Graham Hooper, for the day and continued support after the event. Fantastic training as always. Kev Field


Last week I attended the Accelerate Course at Dorchester held by Julie Mansley. It was great! As always Julie made it fun and made everyone feel relaxed. Role play is not my favourite thing but Julie is great with you. More tools now to help as an ADI that will make our job just a bit better. Many thanks Julie and Tri Coaching.

Since being a part of the Trip-Coaching Partnership, both in my personal and my professional life, things have changed significantly for the better. Whilst increasing my scope of earnings potential I have also been able to develop as a person and become able to help those close to me within my family. Tri-Coaching help when you need it but also allow you the freedom to develop for yourself. They're a truly great team of professionals that understand that by putting their customers needs first, they learn more and therefore develop better as an organisation.

On both a personal and business level, my life has been transformed by the Tri-Coaching Partnership. Not just by those that run the company, although are a major force within it, but also my great colleagues that have been going through this great positive cycle of change that both me and my colleagues have experienced. Thank you Tri-Coaching for all the help and support.

Train the Trainer

I have just completed the Train the trainer course in Middlesbrough. I would just like to thank Graham and Lee for delivering a very well structured and informative 2 day course in a very relaxed environment in classroom and in the car. It was also great to be in the company of likeminded enthusiastic Adi,s. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking a step into Instructor training.

aCCeLerate 2 day course

I have just spent the last two days on the aCCeLerate course with Julie Mansley. If you are new to coaching, this is an eye opener to a new way of life as a driving instructor! Julie is simply the most amazing trainer and I cannot recommend her enough. She is SO motivational and clearly loves and believes in what she is doing/teaching. Our small group was ideal. Filled with lovely, like minded and willing to learn professionals. Our journey together and the help that we shared during these two days, I hope will mean that we keep in touch. The course has left me wanting to lean more. I feel that this is just the start of the possibility ahead with further training. Thank you to Tri-coaching for an excellent product and a huge thank you to Julie for making it entertaining and so enjoyable.

Presentation Skills - Coaching Excellence in Business

Mind is awash with possibilities that these 2 days have opened up. Another fantastic course from TCP....seems to be a common theme :)

Thanks Susan, Graham, Sara & Diane for a fab couple of days and all attendees for making it such a blast!

Love you guys

Presentation Skills - Coaching Excellence in Business

Thank you to Sara, Sue, Di and Graham for a great presentation skills course.

As you would expect from the Tri-Coaching team, it was fun, educational, useful but furthermore also helped each of us present to develop, not only skills but personal insights about ourselves and what we are able to achieve.

A really great and worthwhile experience.

Tony Phillips

aCCeLerate 2 day course in coaching and CCL

I’ve just completed a two day coaching course with Terry. Quite simply it was brilliant. I loved every minute. Training was delivered in a relaxed & fun way, and Terry really knows his stuff. I can’t recommend the course or Terry highly enough. Brilliant!

aCCeLerate 2 day course in coaching and CCL

The aCCeLerate training course with Terry was fantastic.
The two days covered lots of new areas which I can now implement into my driving lessons, and give them much more focus for my pupils. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun and conducive to a great learning environment. Cant recommended this course enough.

Thanks again Terry.

TCIT & Route 51

I cannot recommend both the Tri- Coaching Instructor Training (TCIT) and the Route 51 courses highly enough. First off, the course materials are clear, well laid out and really well structured. These really helped me to develop and achieve my new career goal as an ADI. They are on my desk from time to time ongoing as a reference that I have found immensely helpful in keeping my pupil lessons focussed. I want to further add that Graham Hooper has been a major factor in supporting me to achieve my goal. With his encouragement, candour and humour, he has been instrumental in successfully giving me great career. CPD is key in this industry I believe, so I will be further utilising Tri Coaching Partnership's services in future.

What can I say? Having arranged for a Tri-Coaching Trainer (Terry Lefteri) to deliver a Standards Check workshop to my team of instructors and other local ADIs,I,and my wife Maria immediately signed up for the BTEC4 Course and can't wait to get started. Thanks guys!

Train the Trainer

Do this course! You’ll get far more out of it than just learning about ADI training. I am now wishing I’d done it long ago!

Train the trainer

First class course 5 stars rating from me

I would like to say a huge thank you to Graham and Susan for delivering the BTEC Level 4 course. It has been a huge help to my business and the way in which I deliver my training. I would highly recommend the course to any instructor who wishes to move with the times and wanting to improve their coaching skills.