Add new testimonial - The Voice of Cam Cornelius

Cam is the real deal. A truly remarkable voice artist!

Maybe the best audition I've ever heard. Exceptional talent!

Hmmm what to say about Cam? Amazing…Awesome…Fun…Talented.

The voice work we get is always spot on and delivered promptly. The verity of delivery gives every spot the perfect sound for the station.

 As programmers we are all looking for the right feel for “our” ears. Cam has it, and nails it EVERY TIME without exception. !!!

He always gives us more than we ask for including the impromptu jingle. He really is the best.

It sounds campy…but sometimes he gives too much. Makes it hard to choose what read would fit best…but it allows us to re-cut promos w/ new VO to keep our sound fresh.

I love when a project involves Cam, because I know it’s going to be fun.  If it’s a character or a humorous spot, his delivery cracks me up every time I hear it on air (really, every time).  


When it’s serious, he totally grabs my attention and makes me care.  He just brings a presence and quality to our spots, characters, etc. that make things memorable. 


On top of that, it’s a pleasure to correspond with him and he delivers pristine quality audio in no time.  What else can I say?  Cam is someone I always look forward to working with!

CAM is a dedicated VO Dude for sure! Fun, creative and innovative!

Outstanding customer service always delivers a perfect product!