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12 Nov 2014

Jonathan has been teaching my 5 year old son to play the piano for about 6 months. We are very pleased with how Ollie is progressing and he seems to really enjoy his piano lessons. Jonathan makes a real effort to engage Ollie and has written out the music for Ollie’s favourite band so that he can practice it

03 Nov 2014

Jonathan is a great teacher. Ned has made really good progress since he started lessons with Jonathan and has been much more motivated to practice (which he normally does for 15 mins a day without needing to be nagged). This is a real turning point as the whole ‘practice’ issue used to be a bit stressful. He also helped and advised us when we needed to upgrade Ned’s instrument. Jonathan is extremely punctual, reliable but also flexible and very considerate. Ned is really happy with his lessons, he has great respect for Jonathan who encourages but also challenges him.

09 Sep 2014

Jonathan has been teaching my son, Toby, for a month now and it has been a real success. He has been a clear and patient teacher and has really encouraged Toby to practise, through his unpatronising praise and enthusiasm for his subject. Toby had played guitar before, but was new to the keyboard and Jonathan has got him playing several tunes and understanding simple music scores too within two lessons.” “My name is Toby. Jonathan is a patient and kind teacher, he is also very understanding when it takes a while to learn a new technique. I also like that he has a very similar taste in music to me.

08 Jul 2014

We very pleased with Alice and Max’s piano teacher, he is so patient, clear and reliable. The lessons are very hassle free – we previously had to travel to a teachers house – this is just so much better. Jonathan picks just the right music for them and they are enjoying playing, thank you!

02 Jun 2014

Our seven year old son absolutely loves his lessons with Jonathan. He gets really excited in the days leading up to them, eager to perform tunes he’s been practising for homework. Jonathan seems to have a very natural way with children and his fun and varied classes greatly appeal to them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan as your child’s teacher