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Usmle Sarthi

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Friend, Philosopher and Guide - Usmle Sarthi team !

The path to residency, in my opinion, has many roads and routes leading to one common destination. Along with immense dedication and perseverance, treading this journey requires timely professional support, guidance and feedback. I was lucky to get all of this after coming in contact with the USMLE sarthi team. How I wish I had contacted them way early in my journey, but nevertheless the entire team welcomed me even though I reached out to them at the near end - just before I gathered my final pieces together. While completing the USMLE steps is a feat in itself, putting together a well-structured ERAS Application and Personal Statement holds its own importance. I can confidently say that without the live interactive classes conducted by the experienced Sarthi team members which walk you through every step of this process, and the feedback given by professional journalists and physicians, this task would have been much more difficult to accomplish. The main highlight, according to me, is the USMLE sarthi closed WhatsApp group where current residents (who have recently been through the process) and experienced physicians provide their help and opinion 24/7. Every question of mine was answered and every concern, addressed. The fact that interview prep begins very early and even mock interviews are conducted much before the IV season is in full swing adds the advantage of being prepared even if an invite comes very early in the season. The Sarthi team, especially Pawan played a crucial role in helping me make the difficult decision of accepting a pre match offer vs proceeding for the match. I would like to thank the entire Sarthi team for their efforts I hope many more candidates would benefit from their expertise.

USMLESarthi journey

I have been witnessing how eagerly USMLESarthi helps out residency applicants, especially IMGs during the match season as well as during the preparation phase for USMLE Step exams. They have got abundant free resources like blogs, youtube videos as well as paid courses. I had this deep urge to work with them and help out my fellow students, which led to the start of my journey with USMLESarthi as a campus ambassador. I am learning a lot of new thing and strongly feel that USMLESarthi is a one-stop solution for every IMG's match related difficulties.

The right guidance through this tedious USMLE journey

It was March 2017, I had just gone unmatched. I was contemplating an end to my USMLE journey and my desire of doing a residency in USA. It was then that Pawan and his Sarthi team came into picture. The team acted as a much needed reality check and a road map towards achieving my career goals. From drafting my application to polishing my interview skills. It was the right guidance, by the right people at the right time. My two cents, this is the perfect GPS for your residency goals. Thank you so much Pawan!

A true mirror

Pawan and team were efficiently able to bring out positive elements in my academic profile. They not only help me build my profile but also helped me make it presentable. One on one discussions with Pawan during which he provided a thorough objective assessment and plan, helped me stay right on track. Constructive criticism is an essential need in pulling through this rigorous journey. Sarthi team always had an honest feedback regardless. The best thing I liked about Team Sarthi is that they deliver what they promise. With them, what you are seeing is you what are getting.

Review of USMLESarthi Residency Match services

As I reflect back, last year was crazy. I was applying for the match again after not being successful the first time. Confused and in self-doubt of my abilities, I called up Pawan and asked for a candid review. He told me I had more than 90% chance of matching and he backed it up by statistics. It gave me a sudden bump of confidence to press on.
Sarthi plan guided me across the finish line and I truly realized how much I had been missing in my application in previous year. It's the small differences that matter. Not only did I land very high number of interviews, I was able to match at place of my choice.
The interviewing panel is a mix of youth and experience. Some are top gamers in the field and some have just started the residency and they really point out weakness and help you cover. My plan had the option to write my potential interview answers and get them reviewed. I was doing an observership at that time and had my actual interview and mock scheduled very close. Sarthi team reviewed my content which initially was very poor in terms of answers and even though they have alot of people enrolled, worked with me round the clock to really make it look unique and genuine so I have everything fixed before my first big interview.
I'm grateful to the team and it's totally worth it

Superb support through trying times

Everyone of us who has travelled the USMLE journey has tremendous patience and determination. We have all had our highs and lows but we continue to have hope and keep striving. USMLE Sarthi is about this hope. It’s about giving us the courage to better ourselves and overcome every challenge and grow from it.

My Personal Statement and CV received very constructive feedback from them. The best part was that they encourage you to retain your true essence while honing your writing skills and expression. Your essence reflects in the interviews. That honesty is maintained and at the same time they suggest good examples that you can draw out from your life experiences to make a thought provoking piece.

