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09 Aug 2016

"Jonathan quickly got both of my sons engaged, enthusiastic and practising piano everyday without ever being asked! He seems to combine enthusiasm, general coolness, and discipline in ways that are very effective. Although the boys were at very different levels, and have very different personalities and learning styles, he seems to get the best from both of them. The eldest loves being able to choose the music that they learn together. He talks quietly to them without patronising them, he uses technology in ways they can respond to, and he inspires them to play well for him. I can't recommend Jonathan highly enough - although the neighbours might feel differently about the piano being played from 7am onwards!!"

03 Nov 2015

Olivia has piano lessons with Jonathan. We are absolutely delighted with him. He is helpful if we need to alter lessons, is either on time or early… and great with her. Olivia has gone from basic pieces, self taught, when he started with her to now playing chords and much more complex pieces, in which I feel is a very short space of time. She always enjoys her lessons and he is able to teach her using music that is in the charts now as well as classic pieces, so he is able to work with her on her level.

13 May 2015

I have been taking piano lessons with Jon for just over 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons. He is an excellent teacher and in the short time I’ve been with him, I feel that my playing has significantly improved. We are currently focusing on classical style music, however he teaches a wide range of styles and is constantly reminding me that if I’m not enjoying a particular piece or style, we can play something else. He has a fantastic studio and incorporates recording into lessons, which is both enjoyable and highly beneficial. I would highly recommend Jon to players of any age, as he’s a friendly and approachable guy that delivers great results!

02 Feb 2015

Jonathan is confident, polite, punctual and innovative in his teaching. He has made Amber rediscover her love for piano and she is keen to practice and looks forward to her lessons. Jonathan uses dynamic modern methods of teaching that keep Amber engaged. As a parent with no musical instrument experience I found confidence in knowing that Jonathan uses his abilities as a teacher to educate my daughter in a fun way. Thank you again. I have no doubt that Amber will be sailing through her grades and enjoying participating in many more concerts with the support of her wonderful teacher Jonathan

08 Dec 2014

Really happy with the lessons so far and think Joshua’s appreciating the fun/games/recording music/rhythm on Jonathan’s ipad etc. It can be a challenge to encourage practice, along with spellings, homework and all the other things we have to try and fit into our week- learning two hands together requires lots of concentration on his part, so it’s great to then be able to have some games in the lesson too! But we’re keen to take it slowly and just to encourage his progress. Yesterday Jonathan took him back to the first tunes he started with in September which really encouraged him of progress made. Communication has been great and Jonathan’s given lots of notice if he’s had to rearrange/cancel a lesson due to holiday etc.