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Blawnox Custom Upholstery

388 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh PA , 15238

The chair pads were removed by employees as well as a broken chair and taken to the shop.

Miranda spent the time with me to chose a stock fabric at an excellent price. The finished pads were delivered and installed this past weekend. I am very satisfied with the custom work, it is obvious they take the time to align the patterns which is not always the case. The new foam is comfortable and fits the chair seats perfectly. I am so happy with the results and would not hesitate to use this business again and again.'Also, the the delivery personnel were punctual and very pleasant to work with.
Description of work:
The chair pads were removed by employees as well as a broken chair and taken to the shop. They were all recovered and new foam installed.

Restored to life the seat and back cushions of a sagging, droopy loveseat by removing the existing fluffy cottonball stuffing with FIRM (REALLY FIRM!) innards

The company immediately responded to my email for help. When I went to the establishment for more information, they clearly explained exactly what they would be able to do and showed me the materials with which they'd complete the work. The loveseat was returned to me within one week's time and looks fantastic. Even more satisfying, it 'sits' better than it did when it was brand new. I'm no longer embarrassed to have it in my home. This was not inexpensive but definitely worth the cost. The sofa in another room now knows it's reached its last days in its current condition.

They made twelve replacement cushions for two couches.

Great fabric selection, quality work, reasonable cost, completed in less than three weeks.

The process was fully transparent,

The process was fully transparent, and I was invited to participate in all stages of the design and completion process.
Description of work:
I was in need of a signature piece of furniture for our daughter's new room. Miranda helped me design a chaise that would continue to delight through the elementary school years. It is a truly custom piece, that is nothing short of spectacular. During the design process, Miranda called us to ensure that we were pleased with the various elements of the piece. She noted that she was unhappy with an aliment, and suggested that we alter the design slightly. It turned out even more beautifully than I could have imagined. Miranda and her team are now working one several other pieces of furniture for our home. We cannot say enough about the professionalism, and attention to detail of everyone involved at Blawnox Upholstery.

5 piece sectional couch completely re-stuffed and re-upholstered.

First did email exchanges with me sending pictures of sectional. Got an estimate. I waited a year and job had to be re-estimated. (price did increase slightly) Visited shop and owners were so helpful and work looked great. Advised us on materials. We said "Do it!". They did a magnificent job and quickly! Great delivery guys too.
Description of work:
5 piece sectional couch completely re-stuffed and re-upholstered. Plus added leg 'locking' devices that keep the separate chair pieces from moving apart.

Had 2 couches and 2 love seats re-upholstered.

Blawnox Upholstery went above and beyond in exceeding our expectations.
The fabric choices were hung neatly in a very well lit and extremely clean showroom.
It took hours to view the wide selection of fabric choices availabe.
The owners are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional.
They guided us through the selections process making sure that we chose a fabric that
would wear well and would be good for our furniture.
We were able to pick our cushion firmness and view our furniture before it was delivered to our home.
Our couch had tufting and buttons on the back. The work to reupholster this was phenominal.
Truly a work of art!
Our dining room chairs were reupholstered and the cushion and piping were perfectly done.
Our family room furniture had wood sides and was returned in excellent condition.
Each day that we look at our completed pieces reaffirm that we made the right choice in having our furniture
reupholstered by Blawnox Upholstery instead of buying new.
Description of work:
I had 2 couches and 2 love seats re-upholstered.

They recovered a window bench seat for us.

If there was something that was not done the way I wanted it, they redid it, at no extra charge. It was perfect!

I had the foam replaced in four sofa cushions

I took in four sofa cushions to have the foam cushioning repaired (upholstery still in good shape). I found the owner to be helpful, pleasant to talk with, and professional. The work was done on time, and I can't believe how much better my sofa feels with new cushions. it's like having a completely new sofa -- maybe even better, because I think the quality of the replacement exceeds that of the original foam. I will definitely use them again and will refer my friends.
Description of work:
I had the foam replaced in four sofa cushions. I called in advance, but did not need an appointment for what I was having done. I dropped off the cushions at their store and picked them up when they were finished.

They reupholstered two Conant Ball chairs and a George Nelson daybed.

They were fast, professional, and friendly. Very nice people to do business with and their work was excellent. The chairs look great and the daybed is even nicer than original.

