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Usmle Sarthi- Truly a Sarthi for the residency match!

I am a medical graduate from India with YOG of 6 years and average scores. After going unmatched in 2018, the first and best thing I did was joining USMLE Sarthi. Within the first few talks with Pawan, I could come to a conclusion of what my CV was lacking and how my plans should be. Most of us lack insight on what we are lacking, and we give more focus on what we feel is right and from opinions of a lot of people around us. This is where Sarthi is unique, they don’t just give opinions, they help us to formulate a plan after going through our CV in a detailed way. They point to us what exactly we lack and strategies to overcome those deficiencies. Dr. Shaji, had been an amazing mentor to me. He guided me on how to build a great CV based on my experiences and how to strengthen my clinical experiences within the limitations I had. He also motivated me to come up with case reports which I could present in different conferences. They also helped me in getting a detailed review of PS and CV. Because it is reviewed by both a physician and journalist, the chance of making a mistake almost reduces to nil. Mock interviews with Dr. Shaji, Dr. Pannala and Dr. Mansuri had been insightful. They helped me in coming up with strategies to tackle my weakness and at the same time, enhance my strengths during the interviews. These mock interviews gave me a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. I felt really comfortable and prepared before my interviews. Also, the whatsapp group is a resource where we get expert opinions on anything and everything regarding the residency match. All the panel members especially Dr. Zin Mar Htun, are helpful and responds to your questions in a prompt way.
My heart-felt thanks to Pawan, Dr. Shaji, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Mansuri and all the panel members for their help and support during this wonderful journey to residency.

Best guidance for Pathology Match

Supportive team and interview preparation is the best- Matched in Pediatrics fellowship.

Match at a prematch program

Great course. Learned to do the interview well. I prematched in my 3rd interview. They were also helpful in constructing my personal statement and cv

My journey with USMLEsarthi towards match

I am an old IMG with a gap of more than 10 years after graduation. I applied for the first time, applied a month late, got 15 interviews (internal medicine) and matched to my first choice. USMLESarthi helped me throughout the process and had a big role in helping me achieve my goal. USMLESarthi, through their videos and live sessions, gives you a set of tools. How successful one is during the match process depends upon how effectively one uses these tools. I have mentioned some points which made a difference.
# They set up a strategy session, help you identify and then improve upon your weaknesses, help you polish your personal statement, LORs and ERAS application.
# I derived the most benefit as far as my preparation for interviews is concerned. The thing about interviews is that one doesn’t realize what one is doing wrong until someone points it out. Once one realizes then everything seems very simple. Eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know. Simple things like what NOT to say, or how to say something in a way that highlights your strengths. The mock interviews help to lessen some of the anxiety. I had mine with Chintav Shah who helped out a lot. He was easily accessible to answer any questions that I had.
# Another big plus is that one gets to interact with candidates who have recently matched. They are not the competition and you can trust their advice. There is an opportunity to learn from what they did successfully. Learn from mistakes that others have made instead of making them yourselves.
Match is a difficult and stressful process and USMLESarthi made it easier and less stressful. One advice I can give to all the applicants is to know your profile and set realistic goals. Identify your strengths and highlight them in your personal statement, Eras application and during the interviews. Prepare well and don't leave anything to chance.

IMG with 10 year gap.

