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Solid product

I was worried about waking up my roommate since I get up early to workout. The silent alarm was the best solution. Not once have I woken her up :)

Better than anything I have tried

for a while I was using my Fitbit for a silent alarm but then I would get frustrated when it would die the next day. I like wearing it everyday but pretty much have to charge it everyday or two. This works well as my silent alarm and then I can charge my Fitbit a night. This product has worked well for me.

No Roommate but still nice to have

Even though I don't have a roommate I love wearing the earplugs to block out all the idiots being obnoxiously loud in the hallways late at night. Especially weekend nights everyone comes back from the bars late and used to wake me up without fail around 2am. So I just pop the earplugs in and don't have to worry about not hearing my alarm. I feel it every everytime.

Easily the best product I have bought for under $100

The silent alarm is by no means better than an Apple Watch but for the money it works extremely well. Does everything I need it to do and you can't beat the price. A+ product for the price!

Exceeds Expectations

Moving into my dorm and getting paired with a random roommate had me a little worried I would piss him off somehow. My roommate is a 6 foot 5 monster who I really did not want to piss off... I get up at 6am for ROTC and it would be kinda ridiculous if I woke him up everyday but this product really solves the problem. So far he hasn't clobbered me so I think we are in good shape. The product itself does what it says it will. Never has it ever failed me. Strong vibration and long battery life.

Happy Roommate Now (annoying roommate though)

My roommate was actually kinda pissed at me when my alarm would wake her up. I kinda thought she was being a bit of a pain in the A but came across this and figured I would get it just to shut her up. No complaints from her since lol. But in all honesty this works well and its kind of nice to wake up without the anxiety of my loud phone going off and my loud mouth roommate getting mad. Hopefully she doesn't read this haha

Best purchase this year

I love the silent alarm. I didn't really realize how much sleep I would save. Long days of classes aren't as bad when I don't completely crash at 3pm. Not sure how much my GPA has gone up but it definitely made a huge difference. it almost feels like cheating when I am well rested and alert in class when everyone else it tired and zoned out. I'll take the advantage over all of them any day of the week.

I like it

after my roommate expressed concern about me getting up early I gave this a try. It has worked well! now this semester he actually gets up earlier than me so he got one and Its kinda nice to not hear his iPhone alarm blasting in my ear every morning. Great solution for sleeping in the same room as others. 

Works for us

My roommate and I have opposite schedules. MWF I am up early for class and TTR she is up early. We both have the silent alarms and literally never wake each other up.  If we were using our iPhone alarms it would be a different story. Well worth the money for us. Highly recommend! 


Honestly the best money spent. One day of sleeping in and not being woken up by my roommate or people outside would justify the price for me. But the fact that its everyday makes it so worth it. Have to say this was a no brainer for me. Thanks!

Quality product

Product works great. Does everything I need it to do. At first I couldn't figure out how to charge it but then I figured out you need to remove the device from the band and plug into a USB port. Other than not knowing how to do that it has been a solid device. Vibration is really strong. Good price.

Works well

I wasn't sure if this would work well for me but for the price I figured I would give it a try. To my surprise the product has worked really well for me. 100% I would recommend! My roommate also got one and the symphony of us getting up at different times on different days to reflect our class schedule is awesome. I love the fact that I can sleep in on Fridays when I don't have class even though my roommate gets up early for her 8am class. 

Love it

I am happy with my purchase. I was a little skeptical considering the price point. I am always a little cautions when ordering online but this turned out to be legit. My parents even got one so they wouldn't wake each other up lol.

Might buy another one for my roommate

the alarm works really well for me. Helps me block out everything and still wake up on time. Sometime I still hear my roommates loud alarm over the earplugs. Most of the time I don't have I am considering getting him one of his own to avoid the 10% of days I still hear his go off. 

Nice to have

It's definitely nice to have especially in an all guys residence hall. I am all about being loud with the boys late at night but not when I have an early exam the next day. Being able to block it all out with the ear plugs and still have confidence that the vibration will wake me up is sweet. Great product for me.

Yes to this

Must say that I am very pleased with this. Not sure how I would get through semester without this. Really works well for me. highly recommend to anyone with a roommate.

Well worth the money

Overall I have been satisfied with my alarm. At first it took me a little bit to set it up with the app but that was probably because I have an android. After getting it set up it has worked really well. The device vibrates a lot stronger than I expected. I wasn't sure if I would sleep through it but so far it has woken me up every time. Definitely nice to start the day without being woken up by my obnoxious iPhone alarm.

Nicely done

I do like the product. I wasn't sure if it would work for me but it absolutely does. Could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you!