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190 rue Vinet, unit 210
Montreal Quebec , H3J 2T9
514 926-5529

Mr. Quilico, is a great teacher, very patient, he puts his heart into teaching and gives lots of information, knows what he is talking about and communicates it well, he helped me to understand not only about how to sing better at higher notes and improve the vocal, but also many other things, like vocal cords and the breathing system, Voice types, Avoiding local cord damage, physical aspects of singing, Emotions, etc. As well as being very helpful. Always in a good mood, I learned a lot and enjoyed his courses.

Had a great experience with Gino, first lessons he spent over on hour getting to know my voice and what my goals were, my voice became a lot more powerful only after a few lessons.

Excellent teacher! The lessons are intense but a lot a fun, he shows you the tricks of the trade so you can give your best stage peformance. I found him to be very intuitive and kind, he motivated me to really take things to the next level.

Mr Quilico patience and experience makes him one of the best voice teachers I've ever had. He helped prepare me for my voice competition were I came in as one of the finalist. I am defentely going to be reccomending him to anyone looking to take voice lessons.

My ability to act and sing was greatly improved after lessons with Gino Quilico. I love his teaching style he helped me correct areas of vocal strain and increase my range. I highly reccomend him as a teacher.