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I've been using the Protein to make my morning shakes and after years of trying different products I can say this one ranks TOP 3 in my favorite list. It has amazing flavor which blends great with fruits or greens, it doesn't have any add-ons and great quality protein. Have seen great lean muscle mass results while supplementing with it on my diet.

Protein Taste Amazing!

Probably one of the best tasting protein shakes I ever had! Feels like im cheating on my diet sometimes :-0

Energy For The Gym After Work

Like how shred fat burner gives me the energy to hit the gym after a long day at work! Best fat burner ever!

Got Toned For My Acting Gig!!!

Love the energy and being able to still build lean muscle while cutting weight for my act in california, Shred is freaking awesome!

Lost 30lbs In A Few Months! Thank You Team Ultimatum!

I got with one of the ultimatum athletes to try the shred new fat burner. After working out with him for a few months I lost over 30lbs and changed my lifestyle! Thank you for the shoutout!