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Usmle Sarthi

Scottsdale AZ , 85032
United States

Pawan and his group are extremely knowledgable and resourceful. They guide you along every step of the way. It is a daunting journey in itself, but the team made it much easier! I’d highly recommend their services. Every single doubt of yours will be answered. Thank you team Sarthi!!

"Sarthi" in my Journey

Usmlesarthi was (still is) literally the “Sarthi” in my journey. I got support for every component of residency application journey, starting from writing resume, personal statement, providing the conception about good LORs to complete preparation for the interview. They even provided suggestion on my interview attire (believe it or not, they will even bother to talk about your nail paint color, if you really want to wear one. Just to let you know the extent of help they provide). But the thing I am most grateful for, is the moral support and the constant guidance to improve myself as an applicant . This is a difficult journey, the mental toll is huge. At times you will feel depressed, lost. At least, this is what happened to me. I am an old grad of 10+ years, with 3 years gap. At the time of application, I was living in west coast, with no clinical exposure. So, I didn’t have access to informations or support that are available in IMG friendly places like New York. Usmlesarthi played the best role here. I was always connected with other applicants who were in the same boat, with seniors who went through the same process, with panelist who had extended experience, through a closed group chat app. So, I didn’t feel that alone or helpless! They answered every single questions, the serious ones and the dumb ones as well. I ended up needing immediate help few times where I needed to talk to an expert immediately. Everytime they responded within 30 mins. Thank you Pawan!
From my experience every panelist tried their best to help applicants in their own way. However, I can’t thank enough Dr. Chintav Shah and Dr. Zin. As for Pawan Khera, he would always be in a special place in my heart for his tremendous supporting role in my journey.

Just so you know, I don’t have any experience or idea about other support groups, so I am not in a position to compare usmlesarthi with others. Everything I have mentioned above is completely based on my personal experience.
Now, do I recommend it to you? Yes, I do! If you can afford enroll to Platinum, It would give you access to everything including the interview prep courses.
How can you be benefited most? Be proactive in the group. No one can help you unless you seek it.
Good luck to every applicant out there!

Your guide through all the anxiety.

So I joined the Sarthi team due to soaring anxiety of the match season in mid August. Despite the time crunch, they helped me polish my application in time. The video sessions gave a good insight in sharpening the CV and personal statement. Pawan is a call away to answer any questions. In this journey, one size does not fit all. Sarthi team encourages you to bring your strengths to the forefront and present them well. Mock interviews with Dr. Shaji and Dr Pannala were the highlights of my sarthi association. They were both very humble and gave a constructive feedback that helped me a lot. Dr. Katherine is very active and a great resource for all kinds of questions. Overall, a good experience and would definitely recommend it.

Thank you

What I gained out of sarthi? A fabulous mentor in Pawan - who helped me throughout the application and interview season. There were days that I wanted to discuss programs, after-interview thoughts and ranking. He always made time for my doubts in his schedule. Sarthi has a great panel of mentors. They helped me convey my interview answers in a much better and a more profound way. Amazing co-sarthi friends - that were in the same boat as me and helped me stay motivated and inspired.

USMLE Sarthi- Key to a successful match!

When I joined usmle sarthi in 2017 I had taken my steps (1,2, CS) and passed them with good scores. I thought I had done enough and this coupled with a few US rotations I had done during my internship should be enough to ensure a successful match. Little did I know how hard and competitive the usmle journey was and how I needed to change my laid back attitude if I had to match. It was Pawan who gave me my first dose of medicine and the jolt I needed to get me working hard and fast to improve my CV and make my application competitive. Every time I spoke to Pawan he pushed me to work harder and he always left me feeling I wasn’t doing enough. I would be very disappointed initially but it kept me working continuously. The closed sarthi group was a big help as well and the constant discussions with people in the same boat also ensured I was constantly in the loop of what was going on and what needed to be done in order to ensure a successful match. I did research, hands on rotations and Observerships before I applied in September 2018. The IV prep also helped immensely to ensure the IV’s went well and I never felt lost during the IV season thanks to my preparation with sarthi. In hindsight, I think the sarthi team helped me reach my potential and bring out the best in me. Without their help I would not have matched or even if I did it would not have been in a really good IM residency program and without a doubt it is the constant push from sarthi that helped push my cv to a point where not only did I match but matched into one of my top choice IM residency programs in the USA. Cheers to Pawan and the sarthi team, you guys are amazing.

Best for interview practice

I joined Sarthi in the month of October for interview preparation. This helped me a lot with my interview practice as the sessions were really informative and I learned how to frame and present my answers. The whole sarthi team was very helpful and guided me through each and every aspect of my journey. I really did well with all my interviews and here I am matched into Internal Medicine program. Thank you Sarthi team🙂

Great support

I joined Sarthi for my CS prep and I knew I wanted to join them when it came time for matching. I joined right before applications were due but nonetheless my mentor, Sailaja and Pawan were very helpful in helping me get everything together with very limited time! Pawan was always accessible. I definitely felt more at ease with the support of Sarthi and knowing what to do at each step of the process! Thank you!

