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Family Fun

Our family of 4 had a wonderfully fun time working together to solve the puzzles. I thought our sons would be intense but turned out my husband and I were instead! We escaped with 3 minutes to spare and want to come back another time. The Escape room was creatively done.

Mertz Team

A group from work came for the 3rd time in a year and as usual had a blast. This was the 1st time we did not get out but still had fun and plan to come back.


I organized a date for a group of seven work friends. We all had a blast!! Highly recommend!

We had such a great time here! It was our first escape room, and we had such a positive experience that we can't wait to do another one. Thanks for a great family team-work experience!

So much fun!

This was our second time, looking forward to a third. It is so much fun working in a group for a common goal. Staff is extremely helpful, which helps it be possible to succeed. We had all ages in our group, from a child to grandparents, and we all had a blast! There is always great conversation afterwards had by all who participated. Highly recommend it!

It’s a blast!

I’ve been twice now. Once with a group of 4 and this most recent with a group of 8! It’s so fun for people of all ages and really gets you thinking and working as a team! Currently 2-0 for these escape rooms! The people are always helpful and give us clues if we really are stumped because they want you to have fun! Well worth the money and time! Such an awesome place!