I am writing as a matched applicant with a 10-year gap after medical school graduation. From the beginning, I want to tell you that is possible to get matched with a big gap, and I am matched in Internal Medicine residency program. I am also 3 rd year match applicant, 2 years was not successful for me, but at the same time, it was needed to get experience and to build strong application during unmatched years. During the third year, I did not know what is the problem in my application. I did not have anybody who can guide me and edit my mistakes. In January 2018 I started to search for services to edit my PS and somehow I saw Sarthi videos on Youtube and did a deep research regarding team and services. I was really amazed that on Sarthi website was given phone number of Pawan who could help to answer any questions regarding the service. At the beginning of summer, I signed up for Sarthi and not even one day regret of my purchase. First of all the whole team is amazing and build by people who are actually in US residency or doctors who practising medicine in the US which is big PLUS. So they know the whole process and details how successfully match!!!
Big thank you for my mentor Zin, she is amazingly well equipped professional mentor, she helped me a lot to edit my PS, ERAS application. SARTHI Mentors always on chat with you and ready to answer any questions regarding your application.
Also, I would like to thank Dr.Sattar in mock interview preparation, preparation is one of the keys to match in residency. After an interview, I knew I did well and I answered all questions with a positive vibe and smile. I am an IMG who immigrated with 2 small kids and worked in different jobs related and not related to medicine, despite all problems, ups, and downs of immigration challenges I was able to match, so YOU will match also. BELIEVING in Yourself is Most Important than anything else!!!! If there is a WILL there is always a WAY. Thank you so much SARTHI !!! I would definitely suggest SARTHI!!!

A reliable and efficient mentorship service for residency match!

I highly recommend USMLE Sarthi match services. It is totally worth it! Pawan & team explains the match process in an excellent manner. Numerous questions were coming to my mind during the season & they answered them all. They have great videos & a very active messaging group. Dr. Mansuri was my mentor. He helped me greatly in CV & PS & gave precious advice. Being connected to the other Sarthi members was a huge comfort. The match process is complicated & one needs to have all the information. Sarthi steers one in the right direction & gives a lot of confidence. They counsel candidates from the start to the end of match cycle. They identify the weak areas in profile & guide how to strengthen those. I will suggest to join them early in the season (Feb/March) so that there is enough time to make progress. I would say a very special thanks to Katherine She has been on the group since the beginning & is an amazing panelist. I have learnt so much through her discussions. I wish my best to the wonderful Sarthi team. Thank you Pawan & team!

Big thanks to entire Sarthi team

I am very thankful to the entire Sarthi team for the help, support, counseling and guidance at every step. This is absolutely a must for international students in order to get structured inputs at every step. The live sessions with Q&A were very informative on different topics and Pawan Sir and the team used to encourage questions and clarify all the doubts. They provided valuable inputs for the CV, personal statement and the interview preparation. Pawan Sir was available any time to answer any doubts/query during the entire time, be it interview related or any other anxiety for that matter. I couldn’t have got a better mentor than Pawan sir. He is the best. A lot of imgs underestimate the criticality of cv and personal statement and the interview prep. Scores are an important factor but once you are in the interview room, your cv, personal statement and ur confidence in the interview is what they are looking at. So this is where the Sarthi team comes into play. I would strongly recommend usmle Sarthi to every img. They are knowledgeable, dependable, reliable, experienced and value for money.

Great USMLE match experience with USMLEsarthi team

My experience with USMLE Sarthi was great! Especially the mock interviews helped a lot in preparing for the actual interviews. The videos going over what possible questions could be asked and how to prepare for them helped so much in building my confidence for the interviews. The Sarthi community (especially the WhatsApp group) was where I gained the most knowledge on how to tackle my residency application. My mentor Ravali was awesome, she helped clean up my personal statement and provided great tips on how to tackle it. Pawan is helpful in so many ways from the beginning of the residency cycle up until match day he is there to provide any assistance you may need. Highly recommend joining this group for mentorship.

Highly recommend USMLESarthi team

The Residency application was a long drawn out process, which can be intimidating at times. Moreover, being an International Medical Graduate, it was paramount to stay one step ahead than the rest. This is where USMLESarthi came in and helped me sail through. I was provided with constant motivation and guidance in testing times. USMLESarthi helped me understand the nitty-gritties involved in drafting my Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement. It helped me realise my weaknesses and encouraged me to work on it. At the same time, I was made aware of my strengths, and taught to leverage its full potential. The mock interviews conducted were of immense value, and helped me understand the perspective of an interviewer. USMLESarthi mentors patiently listened to my queries, and were always available to give me constructive feedback. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Pawan and whole USMLESarthi team for all the help. I wholeheartedly recommend USMLESarthi to all future Residency applicants!

