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06 Jul 2017

Jonathan is a great piano teacher whose flexible approach allows me to learn the pieces I want whilst allowing me to work through grades at a pace that suits me. Highly recommend!

01 Feb 2017

Jonathan has been teaching myself and my son for over a year. I have been learning piano and have just taken my grade 2 exam which I was very pleased to pass, he is a very patient teacher who doesn’t get frustrated, explains things well and makes me feel at ease even though I get very nervous playing in front of people.​ Jonathan has also been teaching my son bass guitar, he has not been studying for an exam but enjoys the freedom of learning songs that he likes, which Jonathan works out with him and records on his iPad. He likes Jonathan very much and always enjoys his lessons. I would highly recommend him as a teacher for both instruments

10 Oct 2016

We found Jonathan to be dedicated, knowledgeable and very competent. My son really liked and looked up to him and found the lessons fun. I believe Jonathan has a lot to offer teaching children as they have a tendency to relate better with the younger, fresher approach Jonathan offers

28 Sep 2016

Dear Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspirational teacher to Theo, Freya and I. I have been particularly impressed with the way you relate to Theo and Freya and the insightful way you adapt the lessons, inventing various musical games to create so much fun that the children really enjoy. You have made learning music an absolute pleasure for all of us. The children get very excited when you're coming over and talk about you a lot! As a family we have become very fond of you over the two years we have known you - you feel like a friend who teaches rather than just a teacher. The children are missing you and wanted me to pass on their own messages: Theo: "Jonathan you are the funniest teacher I have had and a really lovely person. I love the lessons and your company and friendship are really great. I really liked it when you taught me Star Wars and thought it would help me if I become a keyboard player in a band. I want to be just like YOU! Love Theo xxx Freya: "I really love our lessons especially playing on the ipad and making my song! You are really funny, really friendly and lovely and amazing at the piano. I get very excited when you're coming over! I am really looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Freya xxx"

19 Sep 2016

Our daughter has just started having piano lessons and we are so pleased with how well she has taken to them, and Jonathan her teacher. Daisy is very shy but has been put completely at ease, during her lessons and is always looking forward to the next one. A lot of this is thanks to how Jonathan teaches, and by adding some fun using games during the lessons, means Daisy really enjoys her weekly lessons. Daisy has been telling all of her friends that if they want to learn piano they should ask for Jonathan to be their teacher!!