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Akashic Records Reading 22 Feb 2018

I was so intrigued after watch Richelle's mini Akashic Records readings live that I just had to book a session! It was absolutely amazing. Richelle confirmed a past life for me and provided so much information on that and other subjects! She also did a mini healing portion at the end which I'm truly grateful for. Richelle is a truly gifted and amazing soul! I highly recommend her services. I can't wait to book another session!

Akashic Record Reading 21 Feb 2018

I loved how comfortable I felt and how much fun I had. Since my reading I have felt so much lighter and better. I got so many answers and clarification to some pretty big changes and moves I am about to make. I would highly recommend Richelle to any and everyone!

Akashic Record Reading 29 Jan 2018

I had an Akashic Records reading from Richelle and it was a wonderfully enlightening experience. I found her candidness refreshing and her laughter at some of what she was seeing put me at ease while she described the events before her. Such a pleasant experience. She was able to describe things to me that made no sense to her but resonated with me. She even described what I see during my struggles in visual meditation and how to unblock myself. I found the answers I needed through her determination to help me understand what my guides were showing her. Such a gifted young lady! I will definitely get another reading from her soon.

Aromatouch Technique 03 Jan 2018

Richelle Ross of R3 Magical Essence is fantastic! I recently had an Aroma Touch Session with her and to be honest I knew nothing about it going in. Richelle explained everything to me and ensured that I was comfortable above all else. The environment was warm, peaceful and relaxing. After the session I felt energized and more clear than I have in a while. Thank you so much Richelle and I look forward to our next session!

Guided Meditation 18 Dec 2017

Richelle did a fantastic job of my guided meditation! She was professional, made me feel comfortable, & has a soothing voice. A very positive experience for this 1st timer.

Akashic Record Reading 16 Nov 2017

Hmmm were do I start , I was a little stuck for the past 2 years off and on . and when the divine time was right ,and I was done punishing myself ,Richelle Ross entered my life, She went in to my Akashic records spoke to my guides , and help me get unstuck ,as well as under standing my guides once again ,with the gifts from all my little helpers , I felt so good all day long ,How does it get any better then this ,what else is possible

Akashic Records Reading 26 Apr 2017

I have so many things to be grateful for but what stands out this week, is Richelle Ross and her reading of my Akashic Records. While I'm still working through it (it only happened yesterday), puzzle pieces are already starting to fall into place and I feel a huge sense of relief. Many of the things holding me back and the pressures that came with them are being peeled away and I can breathe and expand and be me.

Akashic Records Reading 05 Apr 2017

​​ "Sometimes, the stars align in a way that is so clearly meant to help you through your journey. For me, a few weeks ago they did when I stumbled serendipitously across Richelle's website. Up until that very moment I had never heard of Akashic Records nor why I might want to reach out to mine. ​ I messaged Richelle, who made the whole process very simple and clear. I loved how the session itself felt very transparent, as Richelle walked me through all that she was uncovering. What a healing experience! I loved that during my session, there were intuitive signals on my end that confirmed (to the skeptic in me) that she was indeed speaking a Higher truth. ​ Her willingness to share such a powerful gift is so incredible! ​​ Being able to see through the heart is not a given for most of us, and I was even more taken honored that she shared so very much of hers. Not many people do... and it has such huge rippling effects - in my life it sure did! What a gift it is to be able to access Akashic Records. If you are ready to do so, Richelle will be such a loving and safe traveler through yours.

Akashic Records Reading 11 Mar 2017

Thank you so much for this, It was a surprise to get an audio recording. So much to take in. I have listened to it a couple of times now and so much reflects the way that I have felt for a long time. I am so glad that my friend recommended you to me as you have helped me in more ways than I can describe.

Akashic Records Reading 25 Feb 2017

I found Richelle in a group we are both in. I ended up asking for a reading from her. My reading turned out really good and gave me alot of helpful information. I definitely recommend getting a reading from her. Thank you Richelle.