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Crystal Williams Massage

13700 Reimer Drive #240
Maple Grove MN , 55311

You kept me sane today!

Crystal - The shoulder tape/ Massage has saved my day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   It’s still lingering but the tape has kept it under control,  You are awesome!

Crystal is very knowledgeable

Crystal is very knowledgeable When she started to apply technique s I never heard of I didn't know what to expect. I soon (next day)was moving with a lot less pain. Thank you Crystal! I appreciate what you do

Outstanding care and service

Outstanding care and service! I have experienced healing and gained more knowledge since beginning care with Crystal. As a local chiropractor, I value having a trusted therapist who is knowledgeable, passionate, and excellent at the work she does -- highly recommend!

Crystal is amazing

Crystal is amazing at what she does! She knows the body like no other and always gets me feeling my best.

Best place to go to for massage.

Crystal is extremely good at what she does and is very knowledgeable. I beat my body up quite a bit and when I'm having a lot of tension and muscular pains Crystal is able to help me realize what they are stemming from. Being a personal trainer myself, I enjoy being able to talk through and fully understand what is going on with my muscles and Crystal does a phenomenal job at that. Best place to go to for massage.

She has helped me through a shoulder injury.

Crystal is amazing! She has helped me through a shoulder injury and taught me techniques I can do at home. She really cares about what she does and trigger point does make a huge difference. Definitely recommend Crystal!!

She has great knowledge of the body.

Cyrstal is an amazing therapist. She has great techniques, knowledge of the body, and personality. I've had the pleasure of working along side her as well as getting serious relief from her trigger point therapy. I'm a year round cyclist so legs hips glutes and my lower back get pretty tight peddling all day. So when I do actually need serious relief she's who I see to get back on track again.

My shoulder results are fantastic!

My body takes a pretty good beating after working in the kitchen. It's great to come in and get those nasty knots out if my joints and other areas. I've been working with Crystal for several weeks to get some more range with my shoulder too and the results are fantastic!

She works with the avid athlete and the weekend warrior

Crystal is incredible at what she does. With her vast knowledge and background she is especially equipped to work with the avid athlete to the weekend warrior and beyond. I wish I had found her sooner!

I am finally on the road to recovery.

I am so glad I found Crystal. After several years of should issues including a surgery, I am finally on the road to recovery. Crystal is wonderful at customizing each session for maximum benefit, and is constantly in education mode. In addition to massage, Crystal spent time reviewing things I could do at home to help with recovery, and was great about showing proper form for various exercises I was interested in. Thanks, Crystal!

She finds the source of the pain.

Crystal is very talented, knowledgeable. She finds the source of the pain and takes care of it. Went in with tennis elbow- came out pain free. Plus you get a little bit of regular massage in there too :)

She has helped relieve my headaches.

Crystal is amazing. She really makes you feel confident that you are in good hands. I’ve been going to Crystal for about 6 months now, and she has helped me relieve headaches, and upper back and neck pain. I would recommend Crystal to anyone!

She keeps me preforming at a top level in cycling competition

Ms. Williams massage, trigger point and deep tissue work is what keeps me preforming at a top level in cycling competition. Her knowledge of muscle skeletal function is what brings me quick relief and ready for my next event

Greater range of motion and lower pain levels.

I was somewhat skeptical of the trigger point therapy at first, but after experiencing a much greater range of motion and lower pain levels, I am convinced that it works. After decades of varying degrees of shoulder pain, I finally had more than a week of no pain. None. Crystal customizes each session to account for the clients needs, and continues to educate herself in new or better methods. I find Crystal to be very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely concerned for my health. As an example; Crystal encourages feedback and two way communication so that your time can be used most effectively. After spending hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars seeking any relief, I am happy to drive an hour each way simply knowing that I am working with one of the best, if not the best therapist in the state at the very least. Thanks Crystal! You are amazing!!

Healed after one treatment.

I had been dealing with some pretty severe foot pain for over a year. I had gone to my regular doctor and had no success, I also bought several kinds of shoes hoping to find a resolution. Nothing seemed to work, I met Crystal and then later set an appointment with her. After 1 treatment I was healed it has been over 6 months of being pain free. Crystal is great at what she does and I would recommend to anyone dealing with those aches and pains! I work as a mechanic so my body takes a beating, I'm glad to have Crystal as a source for some pain relief in the future!!!

I saw Crystal once and the pain hasn't come back

Crystal is a wonderful healer. Her style of massage is unique and effective. I am an accident victim. In fact, two accidents in one year. These mishaps had left my upper back and low back in rough shape. I was going to the massage therapist and the chiropractor regularly when I met Crystal. I had reoccurring pain shooting down my leg when I drove. I saw Crystal once and it hasn't come back. I guess you could call that success? I sure do. Crystal has a wonderful personality too, makes you feel comfortable and explains the whole process of trigger point so that there are no surprises. She also freely gives you tips on self-care as well to help self treat your pain without her. Thanks Crystal!

Crystal is the only massage therapist I'll see.

Crystal is the only massage therapist I'll see because she's simply the BEST! She's knowledgeable, skilled, and really listens to what you need out of your appointment! Whether its relaxation, or to relieve tension, or to work out sore muscles from working out, etc she makes sure to address whatever concerns you bring up at your appointments! She's very professional and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! I'd recommend her to everyone I know!!!

She is the best in her field!

I started seeing Crystal for trigger therapy and massage four months ago.  I have suffered with severe back pain a result of a fall on ice four years ago. I have severe osteoporosis so am not able to have back surgery.  With Crystal’s excellent knowledge, compassion and firm touch, I can say that I feel so much better!  There is no doubt that she is the best in her field!