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Family Fun

Our family of 4 had a wonderfully fun time working together to solve the puzzles. I thought our sons would be intense but turned out my husband and I were instead! We escaped with 3 minutes to spare and want to come back another time. The Escape room was creatively done.

Mertz Team

A group from work came for the 3rd time in a year and as usual had a blast. This was the 1st time we did not get out but still had fun and plan to come back.


I organized a date for a group of seven work friends. We all had a blast!! Highly recommend!

We had such a great time here! It was our first escape room, and we had such a positive experience that we can't wait to do another one. Thanks for a great family team-work experience!

So much fun!

This was our second time, looking forward to a third. It is so much fun working in a group for a common goal. Staff is extremely helpful, which helps it be possible to succeed. We had all ages in our group, from a child to grandparents, and we all had a blast! There is always great conversation afterwards had by all who participated. Highly recommend it!