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30 Aug 2016

Just finished this course and thoroughly enjoyed it! The hospitality was through the roof and Kristi is an amazing teacher! I'm always skeptical of crash courses but if anyone can teach good trimming in this amount of time, it's her. I feel totally confident using this course alongside my equine therapy business and I have the how's and whys for my own horse. Thank you so much, Kristi!

29 Aug 2016

Wonderful hands on course, full of information taught by a fantastic teacher. Kristi is excellent at sharing her extensive knowledge of hoof mechanics, in an exuberant and light hearted manner. I highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in the well being of their horses (or other people's horses).

09 Aug 2016

I usually live in Germany and it was one of my dreams to take a course from a school that works with the Wild Horse Hoofs model. So my dream came true when I took the 6 day certification course in June. I wish every horse owner would at least be open to learn all these amazing things about a healthy hoof which makes a healthy and happy moving horse. The course is very informative and I gained a lot of knowledge. I love Kristis way of teaching as she does not say her way is the only way to go. Unfortunately in the horseworld too many people think their way is the best and only way you should follow. So I was every happy to learn from Kristi and get constructive feedback. Everything around the course was awesome as well. I camped in their yard, the food was great and Kristi took very good care of us. We were very lucky as we got to go for a ride on her horses as well:) So I can only recommend her courses and hope more people learn about Natural Hoof Care, the money was totally worth it and I hope to be able to come back one day das well. Thank you for this great experience!

05 Aug 2016

I took the natural hoof trimming course through OKSNHC back in July of 2015. I had a bit of a background with hoof care already, and I am an educated horse person-I have a diploma in Equine Sciences through Olds College-but I wanted to get a handle on the more natural side of trimming. The reason I originally took the course was specifically for my own horses benefit as I didn't believe I would ever be confident enough to trim for clients. Kristi was such a phenomenal teacher.... She was so patient with me, encouraged me to think for myself and work through to find the right answer rather than just showing me and moving on. I couldn't believe how much I learned in my week, and all of it seemed to stick even after I arrived home. Once I got home I got right to work on my own horses, and the difference in them now is just amazing. My main riding horse that used to be tender on gravel is now confident cantering down our gravel lane way. I have become confident enough at this point to start taking a couple clients in my area and they all have seemed pleased with the work, as well as my veterinarian who is starting to pass my name out to people in the area looking. Through it all I have still been able to email Kristi pictures and questions and have her support afterwards. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank her enough for all she has taught me and for guiding me on this new journey!

26 Jun 2016

This coarse was an amazing experience. I love how organized everything was start to finish, and how we trimmed in different environments so we could get a reality check that not everything was going to be perfect. She showed and told us how to deal with each situation in a safe and effective way. When finishing the coarse we left with a solid understanding of how the hoof works internally so we can trim to mimic the hooves natural movements, and if we needed in the future, we could ask questions and send pictures to further our knowledge. Thank you Kristi for your hospitality and patience. :)

02 Jun 2016

I just took this course in April and I'm so glad I did. It was an amazing week of learning. Exhausting mentally and physically, but I also had a lot of fun. The combination of class time and hands on with a variety of horses left me feeling confident using my tools, and in my ability to assess a hoof and know what it needs to look like when I'm done, and what to do to get it there. I am comfortable maintaining my own four horses at home (including one mini) whose feet have been well maintained, and I have ongoing support and help when I need it. This course is excellent for anyone wanting to know more about their horses feet. Even if you don't plan to trim, the knowledge gained is invaluable. As a horse owner, there is always more to know, and ways to improve how I care for my horses. I love knowing that I can be responsible for their feet, and I have resources available to me to keep me on track. All four are sound and barefoot over a variety of terrain, and I regularly get compliments on how great their feet look :)

02 Jun 2016

I took the course in April, and it was a great experience! Kristi is an amazing teacher, trimmer and is very knowledgeable about horses. The hoof anatomy was really interesting and really gets you thinking about how amazing horses really are and how every part of the hoof has a purpose. I enjoyed trimming a verity of horses and would recommend this course to anyone interested in natural barefoot trimming.

Great Experience 05 Jan 2016

I went to OKSNHC in April of 2015. I was lucky enough to be the only student at that course and I gave Kristi a run for her money with the amount of questions I had. She handled me and my inquisitions beautifully and with just a week of her mentorship I went from trimming occasionally to an extremely successful full time career in natural trimming coming up on 4 years. A couple months after her course I was trimming full time on word of mouth alone. I’ve been full time ever since and have gone back to her course and mentorship a couple times and she’s always been great about keeping in touch with me with any more questions I have. Really great school, really great mentor and friend. Highly recommend!