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Sana is an impressive and extremely knowledgeable tutor. Sana is very capable in her ability to communicate and has been very helpful in explaining accounting content making the concepts that I initially found difficult so simple as she explained the topics in a clear and concise manner. Her teaching methods perfectly suited my needs. Sana was extremely supportive and offered valuable guidance with regards to my revision and helped me feel more confident in my exam. Also, her availability was great and she has simply been of great assistance. An excellent tutor and I would recommend Sana to everyone!

Thank you!

Sana is a very helpful tutor, very patient, and kind. She really cares to ensure you understand what it is you were taught, she takes time to really explain things you might be unsure of. I really love her tutoring style, its one of a kind and i am so happy that I have found her! Highly, highly recommended. Thank you for all your help and support Sana xx

Business and Economics Foundation Studies

Sana helped me to prepare for two exams (Business and Economics on Foundation course) just in a week. With her help I improved my final grades from C to B in Business and from B to A in Economics. I want to draw your attention that it was only a week of sessions with her. And you can see how effective it was. We had one to one sessions as well as online ones. Both options were equally convenient. Sana really cares about how well you understood the topic and how you are doing after sessions with her. I would recommend Sana to anybody.