My mock interviews gave me the confidence to face the real interviews and ace them. Dr. Pannala boosted my confidence right at the beginning of the season. He also suggested some places I must improve and I made those changes accordingly. Dr. Shaji is very encouraging and gave me excellent points that I added into my interview matter. They care. They make you believe in yourself and polish your skills so that you can go out and achieve.

Dr. Khera is a wonderful mentor who is always present. I had multiple discussions with him where he gave me excellent advice that always worked for me. He and his entire team is very committed and I am really glad and grateful to them for supporting me through trying times to finally achieve our success.

Warm regards,

Thanks to the USMLESarthi team for Residency Match

I joined USMLE Sarthi around July last year.Thanks to Dr. Nandita and Matt for helping me effectively write my CV and PS. Pavan was always available to answer any doubts I had,the Whatsapp group was a tremendous support during the whole season.Overall thanks to the whole team for your guidance,timely tips and tricks.

Amazing CS Prep

I went through USMLE Sarthi for CS prep because I didnt really know what to expect. I did read through the format in first aid and on the USMLE website but because I am an IMG, I didnt want to make any mistakes on the format/protocol. All of the teachers were so hands on, and Ravali our mentor was constantly giving us feedback and helped us tremendously with our patient notes. I definitely felt more confident knowing that I had some practice under my belt and was sure of how everything was meant to go. There was nothing unexpected. Thank you USMLE sarthi!

Helping hands for dream residency in the US

The journey to residency is very difficult without a mentor, one who will guide you in every small or big decisions on the way. I am happy I took the big step of trusting Sarthi ( I was a bit skeptical at first) and in return I got ample amount of guidance in the form of interview prep, how to build my CV and PS. The WhatsApp group was also really helpful. Thank you Pawan and the team.

Worth it

Joining Sarthi was one of few good decisions I have made in my life . With low scores and not a great cv Pawan and his team gave us really good tips and advice on how to make CV and PS. We all think ours is good but in fact when you have professional people look at it you realize you need lot of changes and that’s where Pawan and his team come in frame . I am glad I joined them and ended up matching in university program with below average scores .
I would say it’s worth the investment as it might just save you another year application fee .

An exceptional guide for the road to Residency!!!

The Saarthi team and the panel of doctors and residents have been very helpful through my journey to residency, I've got to learn many things which I didn't know, without which it would've been difficult to get into residency!!

Usmle sarthi experience

As a foreign medical graduate, things are not always easy in terms of obtaining a residency position in the U.S. You don’t know what information to rely on. Everyone’s journey and experience is also unique and what might have worked for others might not work for you at all. That is why I wanted to resort to a proper mentorship and guidance. I got it in the form of usmle sarthi. From helping me edit my resume to navigating my thought process during my personal statement, I really liked how meticulous they were in delivering what they promised to the students. I had good scores, but I knew that was the not the only thing that would get me interviews. I had to work on my cv, make it worth the program director’s time and I can say without a doubt, taking sarthi’s guidance was actually worth it.
Sarthi won’t spoon feed you and I wasn’t looking for that either, but it would accentuate your own unique aspects of your profile. It would tell you how to put them to use, and that I believe is the best thing sarthi has to offer.
I got a very good number of interviews(even had to cancel a few).I even got a prematch offer from a hospital but declined it.My interview performance improved day by day with the mock interviews I gave. The individualized feedback by my mentor, Dr. Khera was very helpful. She immediately pointed out if my answers were unoriginal or too cliched. I was told during some of my interviews that my answers were original but at the same time very well thought out.Pawan also gave us the opportunity to schedule a one on one session with him so that he could monitor our progress. He patiently listened to all of my concerns I had before and after submission of my application.
In summary, whether you feel lost during this entire match journey or need a little bit of extra push to get yourself that additional edge in creating a stellar cv and impressing the program where you want to end up in, i highly recommend using sarthi’s services. The whatsapp group of sarthi was immensely helpful too, as I had the chance to interact with fellow sarthi members and discuss common questions pertaining to match. In addition, I made some really good friends during this match journey through this group. Match is a very stressful process and it was a relief to know there are other people sharing the same journey. We celebrated each other’s success and supported each other. Now, with the intern year approaching soon, I am incredibly excited to embark on this new journey, a significant portion of which is attributed to Sarthi!

