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Emma loves Undertonefitness

This is an incredible program. The timer in the app is super. Brad has been extremely helpful and encouraging. The communication has helped me to keep me accountable which works WAY better than a gym and a personal trainer in a gym.

I started working out ‍ with Undertone Fitness 2 months ago and I am seeing big improvement, my body has changed a lot. I am very happy for this new experience and I can’t wait to do more and reach my goal Thank you UnderTone Fitness!!

Working out can be intimidating, but Brad has the ability to bring out the best in you! He motivates, encourages and celebrates your goals and successes! He is a great example of what I think a trainer should be!!

Feeling motivated to go to the gym was always something I struggled with, but Brad is very encouraging and has helped me feel excited about achieving my goals! I now look forward to exercising and have a positive outlook on fitness. Brad is always very professional and has helped me see that my goals are attainable.

Brad at UnderTone Fitness is so knowledgeable and encouraging. He truly cares about his clients. He really tailors the workouts around my goals and fitness level and is an expert at nutrition. Brad knows how to make you feel like family. He is modivating and always available to inspire and answer my questions. I lost 20lbs and 12% body fat in just a few months and have continued to train with Brad for over 3 years now. Highly recommend!!

I have been working out with Brad 1:1 for almost a year. He is such a great trainer! He really listens to your goals and comes up with the fitness plan to get you there! I have gotten so much stronger over the last year, and it’s all due to my customized training plan. He is also extremely encouraging and supportive while you’re working out, too. He is really good at what he does, and he makes it fun and constantly changes it up and challenges me.