Re-upholstering a couch.

I emailed the company and they got right back to me and offered to quote me a price if I provided pictures. I sent them that same evening and within a day I had a quote that was an excellent price. When I am ready to have the couch re-uphostered, I will certainly be using them.

They reupholstered a couch, and three chairs.

I was very pleased, I would recommend them to anybody.
Description of work:
They reupholstered a couch, and three chairs.

Reupholster 6 DR chairs, 2 barrel chairs, a chaise lounge and a small bench using fabrics I supplied.

I inherited some wonderful pieces of furniture from my parents that really needed to be updated. The fabric was ordered through a decorator I used in Florida. After viewing the positive comments from satisfied clients and viewing the photo's on their website, I called and arranged the work to be done by Blawnox. Both Miranda and her husband were wonderful to deal with. On pickup day they were very punctual and took very good care of the items to be reupholstered. About 2 weeks later, much sooner than promised, they delivered the completed pieces. I was speechless! The work they did was exquisite. The two barrel chairs matched perfectly and the piping was very well done. The print on the chaise lounge was also placed perfectly and the piping, again, was perfect. The same for all the dining room chairs and bench. Photo's of some of the work they completed for me are posted on the website. See for yourself. Their work is so well done that giving them just an A doesn't do them justice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

They repaired my antique mahogany dining room furniture and other miscellaneous antique items.

Overall their services were excellent. The upolstery company was very communicative. They kept us updated on the status of our projects. They were very accommodating.

I used Blawnox Upholstery to reupholster a chair.

They were on time. The quality of their work was good, and the work went as expected. Nothing really stood out, though.

had a couch custom made and upholstered along with 4 throw pillows.

They were very helpful from the begining. I went in several times to look at fabrics before placing my order. They were alwys very helpful and helped point me towards fabrics that would wear well and match the look I wanted. Once the couch was delivered, I decided I wanted down cushions instead of foam, so they were able to make new inserts for me. I will be going back to have 2 chairs re-upholstered. They were great to deal with and very accomodating.

I had my 108 inch sofa, two end chairs, 6 dining room chairs upholstered.

I brought very high end material samples that I had originally selected (and loved) for another upholsterer to redo my furniture but I had decided not too go with him after it took him an entire year to finish two chairs from my father's estate. I showed the fabric to Miranda and fortunately they had the same sample books in their show room that I had chosen the fabric from. I placed the order and the furniture was picked up from my home in a week. Less than 3 weeks later it was returned and was absolutely beautiful. The furniture was placed where it belonged and looked like it had alway lived in my house! My parents had stored two children's rockers in their basement for the day that my sons had children. After 30 years, I had forgotten that they even existed but in cleaning out my father's house after his death I found them and took them to Miranda to see if they could be salvaged. She helped me choose an animal print and in 2 weeks I picked up the most precious chairs. When I gave them to my daught-in-law I suggested that she put them away until the twins could use them. She took them home and immediately put them in thier play room because she liked them so much.
Description of work:
I had my 108 inch sofa, two end chairs, 6 dining room chairs upholstered. The dining room chairs were also covered in clear plastic.They also made 7 decorator pillows from the same materials that I had chosen that complemented the different pieces. Several weeks later, I had two children's rockers re-upholstered for my new twin granddaughters.

The price was extremely reasonable.

The price was extremely reasonable. The work was great and the folks are great too. We would go back and recommend them.
Description of work:
We have a couch that is all cushions on a wooden frame and the fabric on all of the cushions had worn out. The folks at Blawnox, and particularly Miranda, were extremely patient as we searched through fabrics trying to find just the right one. She worked vary hard to help and provided really helpful advice about care and durability. When we finally made our choice they finished the cushions quickly (even in the midst of "Snowmageddon") and the cushions are like new.

They re-upholstered to wingback chairs for me. They also re-did the dining room chair for me.

I got him from Angie's List and he was excellent. They came out to give me the estimate because I could not take the chairs to them. They gave me a price for the labor because I had picked up materials from another company which did not bother him in the least. They were able to finish the work in a very short period of time and I was not ready for the chairs to come back yet, so, they kept them in the showroom window and a lot of people wanted to buy them. It really turned out be very beautiful. They could not match the fabric exactly for the dining room chair, but, it is so close that if they had not told me, I would not have noticed.