Residency match

Joining USMLE Sarthi team for my residency application is all worth it. The team is always there to answer my queries and doubts. The CV prep and PS editing is excellent as it has helped me avoid some small mistakes that could have hurt my application. They have helped me tremendously and showed me how to strengthen my CV, leverage my gap and how to come out unique from other applicants based on my background. As a first time applicant and with a red flag in my CV, I was not very confident with my application but with USMLE Sarthi team's guidance, I matched. It was a great experienced throughout the season. Thank you USMLE Sarthi!

Residency Match Application

Joining the USMLE Sarthi team is all worth it. The team is always there to answer my queries and doubts. The CV prep and PS editing is excellent as it has helped me avoid some small mistakes that could have hurt my application. The team helped me strengthen my CV and showed me how to leverage my weakness and come out unique as an applicant. Thank you USMLE Sarthi for the guidance and support!

Sarthi experience

Joining Sarthi was the best thing I could have done in my journey. After not getting any interviews during the previous match season, I was clueless and depressed. A teacher suggested that I talk to Pawan. Discussions with him made me feel positive about my prospects. I realized I needed help with the nitty gritty things of the application process. It is a competitive process, so every detail matters and that is what Sarthi helped me with. I was assigned a mentor to review my CV and personal statement. She was extremely helpful and pushed me to bring out my positives through my CV and PS. Then the interview prep helped me relieve the anxiety of it and refined my performance. It is important to not feel overwhelmed during this process because it is very new to us IMGs. When I joined Sarthi I came across people who were going through the same thing as me and that gave me assurance. Come March 2018 I matched to Internal Medicine and that was all thanks to Pawan and his team. I couldn’t feel more grateful.

Great team!

usmle Sarthi has a great team. Pawan khera was very supportive at every step in this journey. Thanks to the team for all your help


I’ve matched for the 2018 Internal Medicine Residency Match. I am an IMG and I had the same set of apprehensions as any other IMG. I had good guidance from friends and mentors throughout my USMLE journey. I’ve appreciated a structured form of guidance and despite all the advice I found myself lost while preparing my Personal Statement (PS) and on how to prepare for interviews.

A friend had suggested USMLE Sarthi. Dr. Pawan Khera has been straightforward from the beginning and had advised me against joining since he felt I had good scores and would get into residency even without Sarthi.

I was constantly shifting places around the application submission deadline and I had a ton of queries regarding the PS, the ERAS application and entire interview process. I wasn’t confident and I went ahead with the platinum sessions offered by Sarthi.

Today, when I look back, a major reason for my confidence during the interview season was USMLE Sarthi.

They guided me through my personal statement, helped me make it original and personalised. They helped me highlight and stress on my positives on my application. I was provided inputs on how to look professional and handle interview questions with ease.

I had the support of Dr. Htun who continuously encouraged me to become a better version of myself for not only the interviews but for residency in the future. She had personally gone through the list of programs I had applied to and gave suggestions. She helped me build a realistic plan and work on my negatives/set backs. While preparing my rank order list towards the end of the season, she made me brainstorm and question myself as to why I wanted each of the programs on my rank order list.

The platinum sessions gave me the chance to have four mock interviews with faculty and current resident physicians. This gave me an opportunity to by assessed by physicians at different stages of medicine. Each mock session, added to my confidence and also helped improve myself further.

Lastly, Dr. Pawan Khera, who patiently dealt with my zillion (some nonsensical) questions at any time of the day and other odd hours. He helped me be sane during the anxiety attacks one goes through during this long and stressful period.

It has been a great experience, since I could interact with the experts in the field as well as other students like me. The Usmle Sarthi whatsapp group has been extremely helpful with the information being shared amongst the students, the encouragement offered to each other and the motivation from hearing stories of people from different backgrounds.

If you are looking for confidence, morale boost, structured guidance during the last and most important impressionable phase of your residency journey then USMLE Sarthi is the place to be. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Dr. Pawan Khera, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Nandita Khera, Dr. Htun, Dr. Pisipati and the entire team for their continuous motivation, guidance and support. My journey wouldn’t have been easy without this team!

Guidance at every step !!!!!

The road to residency in US is long and passing the Usmle exams is just the beginning.Observerships, Hands on, Application, CV, Personal statement, Interviews, Post interview communication , do’s and don’t s are so many....... It’s overwhelming!!! Thanks to USMLE Sarthi for being a torchbearer throughout this journey. The webinars, short videos and itty bitty tips Shared by them have been so helpful. I owe my success to them too.