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Great sound/beats and very personable ! 21 Jun 2019

I purchased a beat from Grizzly Beatz for my project “Open Letter” . The quality of the music is incredible and listening to other tracks there is a versatility as well. What meant the most to me was that He actually took the time to listen to my song using his track, and left a comment and showed love on top of that. 💜

minty j 21 Jun 2019

As hip hop artist I'm always looking for quality beats and grizzly has some of the best I've heard.

Grizzly Beats 21 Jun 2019

Hello, my name is Trigonomics. I have purchased around 10 beats from Grizzly and they have definitely exceeded my expectations. I am working on an album titled "Trigonometry" and I am using most of the beats I bought from Grizzly.I love hear new beats that he post on the reg and I'm actually going to purchased more today.

Review 21 Jun 2019

I was able to bless my city of Houston, TX in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey!!! I noticed so many people that I was close to and looked up to, were so discouraged and frustrated because of the damage they sustained because of the storm. Many people's homes and businesses were flooded out and they were documenting their experiences through Facebook Live videos. It was hard for me to see so many people that I looked to for encouragement, now need my encouragement. In witnessing their frustration, this song came to me entitled, "God is Greater". I wrote this song to your track called "Barriers" and I wanted to encourage the people to PRAY, DON'T WORRY, TRUST GOD, ,AND GO TO SLEEP. God bless you and I hope this testimonial is a blessing to your readers and listeners as well.

Yeah buddy 21 Jun 2019

Beats are top notch. Used these guys in a few of my songs and have a show coming up. Definitely projected my sound and how I wanted to sound. Recommend 100%. Stay up.

Quality Instrumentals 30 Jan 2019

Grizzly Beats has quality instrumentals that exude originality and will inspire any serious artist.

Great Production 27 Jan 2019

Very impressed with the quality and professionalism of Grizzly Beatz. Will use them from now on for all my projects. They have great prices as well as great leasing terms.

Why I Love GrizzleyBeatz 25 Jan 2019

As a Vocalist, Songwriter, and Music Teacher it is important to have access to current styles/genres in a Recording ready format. I use Grizzly for my own music and also use it to help upcoming artists learn how to sing with music in addition to developing that "unique style." More important - Grizzly reaches out to their community...and because of this...I will use their services more and recommend that anyone who wants to be successful in their music career to do the same - Go with Grizzly - where you will get the MOST!

Awesome Company 25 Jan 2019

I have leased beats from grizzly beats in the past I love their beats they fit my style of music and they are very creative with their work. look forward to seeing what they have in the future.

Great work 25 Jan 2019

I was impressed by the amazing buy one and get 4 free beats offer. I have never seen this anywhere else. Now busy working on my tracks and hopefully will release them soon