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Usmle Sarthi

Scottsdale AZ
United States

Residency match

Joining USMLE Sarthi team for my residency application is all worth it. The team is always there to answer my queries and doubts. The CV prep and PS editing is excellent as it has helped me avoid some small mistakes that could have hurt my application. They have helped me tremendously and showed me how to strengthen my CV, leverage my gap and how to come out unique from other applicants based on my background. As a first time applicant and with a red flag in my CV, I was not very confident with my application but with USMLE Sarthi team's guidance, I matched. It was a great experienced throughout the season. Thank you USMLE Sarthi!

Sarthi experience

Joining Sarthi was the best thing I could have done in my journey. After not getting any interviews during the previous match season, I was clueless and depressed. A teacher suggested that I talk to Pawan. Discussions with him made me feel positive about my prospects. I realized I needed help with the nitty gritty things of the application process. It is a competitive process, so every detail matters and that is what Sarthi helped me with. I was assigned a mentor to review my CV and personal statement. She was extremely helpful and pushed me to bring out my positives through my CV and PS. Then the interview prep helped me relieve the anxiety of it and refined my performance. It is important to not feel overwhelmed during this process because it is very new to us IMGs. When I joined Sarthi I came across people who were going through the same thing as me and that gave me assurance. Come March 2018 I matched to Internal Medicine and that was all thanks to Pawan and his team. I couldn’t feel more grateful.

Great team!

usmle Sarthi has a great team. Pawan khera was very supportive at every step in this journey. Thanks to the team for all your help


I’ve matched for the 2018 Internal Medicine Residency Match. I am an IMG and I had the same set of apprehensions as any other IMG. I had good guidance from friends and mentors throughout my USMLE journey. I’ve appreciated a structured form of guidance and despite all the advice I found myself lost while preparing my Personal Statement (PS) and on how to prepare for interviews.

A friend had suggested USMLE Sarthi. Dr. Pawan Khera has been straightforward from the beginning and had advised me against joining since he felt I had good scores and would get into residency even without Sarthi.

I was constantly shifting places around the application submission deadline and I had a ton of queries regarding the PS, the ERAS application and entire interview process. I wasn’t confident and I went ahead with the platinum sessions offered by Sarthi.

Today, when I look back, a major reason for my confidence during the interview season was USMLE Sarthi.

They guided me through my personal statement, helped me make it original and personalised. They helped me highlight and stress on my positives on my application. I was provided inputs on how to look professional and handle interview questions with ease.

I had the support of Dr. Htun who continuously encouraged me to become a better version of myself for not only the interviews but for residency in the future. She had personally gone through the list of programs I had applied to and gave suggestions. She helped me build a realistic plan and work on my negatives/set backs. While preparing my rank order list towards the end of the season, she made me brainstorm and question myself as to why I wanted each of the programs on my rank order list.

The platinum sessions gave me the chance to have four mock interviews with faculty and current resident physicians. This gave me an opportunity to by assessed by physicians at different stages of medicine. Each mock session, added to my confidence and also helped improve myself further.

Lastly, Dr. Pawan Khera, who patiently dealt with my zillion (some nonsensical) questions at any time of the day and other odd hours. He helped me be sane during the anxiety attacks one goes through during this long and stressful period.

It has been a great experience, since I could interact with the experts in the field as well as other students like me. The Usmle Sarthi whatsapp group has been extremely helpful with the information being shared amongst the students, the encouragement offered to each other and the motivation from hearing stories of people from different backgrounds.

If you are looking for confidence, morale boost, structured guidance during the last and most important impressionable phase of your residency journey then USMLE Sarthi is the place to be. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Dr. Pawan Khera, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Nandita Khera, Dr. Htun, Dr. Pisipati and the entire team for their continuous motivation, guidance and support. My journey wouldn’t have been easy without this team!

Guidance at every step !!!!!

The road to residency in US is long and passing the Usmle exams is just the beginning.Observerships, Hands on, Application, CV, Personal statement, Interviews, Post interview communication , do’s and don’t s are so many....... It’s overwhelming!!! Thanks to USMLE Sarthi for being a torchbearer throughout this journey. The webinars, short videos and itty bitty tips Shared by them have been so helpful. I owe my success to them too.

Great chat group

Awesome chat group. Although I was not a super active member I was able to get information from so many helpful people when needed as well as to provide info to others. It helped me stay sane through this long and exhausting process!


Sarthi suscription would be a perfect start for foreign medical graduates who are naive about residency and want guidance to match. It provides customise courses and PS/CV editing.