Sarthi - the bridge connecting two different worlds !!

I am a recent graduate and matched to my top choice in Internal Medicine residency.
I joined Sarthi in 2018 which is one of the good decisions I made. As for my understanding, USMLE is not a single factor victory. Apart from step scores (which are crucial but irreversible once we pass), resume/personal statement/LORs/interviews all these factors plays a big role in securing interviews and to match. This professional communication makes our application distinct from others. That's why I strongly believe, apart from my regular scores, I was able to get 18 interviews.
'USMLE Sarthi' is the platform to address professional communication skills and guiding to represent the best of each applicant. For most of the international students, US-health care system is different and Sarthi comes as the best companion to mentor and to make powerful connections. All the panelists are passionate in their job especially Pawan Khera and Dr. Zin-Katherine.
Thank you for your tireless work in this process and my best wishes to all the team members..!!

Best team to prepare you for interviews

Interview season is one the most exciting and anxious period of the Residency journey. In the beginning of the season I just had 6 interviews and I didn't want to take even a single interview as a mock. I wanted to be fully prepared. That's when I started looking out and came across USMLEsarthi. The team does a great job with the interview prep, all kinds of questions - behavioral scenarios , why this and why that, they prepare you for everything! I was so anxious during the two mock interviews but I did great at the first real interview. I was confident throughout the season and I matched at my top choice. Thank you Pawan and team!!

Matched at University program IM

I was recommended by my friend to join Sarthi and I think it was one of the best advice given. I believe everyone going through the USMLE journey is very hardworking and determined. The key difference Sarthi made in my journey was to provide a structured guidance and evaluation. I will explain this in 4 parts.

1) Before the application process:
I can't forget the first conversation I had with Pawan regarding my profile. At that time I had done 3 clinical rotations (1 in IM, 1 in radio, 1 in PMR), passed Step 2 CS and Step 1. I was very content that I have 3 US rotations and I am done with the LOR aspect of USMLE and my keen focus was to just get done with Step 2. But Pawan told me that it is very important to have at least 3 LOR in internal medicine (specialty I wanted). I listened to his advice, worked harder, finished Step 2 earlier and started looking for the rotations and managed to do 2 more IM rotations. Now, I had 3 IM US LORs. I kept scheduling appointments with Pawan to discuss what more I could do. He guided me that the only thing left is research so I started finding research position and I got it. So by the time of application in September, I was very content with my CV: passed all steps, had 3 US IM LORs, indulged in research (not much publications, only 1 case report), but a lot of content to discuss during interviews. Besides the personal conversations with Pawan, the most important thing which helped me was the Sarthi Whatsap group which included panel members (special emphasis on Katherine), so many applicants like me where we can discussed all our doubts, kept motivating each other, makde people aware of various observership and research opportunities. Being part of the group helped me a LOT!.

2) Application process:
So now the application process began, everything from filling the ERAS CV to uploading documents was very well discussed in the group. Here, the thing which helped me the most was the list of the IM programs ( it's requirements, eligibility criteria) which all the members of the group contributed to. Through the extensive list, I could customise programs according to my profile and desires.
Now came the CV and PS review: Katherine helped me a lot to improvise on my CV and PS. There were so many minute aspects which I was unaware of which could have had a HUGE impact on procuring interviews. She pointed out all the finest details which helped me create a very well written CV and PS. I was extremely happy about my CV and PS.

3) Interview process: applied 250+ IM programs, got 28 interview invites, attended all, ranked 25 (3 were prematch).

I started getting invites since I had a good CV, PS, 3 US IM LORs, decent scores: 248, 242, CS pass (1st attempt). Now the thing was acing the interviews. I took 2 mock interviews with the panel members. They gave me very good feedback and told me the points to work on. I was pretty confident after taking them. Besides this, there is a list of interview questions which Sarthi circulated, I went through it, thought of some answers in my mind. Here again I used to discuss some of these answers with Pawan which helped me a lot. There were so many aspects which I was not aware of, Pawan and other panelists made me aware of those aspects and it really helped.
My interview trail: every Interview was making me more mature to how to ace the next interview. Believe me, every interview (total 28) was different. I could feel the growing confidence in me. I started understanding what exactly is the purpose behind the interview: it's definitely not just to give a prepared answer. It's more of what your real thinking is. I started understanding PD point of aspect, what they are looking for. Believe me, BEING YOUR SELF is the key. They don't want everyone to be the leaders, they want a team where few are leaders, few are supporters, few are entertainers, few are more interested in management aspect (but yes all focussed on providing best care to patients). So I would highly recommend express your feelings, show them what kind of person you genuinely are, assess them : assess how supportive are the faculty members and PD, how happy and well residents are doing. Do assess them, we often miss out this during the interview because our main focus at that time is to impress them. But again, do assess them.