USMLESarthi mentorship, match tips and tricks helped me match

Great Support system and very helpful

I became a part of the Usmle Sarthi early in April. From teaching me how to write my CV and PS to how to give the residency interviews, they were with me throughout. Pawan was always available whenever I needed anything for which I am grateful. The classes were very informative and the mock interviews were especially helpful in giving me feedback on how to improve. I highly recommend to anyone planning to get into US residency. Thank you Sarthi team.

Kudos to the Sarthi team for helping me match!

"You just have to clear the steps, and the rest will be easy." is what most people say when one first dives into this process. However we soon realize that there's so much more to it! And honestly I don't think there's anyone better than the Sarthi team out there to help guide through all the preparation that has to be made in order to secure a US residency. No matter what your individual situation is, experts are available round the clock to provide their invaluable advice and provide a tailored solution to your issues. I believe steps like planning out my interview season, making my personal statement, CV, interview preparation etc. would have been multitudes tougher if not for the Sarthi team's support.
A big thank you to Pawan, Dr. Katherine, Dr. Alag and Mr. Dibble for all the help! Continue the good work!

Very useful tips

Hi future resident,

I can honestly recommend Sarthi guidance without a doubt. Maybe you don’t necessary need a full guidance to match like the one they offer (depends on your situation), but I can tell you I felt confident throughout my interviews because of them, they no only prepared you for the interviews per se but also, you can receive advices and guidance from experienced mentors before applying. Also, if you happen to have any questions regarding a special situation you are having in the moment, their team will answer you promptly, I really liked that. Also, even before submitting your Rank order list, you will have a one on one appointment with a panelist to hep you clear your mind and answer you any question you may have!!

The mock interviews were very useful, they gave me tips and after interviewing at different places, I noticed that sarthi’s panelist asked very similar questions and simulated the actual scenario very well.

Unfortunately, I discover this company just a couple of days before applying so I couldn’t take full advantage of it. I recommend you to enroll as early as possible. Money can be an issue but I can tell you is cheaper to pay for services like this than to go unmatched, think of it as an investment (at least that’s what I thought).

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Amazing Support and Guidance

The UsmleSarthi team provided an amazing amount of support and guidance throughout the whole interview process. They covered everything from sample questions and answers to the most efficient way to arrange travel and accommodation. The mock interviews are just like the real deal and with feedback given by those who are current residents, it gave me the confidence I needed to perform well on my interviews! They really know what they are doing and I am fortunate to have benefited from their expertise!

Matched into an IM University program!

As an IMG, I started out the USMLE journey with a lot of confusion and misconceptions. I believed scores were everything. While scores are important, the Sarthi team were the ones to impress upon me the importance of a well rounded CV. The sarthi team advises and pushes you to improve your deficient areas. My CV and PS improved immensely after the revisions and corrections they offered and the IV prep offered was also helpful. Basically, sarthi provides a lot of clarity into the whole process.


If you want residency, you should join Sarthi!
It is as simple as that.
USMLE Sarthi helped me in preparation of CV, ERAS application, Personal statement. Pawan and my mentor who is best Dr Mansuri always guided me in respect to how to make my application stronger like whether to go for observership or research, where to apply for it, how to make most of it when you go for rotation. Dr Zeeshan Mansuri helped me with interview preparation which is most important to get matched once you get interview invitation.

The match journey can be quite daunting with several aspects of the CV to build on and multiple deadlines to keep track of. The core mentor group along with the wider student community at Sarthi does a great job at effectively streamlining this process. Pawan and the other mentors including Dr. Katherine, Dr. Zeeshan, Dr. Pannala are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all our queries and concerns. It is also very reassuring to feel part of a community where a lot of people are going through the same situation as you are. I hope all the future applicants find the match process to be as fulfilling as we did and I wish everyone good luck!