4) Finally, rank order list:
Again I had conversation with Pawan, so many times and also, in the group regarding my list, panelist discussion. It was not easy since I had the options to choose.
I listened to everyone, tried to understand everyone's point of view and then made my list based on my OWN GUT feeling. This is extremely important. Listen to everyone but do what you think is right.

This was my entire USMLE journey with a very happy ending: Macthed at University Program.

This was possible through all the guidance and evaluation I got from Pawan and whole Sarthi teams!!!

Highly Recommended if you want to match!

Had it not been for the Sarthi team, i would not have been able to match . They identified my weaknesses, helped me improve them, polished my CV and personal statement, helped me with my interview skills and were always there whenever I needed them. Pawan deserves a special credit here as he was always available to answer any queries I might have, he followed up with me constantly, and made sure I did everything to increase my match chances. I would recommend everyone who is applying for residency to utilize the services of USMLE Sarthi. I assure you, you will not regret it!

Sarthi team is the best!

I am a very old graduate. I matched in my first match! One of my friends suggested Sarthi to me. It was the best decision I made for myself. The Sarthi team has been very helpful in guiding me through the interview process. Pawan and Zin have always been very approachable and always answered my questions very promptly. All the more, even after matching, they are still helping the students through the post match procedures. I am very grateful to all the Sarthi team.

Completely worth it

I am a recent medical graduate and looking for guidance on interview season. At the end as an img i need one good interview performance so that program can rank me..heard about usmle sarthi and joining in it is the best decision i have made. Got complete guidance on interviewing with their classes. And not only that could get whatever info i needed from the team.
Thank you so much pawan and entire sarthi team for making my journey easy and guiding me throughout the season.

Great support for this difficult journey!

I joined the Sarthi team in May 2018. I felt that I needed some guidance through this entire process of applying for Residency. My aim was to get into FM residency and through the help of the Sarthi team I have matched! I would say the best part of having Sarthi for me was the personal mentor we were assigned to and the mock interviews. Having someone review and polish your personal statement and CV is always a good idea before you apply. Needless to say, any question be it small or big can be answered by the Sarthi team or by the WhatsApp group. I am glad to have joined and will definitely recommend Sarthi for anyone who is new to this process.

Thanks Sarthi Team

I joined in Sarthi group in September 2018 . Before I joined the group, I had no knowledge about ERAS application process ,residency interview pattern and overall match process. Sarthi team gave me a platform to build the network with co applicants and also guided me through out the entire process . The group helped me in choosing the programs for application and also assisted with Externship opportunity. The mock interviews and feedback by Sarthi mentors helped me to improve my interview skills. My overall experience with sarthi team was great and I really thank the entire sarthi team for their guidance and support.

Great team!

I had joined Sarthi real a bit late last year around October 2018. I was doubtful initially because it costed me. But guys, you don’t want any coin unturned. Pawan has always been there for any/every query I had. We as applicants have bunch of questions and you’ve got to ask the right person. I did not have a mentor but whatever queries I had would be answered in the group. The discussions in whatsapp group are worth it, we have panelist’s answer them asap. It’s legit and trustworthy. The interview classes have been amazing, not missing any point and making us, the students just ready to ace the interviews. Every red flag in the cv is addressed, which is the most important thing. Thank you Sarthi team.

The Right choice

I joined the Sarthi team early last year after a comprehensive discussion with Mr. Pawan. He evaluated my profile and helped me point out deficiencies in my application which I needed to focus on. Joining the Sarthi team was a blessing. Having continuous guidance by physicians and residents on every aspect of the match process was instrumental. The mock interviews helped boost my confidence and prepare for challenging aspects of the interview trail. Because of Sarthi, I could improve and perfect small factors of the application which we usually tend to ignore. Thank you so much for your time and efforts and I recommend anyone looking to ace the match to consider Usmle Sarthi.

Low step scores, matched in university program in FM

I matched in a university program. Thanks to Usmle Sarthi and their approach, i.e. step by step mentoring in the right direction, I was able to secure residency position in my first match cycle. Usmle Sarthi is honest about their opinions compared to other mentoring guide programs out there that over promise but under deliver. Usmle Sarthi reviewed my chances of matching with me and helped me improve my chances for securing a residency spot.

They have great mentors that worked with me to constantly improve myself. They also helped me improve my CV and personal statement and my letter of recommendations so they look much better. Usmle Sarthi also guided me with great tips to secure interviews and perform way better in my interviews.